I will always remember when Sydney was born. Sarah was only 30 weeks along but due to complications had to deliver Syd early. She was only 13 ounces, I think, and about 13 1/2 inches long. An amazing little fighter, Sydney never had to go on oxygen, but breathed room air immediately after burth. I couldn't believe it when they wheeled her little bed down the hall and there was no oxygen in sight.

She looked like a little man, I'm sorry Syd, but you weren't very pretty yet. When your Dad (Steve) put his hand over you, we could really tell how little you were. I have to hand it to Sarah, she pumped breast milk for you so they could insert it through your IV to nourish you. I used to go to the hospital daily to see you until your Mom and Dad were so sick of me! And when you were finally able to go home (after a few months at the hospital), I came to see you daily until your Dad gently asked me to stop coming so much.

I cried over that, I was so afraid you wouldn't make it at the beginning. It took me back to when your Aunt Heather was born. She was taken from the hospital by ambulance to go the the Nebraska University Hospital where they saved her life. And she was only born three weeks early, not ten like you!

Well, you are six years old now and your Mom and Dad are no longer together, but Lance is your step-dad now and I hear that he's pretty good to you. I'm glad. You now have a little sister, Jadah (from your Dad and Angie), and a little brother, Talon (from your Mom and Lance). I know it's hard now not being the center of attention, but eventually you will come to really love having them around.

Your Dad brings you over when he can and I just love it when he does. You are like a little ray of sunshine in my life and I love it when you immediately run to hug me when you see me. You are so petite, you remind me of me when I was young. I hope you stay that way forever. As your great Aunt Jackie would say "Dynamite comes in small packages!" And if my brother was still alive he would say you are 'cute as a bug's ear'... that's what he and Jackie used to say about me (I hope that was a compliment). I've never seen any bug's ears, so I can't say.

You're not ready to stay at Grandma's alone yet, but I hope that will change soon. We had fun when you and Taylor spent the night, didn't we! I love you so very much! Your Grandma, Halfmoon