Snowing Again

As if we needed more snow, here it comes.  I was up most of the night and noticed at 4:51 AM that it was snowing.  Crap.

Steve took his Mom into Des Moines to Long John Silvers to eat.  She really likes it there.  Then they are going to the Christmas Story at Lutheran Church of Hope.  He went once already but she was unable to go so he's going again so she can see it.

I have to contact the kids to let them know I won't be going to Shang Yuen tonight so I won't pass this crud on to the rest of the family.  With Heather's kids sick and I think Josh's family are going elsewhere, it may just be Steve, Steve II, and Abby's families.

My hubby is so sweet, he doesn't want to go without me.  I'm encouraging him to go anyway.