One Friday at Steve's

As I've said before, Steve II and I normally spend our Friday's together.  As I think back a few weeks, I remember him inviting me over to watch a movie together.  I think that's a first for us.  Just the two of us, and, of course, his two cats.

The movie wasn't that great, but, conversation was great.  I wish I could have alone time with my other kids, too.  It's pretty rare to find time enough out of their lives to do that.

To continue with our evening, Steve even smoked a couple good cigars.  They sure smelled great.  However, when he offered me a puff, I declined.  Normally, he only smokes cigars when fishing.  This was a first.

Do cigars bring any memories back to you?  Let me know.

My Favorite Bookmark

My sister, Sue, from Council Bluffs gave me my favorite bookmark.  The top says "I Love You, Sister" and has a ribbon with a metal "LOVE' threaded through the bookmark.

The rest says, "Our hearts have grown closer with the passing of time.  Through the ups and downs of life, we've come to understand what it means to have each other.  Sometimes we talk often... sometimes not.  It doesn't seem to matter - the feelings of closeness remain with me because I know you are always there.  I love you, Sister... What a blessing it is to call you mine!" 

It has a little girl on it holding a flower and it is made by Blue Mountain Arts.  One of their 'children of the inner light' series.  I just love it.  It's protected by plastic and will last for a long time.  I will keep this one forever, not because it's neat, but because of what it stands for.  Thank you, Sue!


I missed the last concert that Taylor and Jordan had and also the one with Katiana.  All due to not feeling good.  I love going to their concerts.

I think one of my grandkids plays or did play the flute.  When I watch someone playing the flute, it takes me back to the story of 'The Pied Piper'.  Do you remember it?

Steve has three guitars now.  Two are electric and one is not.  We found Heather's old guitar a while back and gave it to her and she was really surprised and loved it.  I still have the dream where our family will play together.  Josh used to play the drums.  Then of course there are the singers in our family.

Jordan no longer plays in band, but Taylor and Sydney do.  I didn't play in band in high school, unless you count twirling the baton!  :)

No Taco Bell Friday

Normally, Steve II and I spend our Fridays together culminated by going out to eat at Taco Bell.  Yesterday, we weren't able to do that as he spent most of the day at the ER (which Steve drove him to).

Now I'm having Taco Bell withdrawals.  I cannot remember why, but we didn't go last Friday either.  That's just not right!

Do you have any addictions to a certain restaurant?  Leave me a comment and tell me about them.  I'd hate to think I am the only one with this problem.

My Oldest Son

Steve was getting ready to go to work from his apartment.  The roadway to get out of the apartment complex was not cleared.  He took a running start and his car became stuck.  He got out and was trying to shovel the car out, when he fell on the ice and was hurt.

He went to the walk-in clinic and was told he had two fractured ribs.  He woke up in the morning in so much pain, he could barely breathe.  My husband took him to the ER per instructions from Steve II's doctor.  Not only did he have two fractured ribs, but a rib wall contusion. They have him a couple shots and a script and sent him home.

I am so sick of Iowa winters I could spit fire.  I hate seeing any of my kids hurting, life isn't fair.  I know, Jackie would tell us all to move down to Alabama to get out of the snow. 

However, the problems with living near the coast scare me, also.  I guess no matter where you live, there are some dangers...tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc.

How is the weather where you are?

Manning Christmas Get Together

Today is the day the Mannings (Steve's family) are getting together with his Mom at her assisted living center for their Christmas get together.

That means all Steve's brothers and sisters, their children, and their grandchildren are coming to Adel to eat and drink (nonalcoholic beverages) and visit.  From our family, only Josh (possibly) and my hubby Steve will be going.

I'm staying home to be on call in case our son, Steve, needs me.  From last report, he is on his way to the hospital again for his injuries.  (See more about those in next post.)

I Love Music

If you've been reading my blog, you know how much I love music.  I had planned to go get Steve a birthday card today.  Since I was so sick last night and today, that didn't happen.  Steve and I usually get a card and put cash in it so we can get what we want.

Great intentions, huh?  Don't leave things to the last minute.  Since I didn't have a card I just gave him this little guitar key chain that I bought online about three or four weeks ago.  It is so cute.  He showed it to his Mom and she really liked it.

Even though it's Steve's birthday, I'll be the one getting the gift...when he plays his guitar later on.  I hope that someday our family will have enough music going on that we will be known.

My oldest daughter leads the children's worship at our church.  They just sang their songs so well, I just loved it.  Watching them sing was a blessing.

Watching TV

I've been watching Dr. Phil as he has Rosie ODonnell on.  She had a heart attack that they call the 'widowmaker'. 

What is a widowmaker?  It's when a vessel gets so much plaque in it the blood can barely flow through.  Normally, once you have that much plaque built up, you do not live.  There ends up being a black spot on the heart as it it is bruised.

In Rosie's case, a stent was inserted and it ballooned out, opening the vessel which allowed the blood to flow through again and her life was saved.  Whew!  What a deal! 

Under The Snow

I know that under the snow are my stone angels.  I wish I could find some stone moons.  Even though it is winter, my heart is yearning for Spring.

Until then I may just have to find topiaries for sale.  I especially love the star type and the ball type.  That would bring a little Spring into the house.  I wonder if you can take them outdoors in the Summer?

I'm not much of a green thumb, but I still love trying to grow things.  This last Summer didn't bring enough rain for my Kohlrabi to get full grown.  But they were still yummy, though small.  I know, most of you haven't heard of it, and I'm sure I spelled it wrong but it is great with Ranch dressing.

Guess I'll just have to wait for next summer and find a better place to plant them.

Snowing Again

As if we needed more snow, here it comes.  I was up most of the night and noticed at 4:51 AM that it was snowing.  Crap.

Steve took his Mom into Des Moines to Long John Silvers to eat.  She really likes it there.  Then they are going to the Christmas Story at Lutheran Church of Hope.  He went once already but she was unable to go so he's going again so she can see it.

I have to contact the kids to let them know I won't be going to Shang Yuen tonight so I won't pass this crud on to the rest of the family.  With Heather's kids sick and I think Josh's family are going elsewhere, it may just be Steve, Steve II, and Abby's families.

My hubby is so sweet, he doesn't want to go without me.  I'm encouraging him to go anyway.

Today's His Birthday

Happy Birthday, husband of mine.  I've been so excited to see you pick up your guitar and start practicing again.  You go into the bedroom and close the door so as not to bother me; but, what you don't know is that I love hearing you play the guitar again.

I know you found your Dad's old tuner, but maybe it would be a good time to shop for a better one.  And wouldn't that be better for the Gibson guitar you were given from your Dad?

 Either way, I love hearing you practice doing the thing you've loved doing since you were young.  Now if we could just get the rest of the kids instruments, we could have a family band.

That Time of the Month

You're probably thinking the wrong thing.  I'm talking about taking the pill to strengthen my bones.  And it is the only reason I've been up since 5:45.

Actually, I probably had a total of one hour sleep last night.  Started feeling sick to my stomach around 9:30 last night.  I thought maybe it was what I had for supper (one of those ring-type meats, not bologna but one of the others).  We had sauerkraut with it to cut the grease, and biscuits with butter and honey.  Then I ate more than I should.

After finishing with nothing in my stomach (you get the idea), I started drinking water and finally had a tangerine.  Later in the night, it came up, too.  Plus ending up on the pot with a wastebasket in my hands.  Couldn't sleep much after that.

Finally, I decided to get up and take that little pill and drink water.  Maybe in 23 minutes, I'll be able to get some sleep.  At this point, doesn't look like I'll be going anywhere tonight for Steve's birthday.  Bummer!

Everyone Survived

Steve made it to Heather's and he went right to work getting the generator hooked up.  After that, they plugged in the heater and refrigerator (I asked  Heather if they had the refrigerator hooked up yet.  Apparently, everyone forgot about the refrigerator till then).

He had to find a way to the fireplace to clear an area to put the wood when he brought it in.  The floor was body to body, not counting the animals.  After everything was done, he called me and let me know he was going to stay there the night rather than face our road again.

The thought of being here alone all night made me think about immediately going to bed to dream of patagonia clothes.   Of course, I didn't go right to bed cause I hate sleeping alone. 

I watched DVDs, read part of a good book, and got through all my emails.  Yep, I said all of them.  Me, the one who had 5,000 unread emails a few months ago.  I got it down to 3,000 and felt pretty good about it.  Now, I normally have between 30 to 50 a day.  And I usually get through them all!

Postponing Friday Bible Study

Steve and I are calling off tonight's Bible study due to the road conditions.  Snow, snow, snow, and more snow.  We got 12 inches.  I had a bad feeling that someone in my family was going to go north on our road and get into a really bad accident.

All my kids have been in accidents on this road, plus a neighbor just down the road died in his accident on our road.  So when I have that type of feeling, I don't ignore it.

We'll start up the study again next Friday.  Stay warm and safe.

It Will Be a White Christmas

Yesterday was our first storm of the year (snow-wise).  Over all we received 12 inches of snow, whiteout conditions.  Gotta love it.  Before long, Abby called as she couldn't reach Heather.

Before long, Heather called.  They and Josh's family were without electricity.  I told her they were welcome to come out to our house.  She didn't want to leave the birds, cats, or dogs in the cold house.  They were going to try to get wood to burn in the fireplace.   I know she'd rather be singing karaoke music at Ace Karaoke then dealing with keeping the house warm.

Before long, Justin arrived with a load of wood (Oak) for them.  Steve decided to see if the old heater in our garage would work.  After seeing it still worked, loaded that and what wood he could find under the snow, he took of to go to Heather's to get them some heat going. 

By then, Josh's area had their electricity back on.  Weird that Heather's area was still out.  After about 20 minutes, Steve called me to tell me his truck was stuck.  I tried to find a number for the neighbor down the road with no luck.  I let Steve know and he said he'd just continue trying to dig himself out.

After about a half hour, he called and said he made it to the interstate after getting the truck unstuck.  I tried calling Heather as by then it was after 10:30 PM.  Neither she nor Pato answered their phones.  Oh, well, if their asleep, they'll be surprised when he gets there.

Keep reading to find out the ending....

It wasn't the first snow of the year.  That was a few days earlier.  That one the snow melted as it hit the ground.  I got all excited that day and called my kids and started singing the title of this post.

Of course, the snow hadn't reach any of their homes yet, but, eventually it got there.  The kids were all disappointed it melted when it hit the ground at their house, too.

Oh, well, the storm will be here in a few days.  Just keep reading and you'll see how everyone makes it through.

4 New Tires

Steve went to Des Moines to get my tire fixed.  Naturally, the nail (or whatever) was too close to the sidewall to repair.  Boy, have I ever heard that phrase before.

Also, the last time he had the oil changed, he was told we needed all new tires before winter.  So, he decided (after calling me a few times) to get the tires today.  Of course, they cannot put them on for a few hours.  So, he's gallivanting (his words) around until time to get them put on.

Then, we will tackle the problem of getting a new bearing, but that's another story.  It's a good thing we're not rich (or not), because then we'd need a CPA.  As it is, I think we can handle our own taxes and bills.

We may not file on time, but, when you get a refund, there's really no deadline.  We did just send State in about a week ago.  I know....a little late, but, if you don't send it in early, you don't spend it early!

What An Adventure

What started out as a normal trip to church on Wednesday night.  The exception being, Steve was asked to lead the Bible study as the Pastor Jeff had to take his wife to the hospital as she has kidney stones.

We stopped at the Assisted Living Center to pick up Steve's Mom.  As I backed the car up, I could hear a noise that was different.  Steve got out and as I pulled the car forward, he told me to stop.  I had a flat, down to the rim.

By then it was about three minutes till we were due at the church.  Steve called the pastor and let him know we would be delayed.  Pastor Jeff said he'd call someone else to lead the study.

By the time we made it to the church, the study was over (it was after 8 PM).  So, we drove Mom back home, called it an adventure, and went home.  What a day!

Back To The Dr.

Well, I've struggled along with my gimp knee since November 17.  Although my knee feels better with the immobilizer on, it doesn't seem to be getting better.  In the evening, it seems to be worse so I decided it was time to get back to the doctor.

I was lucky in that she had one opening today so off I went to the 1:30 PM appointment.  I didn't even have to wait to get in.  I barely sat down and they were calling my name.  I couldn't believe it.  Plus, the doctor sent me down to the xray department.  I am not sure if something is fractured or not, but feel reassured to have it done just in case.

After I get the results, I will be heading to an orthopaedic doctor.  Once I get my knee back in shape, I can start concentrating on Christmas.  We're even thinking about putting up a tree this year.  We haven't done that the last couple years.

I know that my grandkids will all have toys or electronic devices.  Yours probably do, too, so click here for sanyo eneloop batteries.  There's nothing worse than seeing them open their presents and there aren't any batteries included. 

Do you have all the gifts on your lists purchased?  There's less than 15 days left so shop till you drop!


Well, it is Saturday evening and I'm watching 'The Borrowers' on our TV.  Steve is at the store after going to his Sat. night church service.  He called me a while ago so he should be home pretty soon. 

I can't remember if he made it to the library or not.  I'm out of the library's DVDs, so it's either watch TV or a 'Raymond' DVD.  They are always my standby.

What do you do on Saturday evenings?   We do not have cable TV so our selection is pretty limited. 

Are you ready for Christmas?  Do you know what it's really about?

Have a great weekend!


Yesterday was a long day.  I started out with an hour or so in the whirlpool tub (ahhhhhh).  Then Steve, Steve II and I met Abby and her little munchkins at our favorite place, Taco Bell!  The food was outstanding as usual.  Aiden wasn't much in the mood for food, though we tried. 

Towards the end, Abby left the table for a minute and I looked back and Kayla was feeding Aiden with a spork.  It was so cute. He finally started eating a little, ended up eating maybe a third of his soft taco.  What he really wanted was my Dr. Pepper.  When he first sat in the highchair, he grabbed it and was drinking it before I knew it.  Abby was like, "Mom, what are you letting my son do?"  I rescued my pop and from then on he wanted Abby's water.

Abby took Steve with her to Winterset to pick up a ceramic Christmas tree to take over to Grandma.  Steve II and I went shopping for the items on his list.  There weren't any baseball gifts, but that could be next Friday, you never know. 

After that I took Steve back to his friend's house to let out the dogs and on up to his girlfriend's house.  The directions were to look for a barn that looked like an old lady that was across from her house.  On back to Adel to pick up my hubby and back home to eat and get ready for the Bible study.  We stayed for a visit with Mom, then back home.  Whew.  I slept pretty good after all that.

Hey, All

Sitting here in my living room just loving it that I can now use my computer here.  I don't know what happened but the last time the kids were here, Heather was able to upload a movie from my living room.  I decided I should try the computer in here again and voila! I am so happy!

Well, we (Jackie or I) didn't win the Powerball, dagnabit.  Guess we'll just have to keep getting by on what we have.

I am happy to say Steve started work again (Tuesday, I think), so we will have a few more hours to count towards our health insurance benefit.  It gets bad when you have to pay the thing yourself.  I know, most of you do that, but one of the benefits of the union he's in is the employer pays the benefit as long as you have enough hours in each month.

I am hoping Steve will get to work in January with the out of town company that hired him to work at Penneys.  They told him he'd work Jan thru Sept of 2013.  Let's see if they keep their word.  If so, he will almost be ready to retire after that.  Whoopee!

I've been working on my emails and now have them under 2,000 to read.  Hey, that's good for me.  For a while it was over 5,000.

Hope you have a great day!

Hobbling Around on Turkey Day

Last Saturday afternoon, I mentioned that I started limping around.  Sunday, my knee popped and I thought something broke.

Steve took me to the walk-in clinic and I was diagnosed as having hyper extended my knee (probable cartilage that popped).  Now I'm in a knee immobilizer and one crutch to get up and down steps and over rough ground.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and after we ate, Steve played some guitar for us.  I've mentioned before that we have three singers in our family.  I sang a lot Thursday evening.  I just love music.  As a matter of fact I just ordered a present for Steve (can't tell you what).  It's nonsense to shop in the crowds for things that pertain to music when you can do everything from your computer.

I'm so excited, I can't wait for Christmas.  Last Saturday, Steve gave Heather her old guitar which we gave her when she was young.  She didn't realize we still had it.  It just needs some new strings and it'll be ready to go.  She was very surprised to get it.  I guess she thought it was gone and didn't think about it any more.

It's always great to surprise family with music!

Taco Bell

My kids and I used to have a tradition that we would do every Saturday.  My girls and I had to get allergy shots each week (I get 3 shots every visit).  For giving them a reward for getting their shots with no hassle, I would take them to Taco Bell afterwards.

Years have gone by and that tradition went by the wayside.  Lately, Steve II and I started it up again, just the two of us.  He had Friday's off and we would go to eat and then get what groceries or whatever else is needed and then head home.  It's become a special time between us.

Today, Josh had the day off so I called him and asked if he could get away by himself for a short while.  I picked up Steve II, then swung by Josh's and got him.  My hubby, Steve, met us there and we all ate together at Taco Bell!  It was great!

Have you had your fill of Turkey yet?

Target Practicing

A week or two ago (isn't it terrible how time flies?) Heather and her kids, Josh and Tay, Abby, Justin, and the kidlets came out to practice shooting.  Steve brought his rifle out and Josh brought his, the rest of the rifles were brought by Abby and Justin (and most of the ammunition).

After swinging as long as they wanted, Heather's younger three out together a puzzle at the dining room table.  I walked Kayla and Aiden around the yard.  Aiden had picked up a big stick and pointed it at me and said, "baa baa".  His rendition of a gun, I think.  Kayla picked up a stick then and we headed to the horseshoe posts which had large plastic cups over them.  The two of them hit those for quite a while.

Finally, Kayla went in the house to color and play.  I watched Aiden play on the toys and finally took him into the house, also.  On the way in, something started hurting in my left knee.  I limped around the rest of the day and evening.

Once the shooting was over, the girls helped me make pigs in a blanket with Bisquick.  They were yummy.  We ended up making 18 of them and they were the long hotdogs so were very filling.  We ended up with only two left so I sent those home with Jay for his two kids.

Now we are getting ready to go to Abby's for Thanksgiving dinner.  Yum!  Cannot wait.  Steve is figuring out his yearly Christmas gift for the families which he will place checks in envelopes.  This year I remembered cheap envelope printing at  So the envelopes are ready!

Then the kids can shop for their families and we won't have to make lists or walk around.  Also, by giving it to them this early, they can shop the sales!  Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Linda Comes Over Tonight

This is Tuesday, again, and I cannot wait till evening comes.  Linda and I get together each week to visit and she gives me my allergy shots while she is here.  She is my best friend.

We will watch 'Raising Hope' together and then will watch a DVD (probably 'Everybody Loves Raymond') and just sit and visit.  Linda normally brings a cross-stitch project to work on and I crochet on the current afghan I'm working on.  Right now it is Carter's red and blue afghan.  I just finished Alyce's rainbow colored afghan.

Steve will probably be working on Friday night's Bible Study for the assisted living ladies.  He uses a white board for his notes.  We really need to look into whiteboard mount deals to really spruce up our presentation.

This Friday night Taylor, and maybe Jordan, will be giving their testimonies to the ladies.  I am very excited to see how that comes out.  We're still trying to get a microphone so we don't have to strain our voices talking loud enough for the women to hear.

All in all, it will be a fun night and week to come.  Have a great week!

More Pics

This is a pic of Kayla beginning her somersault.  She is so cute and had to try to do everything the big kids did.

Here is Sydney doing a front flip (I think).  You can see Heather and Taylor in the background.

We had so much fun watching our grandkids show off their acrobatic feats.  When time came to eat, everyone was hungry and appreciated all the array of food offered.

Sunday Supper

Sunday at around 4:30 PM, Josh called me and asked if we'd made supper plans yet.  Since we hadn't, I started getting excited and then Josh invited us to have it with them.  I asked what they were having and he answered, "cavatelli".  Yum.  Shelley had made it before leaving and it would be ready any time.

I called Steve and asked if he wanted to meet me at Josh's to eat and he agreed, after asking what we should bring.  I called Jay back and he said just to bring something for us to drink if we didn't want iced tea or water.  Calling Steve again, we decided he'd pick up a package of salad premade and Ranch dressing.

I let Jay know we'd bring salad and dressing and he asked me if I wanted to get the DVD '2016' again.  That way Shelley and Steve would be able to see it.  Then I really got excited as I think everyone needs to see that movie before voting.  It's actually a documentary about President Obama, his book 'Dreams From My Father', and his years leading up to the presidency.

We watched the movie after eating and paused it a lot to discuss what we'd seen.  Voting night is eight days from today.  After everyone votes and the new president is selected, I believe we all need to concentrate on our finances and investments.

It is important to get our priorities in order to insure our children and grandchildren are not paying the cost of this country's debt.  Do you have your finances in order?

Last Thanksgiving

Yes, I know I'm behind.  I didn't upload my pics from my camera until a couple weeks ago.  This one has Shelley, Aiden, Abby, and Lavonda on the couch at heathers.  This was right before we ate (yum yum).

 Great pic of Steve if I hadn't gotten the light right.

Pato and Nano...looks like we've already eaten.

Syd and Tay posing for the camera.

 Jadah and Carter playing on toys.

Sydney doing a backbend (I could just hear my bones crunch).

Hurricane Sandy

Wow, the east coast is really getting hammered.  Hurricane Sandy is getting ready to land.  Not only, that, there is a winter storm that will collide with it and those areas may get fourteen to fifteen inches of snow.

With all the draught the Midwest had this summer, it is amazing that the east coast is getting either water or snow in a tremendous storm.  MidAmerican Energy from Iowa has already arrived in the areas that are having lines go down, to help them out.  There are 3/4 of a million people without power thus far.

I cannot even imagine living in the area that is being so hard hit.  We have our tornadoes, they have their hurricanes.  With all that going on, in Manhattan there is a large crane has been knocked over (on top of a large apartment building) and is dangling.  The winds were gusting up to 40 mph, tonight the winds will gust up to 70 to 80 mph.

Please pray for those in the storm area and the area where the crane is as it could become a missile if it is knocked off that building.  I wonder if there are any pipe clamps in this area.

The New York bridges are closed, the trains and subways are shut down, it must be a catastrophe there if the people did not evacuate.

Your prayers are needed!

Is This Fun Or What

The pic above is Alyce doing the splits.  Man, I cannot do that.

This is Thanksgiving at Heather's house.  Not a good pic of Aiden, but Shelley looks great.

 Josh normally doesn't let me get a good shot of him, but I like this one of Jay and Cambria.

I'm so far behind in posting the pictures I've taken, it's ridiculous.

Friday With Steve II

Steve and I have been spending Fridays together and it has been really great.  No matter what else we do, we go to Taco Bell for lunch (like the old days).

This Friday we went to my chiropractor appointment, then on to Taco Bell.  Yummy!  I don't think we did anything else after that except drove on to Steve's apartment.  He said he would go on in and start vacuuming the apartment (I'm allergic to cats and he has two).

I figured I'd take my time going in so he'd get the vacuuming done.  Great idea, right?  Wrong.  I made it fine down to the outside door of the building.  Opened the door, put my hand on the inside handle of the door, and stepped up with my left foot (right leg is weaker than the left).  As I stepped up, I put pressure on the door handle to help and the door started opening more and down I went. 

It took a while to get inside the building, but I finally made it.   I went down the stairs very carefully and into his apartment.  I told him what happened and he felt really bad.  Normally, he opens doors for me and helps me get inside.  He got out his BioFreeze and I put it on my him, knee, and neck.  Felt a little better after that.

He and Steve (Sr.) think it's my shoes that make me fall; but I've had them forever and haven't fallen for a couple years now.  I'll be more careful in the future.

More Pics

Not my favorite pic but it is one of the latest.

These two were at Abby's.  You can tell she was tired (so was Aiden).  The pic of Kayla has a shadow on it but it is a picture that caught one of her expressions.

Have a great day!

At Sue's

Tuesday I drove to Sue's (Council Bluffs) and spent the night.  We had a great time.  I rented the movie '2016'  and Sue, Walt, and I watched it together.

The beginning was slow, however, after the show goes on, you understand more because of what was in the first part.  I expected a move, but, it was more of a documentary typed show.  Everything in it was real, not actors playing parts.

After watching it, we discussed everything we'd seen and I suggest everyone watch this movie before voting.  I especially encouraged my son and his wife to watch it as they were not leaning towards my point of view.

I think the person who created this film deserves the fantasy football championship trophyNo seriously, I wouldn't doubt it if this show made an oscar.

Have you seen any good shows lately?

A Few Pics

I finally got the pictures off my camera and onto my computer.  Thought I'd share a few here.

These three are from Kayla's birthday party.

All The Accidents On Our Road

I'm sure I've written before about all the accidents that have been on our road.  Heather, Steve II, and Josh were in a bad one when Josh was 16.  Abby was in one with two of her friends.  Then, Abby was in one by herself which was so bad the Sheriff after he saw Abby's car, it was a miracle she made it out alive. Then a neighbor (down the road, was killed when his truck went off the road.  There was also a time when we were on vacation when Abby couldn't get her seatbelt off and every time we tried to fix it, it got tighter until she had trouble breathing.  That was a rental car.  Steve ended up using a pair of fingernail clippers to cut it off her.

Since Abby's accidents happened, she has been terrified driving on our road and on gravel anywhere else.  She had a fear  of being trapped in the car.  Finally, I bought her a seatbelt cutter.  I got me one, too.

It also can break the window so you can get out if the window won't roll down.  Times are scary these days.  I remember hearing about a woman whose car went into a river and she couldn't get the window down, she actually died because of it.

I recommend everyone get one of these because you're better safe than sorry.

Steve and Girls Came Over

Yesterday, Steve II, Syd, and Jadah came out to grill steaks.  I always love it when my family comes to our place.

The food was fantastic, once again.  Plus, I didn't have to cook (woo hoo).  I was sick all morning (stomach problem) and felt slightly better by the time they got here.

Did I mention they raked leaves so the girls could jump in them?  Except for the two piles, you couldn't tell the yard had been raked.  The rain and winds brought tons of more leaves down this morning.

Ok, Steve and Syd did the raking.  Jadah mainly watched and jumped in them.

Have a great day!

It Says It's 70

The thermometer says it is 70 degrees, however, it has rained all night and some of the morning and there's a slight chill in the air.

I really dread winter coming as I do not like the cold weather.   I think I need to get something warmer to wear this year.

Saturday I went to Josh's for bar-b-que for supper.  There was chicken, steak, and ribs to choose from.  Steve II fixed me a plate of ribs and a salad and it was outstanding (as usual).  I sat at the table with Syd, Tay, Josh, and Shelley and we ate till we could eat no more.

Shelley made cookies after that, and I, of course, had to try them, too.  Yummy.  A while later, Shelley poured me some egg nog and I was truly sated.

Weather Changes

It's getting a little cooler (in the 60's now).  Our weather has been bizarre this summer.  I hope the winter is mild this year.  Everyone could use a break on the price of heating our homes.

Yesterday it was in the 70's and today it is the 60's (low).  Tonight is church and I am not feeling the greatest.  By the evening, though, I usually feel better.

What's your weather like?

I'm In the Living Room

Hallelujah!  I'm blogging in the living room!!!!!  We bought a new router today.  Steve asked me if I'd tried working on the computer in the living room since we got the Exede satellite.  No, I hadn't.

So here I am in the living room and it actually works.  We may take the new router back.....or we could open it and see if it makes it better????  What to do.

Last Saturday I arrived at Ab's at 3:45 PM to watch the kidlets while she went to their friend's wedding (Justin was in the wedding).

First off, after Kayla hid from me, Aiden came toddling over with his hands up.  I just love it when my grandkids love me!  Kayla and I played Chutes and Ladders for a while, and also watched Aiden play in Kayla's room.

After that, Aiden walked around holding Kayla's slippers that look like cars from that movie.  I took them outside for a while (backyard) to play and then in the house to make supper (yummy).  We had Chicken a la King over rice.  We all licked our bowls (not seriously, just I did), but the kids ate all of theirs, too.

When you are watching little ones, you start to think about finances and wills, etc.  You want to make sure your kids are taken care of if the worst happens to you.  I'm going to talk to Abby and Justin about annuity rates comparisons.  Never too soon to be looking around to secure your future.

I'd expected them to be home really late and they were home before midnight.  Awesome!  Until the next time, watch out for deer on the roads.

Week Three

Steve and I had our third week of doing a Bible study at his Mom's assisted living center.  It was awesome.  Another night with eight ladies.

It was based on Joseph, you know the lad who's father made him a coat of many colors.  It began with his brothers being jealous of him because his dad loved him best.  And ended with him being the person under Pharoah, to rule Egypt. 

Awesome story, great night!  May the Lord Bless you and keep you!

Singing the Computer Blues

So, do any of you live out in the country (boonies) like we do?  No cable, no dial-up, nothing except satellite.  Satellite, you say?  Isn't that supposed to be fast?  One would think so.  Not!

We used to have dial-up once upon a time when we had a home phone.  Then came the cell-phone phase.  Why do we need a home phone, when we both have cells?  So, we get rid of the dial-up and the home phone.  Guess what!  They no longer have dial-up in this area.

Can I tell you my computer is slow?  Well it is.  And I'm tired of it.  Sick and tired.  I now know the reason I cannot use my laptop in the living room.  We need a new router.  Yes, the one we have was given to us and it is old.  Must not be very strong.

Anyhoo, we will buy a new router; but, if the speed of my computer doesn't speed up soon, I may commit hari kari (sp?)  I thought about throwing this out the window, but it does work fast at my sister's house and the next door neighbors.  Guess I'll keep it.

It's Freezing Outside

Ok, the high today is 42 degrees....brrrrr.  And I thought 50 was cold.  Next week we may see the 60's again, I sure hope so.

Today we had a supposedly faster type of Wildblue installed.  In some parts it is faster, but in others it is the same speed, slow as dial-up.

We are going to get a new router and that is supposed to enable me to use my laptop in the living room.  Hurray! 

Hope you're warm where you are!

Christmas is Getting Closer

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?  I have, but I tend to start in the summer.  I buy extra cleaning products for my kids from Melaleuca which I buy normally just for us.

One year, I decided to buy some for the kids.  I don't even know if the kids like it that I do this.  I've told each of them, if you don't like these products, I won't buy them for you.  No one has said anything about not liking it.

The hard part is finding places to store the things I buy until our Christmas Eve get together rolls around.  I used to buy sweatshirts and pants for the grandkids.  One time I bought  carhartt jackets for men for the guys.

Nowadays we give the kids a check for their whole families and let them buy the gifts themselves.  That way they know what their families need.  And we don't have to go shopping, which is hard on my back.

Remember, if you shop early, you don't have a painful month in December running around and putting out money all at once.

Part-time Jobs

AARP sent me a list of part-time jobs you can do from your home.  That sounds like something I would like to do.  Wouldn't anybody?

There are five types of jobs you can work at from home, from bookkeeping/accounting to being a sales rep or web strategist.  I'd like to find out what companies let you do customer service from your own home.

My line of work actually was in customer service.  My ideal job was training customer service reps.  Then, that company went out of business.  Drat!

I am going to check this out.  I'll keep you posted.


The weather is finally changing, it is getting a little chilly outside.  We've had pretty nice weather all summer.  Not the usual hot, hot, hot.  There was never enough rain.  The farmers had crops affected, everyone else had their grass go brown early.  As a matter of fact, everything happened early.  Acorns falling from the trees, leaves turning early, falling early, etc.

I have loved the nice weather as I was able to spend nearly every day reading outside (except for the few days it rained).  Even when it was hot, the wind made it bearable.

I've spent a little mad money on thing for myself, which is unusual.  The last massage I got was outstanding.  The music in the background made me feel like I was out of this world.  Hard to explain unless you've been there.

After I payed for the massage, I noticed a beautiful watch.  I bought it.  I don't know why.  I rarely wear watches and I have another one I bought sitting on the sink at home.   I've only worn the newest one one time. 

Heather loved my new watch, maybe I should give it to her.....can't decide.  Do you have anything you buy, even though you don't wear it, normally?  Just wondering if I'm the only one who makes these impulsive buys, or not.

Friday Evening

Last Friday I went with Steve to the assisted living center where his Mom lives.  He led a Bible study and did a really great job.

I gave my testimony and at the end of the study, I led the people in the first and last verses of 'Amazing Grace'.  It went very well over all.

In the beginning there was only 3 ladies including Steve's Mom.  I went to the front door and invited the women outside to come to it.  I kept remembering the verse about going out to the highways and byways and inviting the people in.

What a great night.  We had 8 ladies in all.  They seemed to enjoy the study and some of the women want the book so they can read the chapters ahead of time!

Tomorrow is Sunday

I missed church last Sunday as I had trouble  again with my stomach  :(   I hate it when I miss.  Wednesday night we finished the Bible study we've been doing.  It was really good.

One thing I love about the church I go to, Fusion Church is the worship time.  The pastor's wife is a really good singer, worship leader, and is compassionate about serving the Lord.  Sometimes we have a keyboardist, we usually have a guitarist, and most often a drummer.  He is really young yet does really well.

The thing that draws me to this church is that I feel the Spirit of the Lord there.  I feel the Lord has led Steve and I to this church and also to start a Bible study at the assisted living center where his Mom lives.  Hopefully, we will start the study next week.  Time will tell how that goes.  I hope we can serve the elderly women there.

Have a blessed day!

Going to Shari's

I'm at my next door neighbor's house as our internet is now off.  She  has the same company as us but she can take her computer into the living room while I have to sit rite at the desk next to Steve's system to get any connection.

We're looking for a new server to try, hopefully, to get one that has a strong connection enough that I can use my laptop in the living room.  Our system was as slow as dial up.  Bummer!

So, it's catching up time.  We enjoy visiting, but, it's been a while since we've seen each other.  Have a great day!

Dentist Time

Monday I had to go to the dentist to have 2 fillings put in.  I decided to tell him not to do amalgams as I have read a lot about mercury poisoning.

He didn't feel amalgams were a problem but after insisting, I was able to get porcelain fillings.  Yes, they won't last as long as silver fillings, but not problems with mercury that way.

My dentist is very good, great I might say.  I was relaxed through the whole procedure.  He tells you what he's doing throughout the procedures.  I don't know if he does that for everyone, or not.  He knows I used to be a dental assistant and would understand what is going on.

Not that I enjoyed being a dental assistant.  I actually felt the fear a patient has when he/she is in the chair.  Not a good feeling. 

Now that my teeth are fixed, I no longer have a tooth that scratches my tongue.  Man, I actually got a blister on the side of my tongue that was sore.

Also, the dentist said, "If you get to the point that you need a crown on that back tooth, there isn't enough room to work back there and we might have to pull that tooth instead."  No way!  I'm keeping all the teeth I have, thank you very much!

Fighting Kidney Stones

Our family has had it's share of kidney stones.  Steve has two right now that he's been fighting for over 2 weeks.  He went to the walk-in clinic 2 weeks ago and they suspected stones.

The following Tuesday night (1:30 AM Wednesday morning) he got up and let me know the pain he was in.  I hadn't gone to bed yet and it took until 2:30 to talk him into going to the ER.

ER confirmed it, he had a 5 centimeter (mm?) stone.  They gave him 3 prescriptions and sent him on his way.  By then he wasn't in pain as the morphine had kicked in.

2 weeks later, still has the stone and went to see the specialist.  They will blast it tomorrow.  I hate that they're doing it that way as last time his back ached for over 6 months.

Trying to sleep with a stone is so bad, wish we had an organic mattress los angeles to sleep on.  It's bad enough to fight a stone, but to have a bad mattress on top of it bites.

Changed 2 appts I had for tomorrow so I can drive him to the surgery center to take care of 2 stones they found.  One still in the kidney and one half-way down the ureter. 

So far, Abby, Steve, and I have had stones.  Blessed be the Lord our other kids haven't.  Please send prayers up for Steve for today and tonight and guidance for the docs tomorrow.  Thanks.

Sisters at War

Sisters at seriously, this was taken by my nephew, Skip: 
Gotta love this. Mom and aunts get together and are all on there laptops playing Words with Friends, lol.

Music for My Ears.

Steve's Mom has been moved to the assisted living center in Adel, IA Monday.  Thus Steve needs to pick up his Dad's guitar that was saved for him.

Steve mostly played chords alongside his Dad when they played and sang.  He's always wanted to take guitar lessons.  His Dad's guitar is a Gibson, I'm not sure what Steve's guitar is, but he also has an electric guitar (which I've never seen him play yet).

I can't wait to start hearing music in the back yard again!


Just a quick note, been pretty busy and when we're not, we're all on our computers in the kitchen.  Got my hair done today, really like it.  Thanks to Sue for taking me and giving advice.  Love you, Sue!

Going to go now as it will be suppertime in a few minutes!  Have a great day!

J & R are in town

Steve brought me to Sue's yesterday so last night was my first night here.  He then took my car home so when he comes back the 11th for the get together, he can bring Steve II and girls with him.  This will be probably be at least 3 years, probably more since they've seen Jackie and Randy.

Tomorrow Jackie's getting her hair done and Wednesday, I'm getting mine done.  Can't wait.  Going to Sue's hair lady.  Thursday we are going to Maria's, a Mexican Restaurant which is yummy.  I can hardly wait.

Think I'll go on down to bed now.  I'll have to check and see if it is made with fiberfill.  Felt so good last night.

To all my kids, try to come on Saturday (I know Ab can't so she's coming on Fri).

Friday Night

Spent a few hours at Ab's watching Aiden so they could take Kayla to a Cubs game.  He was so cute.  He'd take turns leaning against Grandpa and then he'd crawl over and lean against me.  So cute.

Grandpa and Aiden took turns saying, "bopbopbop".

When we started talking about putting him to bed, he'd just stare straight ahead at the TV (like he was ignoring us. What a hoot.  Just love being a Grandma! 

Be Careful What You Wish For

Steve has been on again off again (work) and Monday he said, "I wish I was working for another company."  He'd been working out of town a lot and overnights for a few weeks, then no work again.

Tuesday, he got a call from the Hall and was asked if he wanted to work for an out of state company that is redoing JC Penneys at the Valley West mall.  Great!

So now he worked Wednesday and Thursday 10 hour days and will start in again next week working 4 10s.  Hallelujah!

He still wishes he had his own company but hasn't decided what he'd do. Who knows, he also wants to stay with the union till he retires 1 1/2 more years.  Time will tell.

He's Off Again

Steve has been working nights for quite a while now.  Tuesday night he worked starting at 5 PM instead of starting at 9 PM.  Then Wednesday he worked 8 AM on and today 7 AM on.  Wouldn't you know it, now he's off till possibly Monday.

I get so tired of his company.  Work is on again off again.  I told him since he's off tomorrow thru Sunday, we should go somewhere.  I've been looking online for ZCoil stores.  I need my shoes fixed and want to buy some more.

The two closest stores are Carrol, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska, then there's Maryville, Missouri.  Decisions, decisions.

What If I Won

Do you ever dream about what you would do if you won a million dollars or more?  I've decided I would, of course, build new houses for my family, but then I would build a new restaurant in a small town like Adel.

First we would go to for commercial kitchen equipment for a beautiful kitchen.  Then I would have Pato be the cook/chef and have Josh be backup.  The main food would be Mexican, but also, we'd have grilled meats.

I'd let my grand kids work there so they would learn responsibility at a young age.  Heather would probably be the hostess...okay I'm probably getting too carried away with my dream but, you get the picture.

What are your dreams?

A Bacon Party

Sue won a prize from Wright Bacon and she received a lot of bacon, buttons, balloons, fans, cuzies, and recipes.  She decided to enter a contest to win $10,000 and a trip to a major game.

I had reservations about going to a bacon party, since, I've never heard of one.  Everything there had bacon in it.  Potatoes Augratin, Spinich Dip, Potato Soup, two or three more dips, bacon mushroom bites, monkey bread, grilled bacon and cheese sandwiches, and other items that were wonderful.  It all was yummy.  They even had ice cream with bacon bits on top.  Everything had bacon in or on it except cao cigars online.

Unfortunately, Steve and I ate about an hour before so we then stuffed ourselves.  We passed on the ice cream as we couldn't do any more eating.  An hour later, we stopped in Stuart and Steve suggested ice cream at McD's.  What a guy, of course, I gave in so I'll be sorry for it when I step on the scales next time.

Jay and Shell's Kids

Wednesday I got up early so I could be at Jay's to take Carter to his Y Camp by 9:45.  After dropping him off, Tay and I snoozed in the living room while Cambria slept in bed.  I got up nauseated as has been happening again lately.  By the time I brought Carter home from camp, it was lunchtime and I felt better, just drug down a little.

I had a great time with the kids.  We watched Bubble Guppies for a long time.  Then, Carter, Cambria, and I went out to the back yard to play.  MAN was it HOT out.  We cut that short, although Carter wanted me to call Josh or Shell to get an OK to get the sprinkler out. 

I wish I had a coupon code so I could get some neat back yard furniture.  We really need some.  Till then, I will keep taking my chairs in and out of the house.

How's it weather wise where you are?

Music in My Ears

Although I don't have the singing voice I had when I was young, I still love music and love to sing.  My news today is about Heather.

Pastor Jeff left Heather a message that he wanted to talk with her.  Needless to say, she was wanting to know what it was about until he returned her call.  He wants her to play the keyboard during worship.  She hasn't played for years and is nervous about it.

She's going to go in early Wed night to practice with Tracey and Jef to see how it goes.  To start, she will just play chords.  Until she has her shoulder surgery, she'll have trouble with it.

Steve plays chords on the guitar.  He loves it and would love to learn how to play more than chords.  He was given his Dad's Gibson guitar, but, leaves it at his Mom's as he knows with her air conditioning on all the time is better for it.  I'd like to look into getting a new guitar for him.

He also has an electric guitar from years ago, but no system to plug it in to.  I've never seen him play that one.  I wish I could learn how to play, too.

Any music in your life?

100 Degrees

Whew!  It was hot yesterday.  It made it to 100 degrees.  However, the wind was wonderful, so it made it bearable to sit outside in it.

Today is a different story.  It is at least 90 out but there is no wind and the humidity is high.  I wished we had one of the Outdoor Water Features.  I would love to have a fountain or grotto in our backyard.  It would be soothing to the eyes and spirit to watch.

It's supposed to be in the 90s all week.  I am thankful for the air conditioner we have in the dining room.  Our air condition went out.  It was less than 10 years old.  The one we have in now is my Dad's old air conditioner.  It has to be over 30 years old and it's still great.  We used to use it in the upstairs of our house.  Then when the kids all moved out, we let it sit in the garage. 

Steve had to change the outlet for it, but wonder of wonders, it started kicking out cold air.  I love it!

Memorial Day (sort of)

We went to church Sunday and had a guest speaker.  After the service, we drove back home and accomplished a little.  By 6:45 PM, we were driving back to the church.  After getting half-way to Adel, I realized we had not loaded the lawn chairs.  So, we turned around and went back home again, loaded the chairs and ended up about a half-hour late for the bonfire.

The hotdogs were grilled and there were yummy salads and chips to choose from.  Everything was wonderful, most went back for seconds and thirds (me included).  After everyone ate, there were games to play and the kids had a blast, including mine.  Steve even played volleyball with the group.  I sat and visited and then noticed Cambria sitting in the grass by herself.

I asked her if she wanted Mommy and she was tearful and said she did.  She held my hand and by the time we walked over to the volleyball area, I asked if she wanted to swing and pushed her for awhile.  She did, so that's what we did.  Everyone had a great time.  Taylor was held up in the air as pictures were being taken.  (They had one that game, but overall the score was tied one to one.)

I don't think we have any graduations to go to this year.  I was talking to Sue today (Happy Birthday, Sue) and we realized we will have four grandkids graduating at the same time:  Carter, Alyce, Chloey (Wendy's daughter), and  Skips youngest daughter.  Good grief.  We'd better start saving up money.

Are you going to any graduations this year?

50 Degrees

Wow, it's a little chilly today.  The weather has been in the 80's so 50 degrees is quite a change.  Steve planted a garden for me and with last night's and today's rain, we won't have to water for a while.

I've been trying to quit smoking and I bought some carmel apple suckers that I've been using in between cigarettes.  It's also helped being cold outside, don't want to stay out there.  Time will tell if I can do it.

Steve said the next time he's layed off, we can start painting the inside rooms of the house.  I cannot wait.  We haven't painted in years.  Since we added the addition, I think.  I saw a neat metal switch plate that looks really cool.  You can get Victorian or other styles.  I really live the Victorian style.

I'd love to get a new patio poured, but in order to do that, we need to jack hammer out the old.  Such a lot of work to do.  Once that's done, the house will really look bad.  It needs new wood here and there.  The foundation needs redone....what is priority?  I know the foundation should be first, but such a cost.   Bummer!

Today's Appointment

Josh took me to my appointment for the myleogram at 8 am. I was expecting the injection like where I get them in the low back for my SI steroid injections. It was higher and not quite the same. But as you can see I lived through it. Prayed my way through it, I should say. The worst part was face down and turned upside down. N a u s e a t i n g. They talked me through it. That and having the pressure of the bars on my shoulders where the left arm has pain and you're upside down on that spot. Oh, well. It's over. Josh took me to the neuro after that and am probably going to get the surgery done. Thanks for all your prayers, thoughts and good wishes. :)

As I was walking Jay out to the car for him to go home, I got all teary as it reminded me of me taking Dad places.  I told him that and told him I loved him.  He said, "I love you, too, Mom."

Bathroom Flooring

If you've been to my house, you know I love my bathroom (off the master bedroom).  However, the flooring is made out of squares (which I like and love the color).  Some of the squares are not staying in place which leaves spaces between some of the squares.  It wouldn't be easy to take them up and relay them.  They'd probably tear as you take them up.

I would like to have the floor redone.  And while we're at it, we need new carpeting in the living, dining, stairs, and 3 bedrooms.  The master bedroom carpet still looks like new.

Then I would like wood floors in the kitchen, entry, and laundry rooms.  To top it all off I'd like granite counter tops in the kitchen.  If we lived in Texas we could call bathroom remodeling houston,  at least for the bathroom.

I'm not asking for a lot am I?

Beautiful Weather

It's the first week of May and the weather has been outstanding.  We had a very short winter this year and that is all right with me.  I hate the cold weather.

I've spent a lot of time outside sitting at our old picnic table reading good books.  I have an addiction to reading fiction.  When I run low on books to read, I go to the library and check out way more books than I could possibly read in 3 weeks.

It's so nice out I've wished I could clean out the inside of my car and apply some leather protector.  Since I have leather seats, I really need to take care of them to keep them in good shape.

We have had rain off and on, but normally it's been at night.  Steve mowed the yard yesterday and it looks really great.  He applied grub worm killer a week or so ago as we have moles or something digging underground in our whole yard.  Makes me angry.  They even burrowed through my little garden.

We'll see if that works, it's said the moles stay in areas where there are grub worms as that's what they eat.  Little creeps!

A Chance For Advancement

One of my sons has been asked to apply for a new position in the company he works for.  It would mean an advancement for him.  He has a big decision to make.  One that would mean authority over others and that he would have new things to learn.

I don't know if he would be using welding supplies or not, he had training in that when he was younger.  He would have to make decisions for work that needed to be done and he's a little nervous about that, I think.

I can remember when my company was going out of business.  The company that bought it did not automatically take all the employees into their company.  We all had to apply and interview for the positions.  It was completely different than the job I had at the time.  Turned out only 13 of 30 employees were hired.

It was a very uncomfortable two weeks we had to work at the old place, with the 17 employees who were not hired.  It all turned out well in the end, but I had to learn a new job and feel that I know a little of what my son is going through.  It will all turn out no matter which way he decides.  I happen to know that he can do whatever needs to be done, and do it well.

Myleogram (Sp?)

This Wednesday, May 9, I have to go get a Myleogram done.  The paperwork says it is the same thing as a spinal tap.  Yuck.  I will admit I am nervous about getting this done.

From what I understand, they put a needle in your spine (low back) and draw some spinal fluid out.  Then they insert a dye.  The next step is to tilt the table up and then down so the dye goes throughout the spine.  I'm not sure what they do after that.

I'm supposed to lie down for 24 to 48 hours or else I will get a severe headache.  Great, huh?  I think Steve needs to look for a double chaise lounge that I can lay on outside in the shade (weather permitting).

I am not looking forward for Wednesday to come.  At night now, I lay there with my eyes closed and think about having it done.  Then I pray to the Lord to get me through this.  I covet your prayers.  I need His peace.


Last Wednesday, May 2, I went to the Iowa Clinic to have an EMG done of my neck, arms, and hands.  I will say that it was not much fun.  The result was the pain in my arm, back, elbow, comes from the neck.  The doctor showed me a model of the neck bones, nerves, etc.  Apparently my trouble comes from the C8 area.

I didn't watch what the doctor did but knew he was inserting a needle that was attached to wires.  Once he put it in place, he turned some type of energy on and it would jolt the nerve, which would be caught on his screen so he could tell which nerves were operating correctly and which ones were not.

It's amazing the type of medical equipment they use to find problems in your body.  I looked at the needle as he placed in in my right hand (the next to the last time).  It was close to 2 inches in length and I said, "Boy, I'm glad I didn't see the size of that needle before we started."

The doctor said he only inserts it about a quarter of an inch.  What to believe?  He did it about 28, maybe 30 times and the most painful was in the area about an inch below the thumb.  Whew.  I'm glad it's over with.

My Job

I started working two days a week for 4 - 5 hours those days.  I scan letters, labs, etc., into the computer into patients accounts.  My next door neighbor, Sheri, used to have this job and when she went back to her old job, she recommended me to her employers.

I absolutely love the work.  I'm back in a room where they Xray people occasionally.  So, I don't have to deal with anyone around except when Xrays need to be taken.  Then I step outside the room till it's done.  The doctor, PAs, and nurses I work with are really great.

I'd like to get a couple sets of nursing scrubs to wear as they are more comfortable than casual wear.  Right now I'm off for a while, maybe until I have surgery on my neck.  Then, when I feel good again, I am supposed to call them.

They may have me come in less hours than now as they are watching money spent.  Apparently, getting all new  computers and scanning equipment made a large debt for the office.  I don't mind getting less hours.  Any hours at all gets me out of the house for a while.  Also, I'm able to pick my days and hours so I can work with the tiredness the meds I'm on give me.

Life Hurts Sometimes

What started out as pain just above the elbow when it touched something, to eventually feel like a bone was broke there, but, only when it was touched.  Then came pains from just below the shoulder which then started wrapping under and around the armpit.  When it started becoming excruciating, I went to my pain control doctor.  Turns out, it is from the neck (even though the neck didn't hurt).

Had to get an MRI of the neck which turned out to have really bad arthritis and bone spurs.  The doctor said he'd never seen anyone that bad before.  So, tomorrow morning I meet with the neuro-surgeon.  Pain control doc thinks surgery is the only thing that will help.  (The nerve block didn't do anything for the pain.)

I think I need to get an egg crate mattress pad put on my bed to see if it helps with my pain.

Please send prayers up for my visit tomorrow, if I'm not to be healed, that the doc will say there's something he can do.  Thanks.

Heather's Girls

When I got up this morning, I had a message from Heather.  Pato had to take Alyce to the ER last night.  She woke up during the night crying from the pain she had.

It ended up she had a kidney infection and was really constipated.  She was so bad, they put an IV in (which she did not like) and also gave her a prescription.  The pharmacy they normally go to closes at 11 PM now.  Used to be they were open all night.

So, this morning Heather went to get her script filled, only to find out no one had it.  After the ER gave them a different prescription, she finally got it filled.  After going home, Kat was in pain.  Heather took her in and found out she has an UTI.  Jordan was sick, too, so only Nano was feeling good.

Heather didn't get much sleep last night and she's fighting an ear infection herself.  At least none of them has anything contagious.  Now Kat is on a med and both girls have been told they need to drink more water.

Heather makes money on her blog, does writeups for a lot of products, and has a business online for scrapbooking.  I wonder if she uses a bixolon product.  We've never talked about it, but I'll ask her next time we talk.

Nano and Jordan have birthdays Feb 23rd so they all need to get healthy to celebrate those birthdays.

Do you have a Will?

We've told ourselves, over the years, that we needed a will.  Making one, however, is not as easy.  My nephew, Mike, gave me a CD to make one and I actually started it.  I wanted to make one will for Steve and I together.  It didn't have that capability.  Plus, some of the wording was confusing, so I gave up.

Not long ago, I saw a book at the library that walked you through the process.  It also had a CD and was simplified enough for me to do it.  So I printed out the blank forms to make our own wills.  It also, did not show one  to have both on one will.  But at least I have the form to type out.

Of course, I haven't done that yet.  But, there's hope out there for me.  The next thing is, how are we going to deal with his retirement plan.  What he has is not a 401K, but it is similar.  When he retires, he has the choice to transfer that plan to a local financial organization.  I'd like to check in to getting money into gold or silver.  I think that is something to look into.  That, or gold coins or ounces of either.

Let me know if any of you have done this and the result so far.  I am dense when it comes to financial planning.

A Dreary Day

Although it is in the 40's, it is windy and rainy.  Not a heavy rain, pretty light, but no sunshine at all.  Steve left about an half hour ago.  He's on his way to Joshua's to help him with put a light in the living room, I think.

I'm not sure if they'll need cmm fixturing, but Steve will be able figure it out.  I think they are working the electrical end of it.

After that, he'll go to the Y (as usual) and on to school at 5:30 or 6, I'm not sure.  Tonight's the night for Linda to come over so I'll have company instead of being alone.

I hop the sun will come out soon and the wind will die down.  It's kind of depressing outside.  What's it like where you are?

The Finished Result Was....

beautiful.  Please read the post below this first.  Abby's living room looks so fine, I couldn't believe it.  When Josh started rolling paint on the south wall (I think), I didn't think I'd like the color.  After it dried, it was really fantastic. 

Their colors were like a medium tan and a richer darker one.  Not something I'd pick out until I saw the results.  Then, I could see using those colors real easy.  Their carpet had both colors in it and it will really be the icing on the cake.  They are having it installed Tuesday.

Then, little Aiden can roll and crawl around all over the place to his heart's delight.  He has such a sweet smile.  Steve picked him up and talked to him (and made his duck voice, which I'm not sure Aiden enjoys that like the other kids did).  He really loves his grandkids.  It's fun to watch him with them.

Steve wants to get into his own business someday.  I would like that, too, we just don't know what we want to do yet.  I could imagine setting up our business in one room and sell things online.  Of course, we'd need some equipment from star micronics.  Then we'd be ready to go.  The question is 'What are we going to have as our business?'

Well, time will tell.  If you have any great ideas, leave a comment.

Painting at Abby's

Yesterday Steve, Josh, and Abby painted Ab's living room.  When we first got there, Justin and Abby had a first coat on all but one wall.  Justin had to work so the three of them got busy.

I went along to help watch the kids so Abby could paint, too.  Aiden was in his little activity center jumping up and down, babbling and playing with the toys on it.  Mikayla ran to me as she was so happy that Grandma came, too.

Aiden went down for his first nap and Abby let Mikayla use a little paint brush to feel like she was helping.  It was sooooo cute, I took about 3 minutes of camcording it.  I just loved it.  She would paint circles and lines all over.  Then they'd have her move to the right and they would use the roller to paint over what she'd just done.

We would have never thought to do that with our kids.  Actually, I think just Steve would be painting and I would be running after the little ones.  Of course, back then, I'd probably be having an allergic reaction to the smell of the paint and would need to get an allergy treatment austin.  What's great is the paint Abby got didn't smell much.  It was great.

I made a run to Home Depot to pick up one more gallon of the paint and when I came back, Mikayla was down for a nap and Aiden was awake.  So I got to play with him a lot.  He sits up now, it's so cute.

It's Beautiful Outside

I went outside a few minutes ago and it is like the beginning of spring, seriously!  I just love it.  Steve left about an hour ago, headed to the Y and then to church.  So I was alone and feeling far better than this morning.

I woke up in serious pain and nausea again.  I can't seem to figure out how to keep that from happening.  I know I overdid it yesterday, plus forgot to take my pain pill at 9 in the morning.  Remembered it at 5:15 that night when I hurt so bad I wanted to just sit in the car for a long time.  (It has a wonderful lumbar seat.)

When Steve left this morning, he said, "Goodbye, my darling wife, Kathy!"  I about fell over.  Number one, he doesn't usually use complimentary words (unless it's babe - and that's been quite a while); number two, he called me by my name directly to me.  He never says that.  He rarely says my name when he's talking about me to others, either.   I walked into the kitchen and thanked him and we hugged.

I gave him a kiss and he responded in kind and that's pretty unusual, too.  We're just not romantic anymore that much.  So, anyway, I'm here alone with the beautiful weather and am feeling so much better than this morning.  Have a great day!

I'm a Winner

We left Abby's and drove to Walmart, got some groceries, drove to HyVee and got the rest.  As we were walking out, I told Steve I'd meet him in the car as I needed to buy a Powerball.

They have one of those self-check things there so I slid my first ticket across:  You're a Winner - $12.  I slid my second ticket across:  You're a Winner - $40.  I made such a sound at that, the girl behind the counter asked what I'd won.  I had to laugh as she thought I'd won a big one.  No, I'd make more noise if it was that.

I slid the third ticket across:  Sorry, not a winner.  OK, that's my normal response.

I've told Abby and Heather about it but it's too late to call Jackie.  She'd get a kick out of the story.  They have an above the ground pool in their back yard (Prattville, AL).  I wonder if it has one of those a.o. smith motors.  I don't think they swim in the winter but I'll bet some days it's warm enough out.

They will be coming to Iowa in August (her class reunion, I think).  I can hardly wait!

I'm Thinking Romance

This July will be thirty-five years of marriage for Steve and I.  Man, I can hardly believe it.  I mentioned it to Steve and he said "Who told you?"  Oh, brother. 

He entered a contest with Pulse 99.5 to win a weekend in a motel downtown, Bonbons, a Mercedes for the weekend, and a meal out.  That would be fun to win.  But I've been wanting to go to Hawaii for oh, about 35 years now.

I would think since it's #35 it should be worth a trip there, but if not, I'm aiming for an eternity band.  I already have a ring guard with diamonds (around our 25th anniversary), but a true eternity band would be out of this world, don't ya think?  Let me know your ideas!

Visiting with Abby

As I said in my last post, we headed to Abby's to give her her birthday card a few days late.  Aiden was in a little bouncy toy playing with the toys attached.  Mikayla was asleep on Abby's bed.  So we played with Aiden until Mikayla woke up.

He is such a bright eyed child, smiling most of the time.  He let Grandma check his two new teeth on the bottom.  I will say he has quite a bite, too.  Little squirt.  He rolls all over the place and now he gets up on all fours and rocks back and forth.  He also does the start of the Army crawl.

Then Mikayla woke up!  She was so happy to see us, I just love it!  I gave her the new scarf I made as I had left over yarn.  She said, "I just love it!" as she put it on.  Then she noticed it didn't have fringe on it.  I think she'd rather have fringe, but, oh well.

Abby and Justin have new porcelain tile in front of their door now and it looks so nice.  I think they need a wooden gazebo out back and then their place will be perfect.

We stayed while Abby gave Aiden a bath and boy did he tinkle in the tub (over and over).  I couldn't believe he could hold that much liquid in him.  What a riot.  Well, until next time.

20/15 WooHoo

I am so excited.  I went for my yearly eye exam today.  My distance eyesight is 20/15 (better than 20/20).  What a change.  Six years ago I had LASIK surgery.  Dr. Ejaz Husain was my eye surgeon and he is awesome!  I was legally blind in both eyes, so you can see why I am so excited.  I think he said my sight was 20/200 twice. 

Now I have to wear is over the counter reading glasses unless I'm outside in bright natural light, then I don't need them.  Cool, huh?  I do have a cataract in both eyes but they are a 1 out of 10 so no problem yet.  As the nurse said, obviously they aren't affecting your sight.

I'm sitting in the little bedroom on our laptop, next to the desktop computer.  Steve has started looking around at apple desktop computers.  I hope he invests in one.

While I had my eyes examined, he went to QT and got a coffee.  That guy, he really likes their coffee.  On to Abby's to deliver her birthday card.  Happy Birthday (late), Abby.  February 5 is her day.

Our Little Singer and Dancer

I know I've told before how Mikayla loves to dance, specifically at wedding receptions.  She's always a blast to watch and she'll usually corral you to dance with her .  Well, she has a new talent now.

Abby and I were talking on the phone and I said, "Oh, I just love listening to Mikayla sing in the background."  Abby said, "You should have seen her the day we put the ceramic in the entryway.  She's been watching this show where the little girl looks out the window at the stars in the sky and sings.  We had the living room window open so we could toss stuff out it.  Next thing I know, she's got her head out the window and she's just singing up a storm.  She was waving her arms all around.  It was so cute.  I got my camcorder and started recording her and she turned and caught me doing it.  She looked kind of embarrassed that I caught her and she stopped."

Is that not cute or what?

Of course, it would be nice to have one for Heather, too.  She's the one with the talent in our family.  Serious talent.

Do Elephants Cry?

I may have mentioned a while back that I collect elephants.  It all started with a dress I wore that had elephants on it, Jackie bought me my first one or two elephants.  Denny bought me many through the years.

Since Denny died, Steve II has brought me most of my elephants.  My favorite one from him is an elephant standing next to a globe.  The globe has a baby elephant in it.  I just love it.

The majority of my elephants (from Denny) are in a building that we stored the things we couldn't fit into this house.  Furniture, dishes, kids things, elephants, etc.  I wish I had teleconferencing services so I could hear how to take mold and mildew off of priceless objects.

Sometimes I think I hear the cry of my elephants to be treated in such a way.  I don't have the space to bring them into the house.  It is so sad.

Watching the News

I was sitting in the living room watching the 6:00 (PM) news on channel 13 (WHO) when they showed a picture of a house with a snowman out front and a little boy and girl on either side of it.

I couldn't believe it.  I just saw that snowman Tuesday night in Josh's front yard.  Yes, the little boy and girl were Carter and Cambria.  I was speechless.  The tag said "Carter and Cambria in Waukee".  Soooo cute.  I called Josh and said, "Did you watch Channel 13's news?"  To his negative reply I said, "Guess who I just saw on the news?"

He didn't know Shelley had sent in that picture.  The weatherman said, "This is Carter and Cambria of Waukee.  Check out the Mohawk on the snowman."  The Mohawk was iridescent green spikes, really funny.  That's how my evening started out.  Maybe next time they'll show a pic of a pool fence.  (Also would be cool.)

Any of your grandkids hit the news?  I just loved it.

What a Dream

It started with a teeny little kangaroo about 6 inches tall.  And the kangaroo turned into a little girl.  Weird or what!  The funny thing is every time she had to go potty, she slipped into the toilet.

I remember water running all over the blue carpeting when the toilet was flushed.  My Dad came in and he wasn't real happy about the toilet situation.  My Mom showed up with a dress she'd sewn for me.

I'm telling you, I have no clue what was going on or what triggered the dream.  This all happened in the space of an hour and a half.  I woke up late at 10 AM and hadn't taken my pain pill yet.  Once taken, I had to wait an hour to eat, so I went back to sleep.  That's when the dream occurred.

I normally don't have such bizarre dreams, although I called Steve "Mom" once last week when he walked into the room.  I don't know, maybe I need to check into a los angeles rehab and have myself checked out.

Any of you have any bizarre dreams?  Any interpretations out there?

It Finally Arrived

As you probably know, I've started making my grandchildren afghans.  My Mom made afghans but she never made any for my brother, sisters, or myself, that I know of.  I've already made them for my four kids.

Since Taylor is my oldest grandchild, I asked what colors she wanted.  Purple and gold, the colors of Waukee Schools.  I had her look at them online and again asked if that's what she wanted, "Yep", she said.  So that was the first one made.  When the yarn finally arrived, I was in shock.  Very bright colors.

When I finished hers, I still had a lot of yarn left over and the packages were open so I couldn't send them back.  Heather solved that dilemma for me by telling me Katiana wanted one  in the same colors.  Since she goes to Waukee, too, the problem was solved.

Jordan chose camouflage, and while I waited for his yarn to arrive, I started Kat's since I had yarn to start it.  I had hers half done by the time Jordan's yarn came.  I had ordered more purple and gold with his so while waiting for Sydney's yarn, I finished Kat's.

Since I had one purple and one gold skein left, I made Heather a purple scarf (her favorite color), Taylor a purple and gold one (every 2 rows switching color), and Kat a purple and gold one (mostly gold with purple in the middle).  While waiting for Syd's colors to arrive, I made Mikayla and Cambria a pink scarf with a leftover skein from Abby's afghan.

Sydney chose red and black, which happens to be the colors of her school (Adel, DeSoto, Minburn).  Her yarn arrived two days ago and so I'm back to making an afghan.  I am so excited to get this one going, but I'm happy to be crocheting again.

I almost hate to ask for favorite colors when they are this young as they're probably the only afghans I'll make each of them for their lifetime.  Oh, well, at least with school colors, they'll always remember why they chose those colors.

This all brings me back to watching my mom crochet in the living room.  She was either doing that or reading.  Which makes me think about sitting in her kitchen where she had one of those 2 step stools that I'd sit my youngest on and tie a dish cloth around them (this one had a back) so they could eat.  And, she always had yummy food.

My kids tell me that I make their favorite foods, but, my Mom made the best chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes with corn on the side (which we'd mix in the potatoes).  OK, now I'm getting hungry.  Gotta take a break :)

Staying Home Tonight Again

Tonight is Wednesday and normally, I drive to the south side for church.  Two weeks ago I fell on the ice and landed on the arm I broke awhile back.  I was scared I'd broke it again, but only for a few seconds.  I didn't end up with the throbbing and then later pain. PTL.

I decided last Wednesday to stay home and listen to the service on the computer.  I believe tonight I'll do the same thing.  It's always nicer to be there in person and greet all you know and some you don't.  Just a great time.

Steve has been having problems with our desktop computer.  It is soooooo slow.  I think he should look into some cheap desktop computers.  He thinks he needs to get another card (?) to put into it.  Time will tell.

The last time he did that, he took off the housing.  I remember he had to be real careful to not touch anything else.  He did insert the card which gave us more memory, I think.  I guess he'll make that decision.

It's Winter

I never thought I'd be happy when the temps are in the 30s.  We've had our snow, rain, and icy conditions, finally.  Today, according to our temperature gauge, it got to 29 today.  Woohoo!  S'posed to get down to 13 tonight.

The wind wasn't too bad, but it still made it cold to be outside.  I bundled up each time I've gone outside.   I have to get outside each day.  The sun was shining bright, which helps.  I must be one of those who have to be in the sun.  Heather is another one that is affected when she cannot be out in the sun.

It's supposed to get cold tonight.  Tomorrow, it will get to 32 degrees out again, hurray!  I cannot say that under all those clothes I have on cheap lingerie.  Instead, I have your grandma types on.  :)

I cannot wait for the sunshine tomorrow.  Does the sun affect you?