Abby's Wedding

What a wonderful day! Our youngest was married yesterday at the top of the Holiday Inn in the revolving restaurant. I couldn't picture having a wedding there but it turned out so beautiful, I was highly surprised. Most of the guests sat on the revolving platform where you eat your dinner. There was a path down the middle of the platform to walk as you would in a traditional church wedding.

The bride looked like a princess in her beautiful gown and wore a tiarra. Abby helped me find a gold long dress that had a gold crocheted-type sweater that went over it. I felt like Cinderella with gold shoes and all! After the wedding, the reception was held there with a sit-down meal and a DJ playing hits. It was awesome. Even Steve's family loved it. All of his sisters were dancing all night and his mother even danced to a few songs. She walks with a cane, so that surprised me.

I couldn't help but cry when I watched Steve and Abby dance the father-daughter dance. For weeks after, Steve's family kept talking about how much fun they had. It was wonderful.

Heather would like to do this type of thing for her wedding to Pato, but money may not allow it. I hope she can still do something special. Halfmoon