He's a Winner

Steve II is the oldest of my two sons. He's been struggling to stay on his feet finance-wise as he has had his hours cut at work due to the economy. Sunday evening my husband took him to PM to take their minds off of the everyday struggle.

When all but a dollar of Stevie's money was gone, he put that in a nickel machine. On his first spin he won $202. How exciting for him. Then as he was at the machine where you cash out your tickets, he decided to put the extra $2 in a machine there and he won $20. At that point he decided he better leave while he was ahead. Hurray for him!

It is so great to see something good happen to him for a change. And he's wise enough not to go back out to try his luck again. I think it has been nine or ten years since he's been out there. (Probably has only gone three times in his life.)

Maybe he should check into retail pos systems now that he has a little extra cash. I'm just joking, they are for businesses which he doesn't have right now. Maybe some day he will. Congratulations to you, Steve! Halfmoon