He's Off Again

Steve has been working nights for quite a while now.  Tuesday night he worked starting at 5 PM instead of starting at 9 PM.  Then Wednesday he worked 8 AM on and today 7 AM on.  Wouldn't you know it, now he's off till possibly Monday.

I get so tired of his company.  Work is on again off again.  I told him since he's off tomorrow thru Sunday, we should go somewhere.  I've been looking online for ZCoil stores.  I need my shoes fixed and want to buy some more.

The two closest stores are Carrol, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska, then there's Maryville, Missouri.  Decisions, decisions.

What If I Won

Do you ever dream about what you would do if you won a million dollars or more?  I've decided I would, of course, build new houses for my family, but then I would build a new restaurant in a small town like Adel.

First we would go to RapidsWholesale.com for commercial kitchen equipment for a beautiful kitchen.  Then I would have Pato be the cook/chef and have Josh be backup.  The main food would be Mexican, but also, we'd have grilled meats.

I'd let my grand kids work there so they would learn responsibility at a young age.  Heather would probably be the hostess...okay I'm probably getting too carried away with my dream but, you get the picture.

What are your dreams?

A Bacon Party

Sue won a prize from Wright Bacon and she received a lot of bacon, buttons, balloons, fans, cuzies, and recipes.  She decided to enter a contest to win $10,000 and a trip to a major game.

I had reservations about going to a bacon party, since, I've never heard of one.  Everything there had bacon in it.  Potatoes Augratin, Spinich Dip, Potato Soup, two or three more dips, bacon mushroom bites, monkey bread, grilled bacon and cheese sandwiches, and other items that were wonderful.  It all was yummy.  They even had ice cream with bacon bits on top.  Everything had bacon in or on it except cao cigars online.

Unfortunately, Steve and I ate about an hour before so we then stuffed ourselves.  We passed on the ice cream as we couldn't do any more eating.  An hour later, we stopped in Stuart and Steve suggested ice cream at McD's.  What a guy, of course, I gave in so I'll be sorry for it when I step on the scales next time.

Jay and Shell's Kids

Wednesday I got up early so I could be at Jay's to take Carter to his Y Camp by 9:45.  After dropping him off, Tay and I snoozed in the living room while Cambria slept in bed.  I got up nauseated as has been happening again lately.  By the time I brought Carter home from camp, it was lunchtime and I felt better, just drug down a little.

I had a great time with the kids.  We watched Bubble Guppies for a long time.  Then, Carter, Cambria, and I went out to the back yard to play.  MAN was it HOT out.  We cut that short, although Carter wanted me to call Josh or Shell to get an OK to get the sprinkler out. 

I wish I had a coupon code so I could get some neat back yard furniture.  We really need some.  Till then, I will keep taking my chairs in and out of the house.

How's it weather wise where you are?