I Fell Asleep

Steve went to pick up our new chair rather than waiting till August 25 when they could deliver it.  Then Steve II came out and helped bring the chair in the house.  But, not before noticing a scrape mark on the back of the chair. 

After calling Homemakers, they agreed to bring out a different chair on the 18th and will exchange them at that time.

So, I have a chair to sit in now that doesn't need three pillows to make it comfortable.  In fact, it feels so good with the lumbar support.  I actually fell asleep in it today.  That spells C O M F O R T !

37 Years

Yesterday was my husband and my 37th wedding anniversary.  Wow!  Seems like a long time but it also has gone by in a blink of an eye.

We went to three furniture stores and looked for a La-Z-Boy recliner for me.  I still have my Dad's recliner which is very, very old.  There is no stuffing on the left arm and had a nail poking out through the material.  I had to have a pillow to sit on, one behind my back and one under my legs due to feeling the wood through the material.

We decided on a dark brown power chair, power lumbar, power neck rest, etc.  They had it on hand but the delivery date wasn't until August 25.  So Steve and Steve II are going to pick it up Friday.  I am so excited.  So Happy Anniversary to my husband, Steve.  Thank you for such a wonderful day!