Supper at Heather's and Pato's

As I wrote earlier, Pato invited us over on Easter Sunday as he was grilling out. You haven't eaten until you've tried his grilled food!

There were chicken legs (which is one of the things I always get), they have a special seasoning on them that is sooooo good. Also, strips of chicken breast and beef that are sliced very thin, that you can put on a soft shell taco, yum, yum, yum. I also choose the beef on a taco as it is so good with Mexican cheese, sour cream, and salsa. Then there were two different types of brats.

I tell ya, everyone was munching for a long time. Shelley brought rice krispie treats shaped like an egg and dipped in chocolate with candies on top. I know I ate at least three of them.

I'm thinking of checking into those smokeless cigarettes. Jackie and Randy have switched to them and like them. Or maybe I will try out camacho triple maduro which are laced with unsweetened cocoa and coffee. Hmmmmm.

I know I'd best do something, my sis, Sue, has been gently reminding me to quit. If you've recently quit, tell me how you did it. Or let me know what you did for Easter.

Easter Sunday

Today is Easter, He is risen! He is risen, indeed! Steve and I went to church at Lutheran Church of Hope last night for the Easter service. It was okay, nothing like 1st AofG, though.

I haven't been going to church lately, Steve has been there more often than I. I hate going to things where there are a lot of people I don't know. Same thing with the Y. I know I've talked about it before. I can't quite decide how it all started.

I know I was very shy as a child, but thought I'd gotten better over the years. Sometimes I think it depends on whether I'm happy or feeling down. I suppose anything is possible. Now if you see my closet filled with french maid costumes, you'll know it's an up day!

We've been invited to Heather and Pato's as he is grilling today. I'd best end this here to get ready. I SO LOVE IT when I don't have to cook!

A Purity Ring

I decided to start a tradition in our family. As each grandchild nears their 13th birthday, I am going to buy them a purity ring. Neat idea, huh?

For those of you who have never heard of them, they are a ring you wear to say you will wait until marriage to become intimate. With the world spinning as fast as it is and it's telling you that that is old-fashioned, I feel it is a way to remind you to wait so that you have a gift to give each other on your wedding night.

Since Taylor is my first grandchild to near 13 (she will turn 13 in July), she will be the first one to acquire one. Last night we stopped at Josh and Shell's and Tay and I looked for which ring she would like.

We found a really neat one that is really cool. It has three bands, gold, silver, and black and each says 'True love waits'. You can see the ring here.

Have you started any traditions in your family?

Another Birthday

Last Wednesday we went to Heather's to celebrate Katiana's 7th birthday. It seems that all my grandkids just keep growing up!

We had maidrites for supper (with chips and dip, of course). Then we had fruit pizza for dessert (yum!). Finally, Kat opened her presents and it was just great. She received in-line skates, a helmet, knee pads and hand pads, too. She's all set to skate around.

Saturday we again went to their house and had a wonderful Bar-B-Que (hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, soft tacos with chicken and steak). She had a sleep-over with two friends and Taylor that night.

I don't know what I would do without the SSDI process. They were a lifesaver for me. If you are disabled, as I am, I suggest you contact them.

Being disabled doesn't stop me from seeing my grandkids (most of the time). Sydney will be 9 in June and Taylor is going to turn 13 in July. Man, they just keep getting older. Just think, I'll have my first teenage granddaughter!