More of the Same

Today is not a good day for me. I should preface that to say last night was a nightmare. Steve and I went to a dinner/show type thing and it was really great. I did get up and walk around three or four times as I can't sit for very long without incurring greater pain in my back.

When I tried to get up, I wanted to cry. It took a while to get out of the restaurant area as I kept having to stop and stand still for a while. Then when I went to bed last night, I had to get up within five minutes because the pain was so great.

This morning was more of the same. I went to Physical Therapy and that helped somewhat, but I really just want someone to knock me out so I can have some relief for a while. The Fibro Myalgia has come back with no warning and I hurt pretty much everywhere. Add to that my left arm tingling unless I tip my head to the right... okay, I'm pretty much whining here.

Steve and I would like to go down to Alabama while he is off. I don't know if in my current condition, I'd be able to take the drive. My luck we'd get half way there and have to check into a hotel for a while to get some relief. Also, May 16 (?) is my cousin's 50th birthday, they're having a big party and want us Iowans to come out.

On the lighter side, Mikayla said, "Da da da da" yesterday morning!!! That had to make Ab and Justin's day! Christiano rolled over twice and at one month, that's scary. Heather thought it was a fluke until he did it a second time while she watched. Someone at water therapy said her son did that at one month and walked at nine months (OMG). Heather will have her hands even fuller, huh?

Josh and family are moved into a house now. Carter loves it! He rides his big wheel from the kitchen to the far end of the living room in no time and you can tell he's having a blast.

That's it for now, let's get some real spring weather in Iowa, huh? Halfmoon

A Taste of Retirement

With Steve off work, I'm thinking this is what retirement will be like. And, I love it! Very few deadlines to meet, no alarm, do pretty much what you feel like (within reason, money wise).

We've taken quite a few trips to the libraries (Adel and West Des Moines), not to mention going to Heather's with our laptop since we no longer have Internet at home. It is really hard to make a decision about satellite vs dial-up. Well, there's no contest on which I'd like to have; but, speed, that is a different story (not to mention cost).

I was updating my checkbook today (not a pretty picture). I really need to find a source of income that will supplement my current money. I've been putting off filling out the paperwork as you have to write down what doctors you've seen and when you first and last saw them (arghh).

I'm thinking about calling the lawyer and asking if they kept a copy of the papers I filled out for them (should be all there) rather than going through all of it again. What a drag. Then it usually takes up to six months for it to start (if you qualify).

I've been going to Physical Therapy twice a week for a few weeks now. Hurts when you're there and the day after, then you feel better. Of course, then it is time for another therapy appointment. I've been off work over two years now. It's hard to remember when I wasn't in pain. Oh, well, hope you're getting along better than me.

Of course, the highlights of my life are my kids and grandkids. I made a book with pictures of our family. The color isn't always great and it's not as good as Heather's but I'm pretty proud of it. Can't wait to show it to the kids. Have a great day, Halfmoon!

Time With Ab and Mikayla

She is such a sweetheart! It doesn't take much to get her to smile and when she does, it is so beautiful. Steve and I went over to Abby's last Thursday to spend the afternoon with Abby and Mikayla as Justin was out of town.

We visited at their house for a while, then rode with Abby to Walmart for a few items she needed. As we were walking into the store, Abby got a text message from a friend not to shop at Walmart that night as there were going to be some killings there (gang initiations). Well, great, this is just great. It didn't take much shopping to forget all about that message. It turned out to be a hoax, but was a little scary at the time.

I pushed the cart around with Mikayla in her car seat, talking baby talk to her to get her to smile. (I just love seeing it!) At one point a lady next to me started laughing at me. I'd completely forgot that I was out in public and acting a little silly. But Mikayla loved it and that's what is important.

Whenever Steve would talk to Mikayla, she'd duck her head down to the right or left (acting shy). It was so cute. (She did it to me when we first got there, too, but she warmed up to me right away.) It didn't take too much longer, when she'd go to Grandpa without acting shy or crying for someone to take her.

Abby made creamed dried beef (with me talking her through it) for supper. Linda arrived right as supper was ready and we all ate. Yummy! I love creamed dried beef over rice. We had a good visit and the evening was over before we knew it.

Hearing the ads for identity theft protection, I think it would be a good idea to look into it. My bank sent me a new debit card (new numbers) as someone got into their records (nothing occurred with my account, just a little protection for me).

It's a little chillier out today, keep warm and have a good one! Halfmoon


Pato just walked in with Ilojtes for Heather and the kids. Heather's eyes lit up and she got all excited. That reminds me of when Abby was pregnant with Mikayla and she was leading the way to go to a Breadeaux Pizza place that I'd never been to before.

I was talking to Heather while driving behind Abby when all of a sudden she turns left, a block before our interstate entrance. I said, "Where in the world is she going?" Then I saw the Mexican store that Abby pulled into. Heather shouted, "She's getting an Ilojte!" Oh, brother, pregnant women!

Speaking of Abby, she bought me one of those personalized books that I've seen before (for Christmas). She had hopes that I'd fill it all out with stories from my past and give it to her for her next birthday. Well, it took me a couple years, but this year I gave it to her for her birthday and she was soooo happy. She said she had been hoping I'd give it to her this year, but didn't want to harp to me about it. So the fact that I did it on my own meant a lot to her.

Then Heather bought one for Abby so now it's her turn to fill one out. They are really beautiful and will mean a lot one day. Well, that's a lot of talking for today, have a great one! Halfmoon


Heather's a little concerned with the baby's umbilical cord smelling. It's been so many years, I cannot remember that far back. It does have a funny smell to it. The nurse told her if it starts smelling to clean it with alcohol.

It has turned sideways, though, so it must be close to falling off. One can only hope, huh? We always cleaned them with alcohol, so that seemed right to me. He's such a little cutie! We sure make cute grandkids. I bet it will fall off tomorrow and we will all forget about it.

What about that economy, huh? The conservatives tell us to pay everything off and stock up on food. The liberals tell us now is the time to buy a house, car, etc. With all the debit and credit card machines around, we'll never run out of money, right? My grandkids think if you run out, you just need to go to an ATM to get more. Just kills me! Halfmoon

The Perfect Girl

I have a son who needs to find a new girlfriend. You know how mothers are, always checking out someone who would be good enough for their sons. Well, I'm one of them! I was in the warm water pool at Mercy exercising with the class when I thought of the perfect girl!

The instructor's name is Jennifer and she appeared to be about the same age as Steve II. I've taken classes with her for over three years (she's not the only instructor, though, so we don't always get her).

While sitting in the hot tub (the icing on the cake) guess who came in to relax, too? You're right if you said Jennifer. After there was a lull in the conversation, I asked Jen what year she was born! Great conversation starter, right? She said "1980, why?"

"Oh, I have a son about your age and I'm always looking for someone for him." We talked about where he worked and where we all go to church. It went very well. Time will tell, huh?  Halfmoon

A Day With Mikayla

Wow, talk about being worn out. Abby needed an emergency babysitter, so I filled in for one day. Whew! Mikayla is either teething or had an upset stomach, or both. She was good for about 10 minutes at a time, then the crying would start.

The only thing that would calm her down was if I would walk around, stand at the window, or show her Daisy (all with me standing up). Sometimes I would lean my back against the couch (that lasted about three minutes).

I felt so sorry for her, I wanted to cry along with her. I tried Tylenol and teething gel, with no results. When I would finally get her to sleep, she'd only sleep if I was holding her. Laying her down, meant she'd sleep for 10 minutes, then she would be crying again! While I loved being with her (especially when she was happy), it wore me out.

I told Abby never again until she's done teething. Abby said she was fussy like that the whole weekend (now she tells me!)

My daughter needs to buy new furniture, she needs a hide-a-bed. Her couch takes up too much room and I did warn her not to get a white couch. I've directed her to look at a discount furniture store. Gotta hurry, I have a physical therapy appointment in 15 minutes! Halfmoon


He finally was born!!!!! We are all celebrating, let me tell you. This will be short but I have to include a few pictures of my newest grandson! Christiano, we sure are happy you are in our family, finally!

Christian Alberto, 8 lbs 15 ozs, 21 inches long, and boy does he like to nurse! As a matter of fact, if he's awake, he thinks he needs to eat! Since Heather had him at 6:44 a.m., she had close to 7 hours of labor. Boy, do I remember those days! When it would come toward the end, pain upon pain, no rest in between, I'd always tell Steve, just get the doctor to take it cesarean, I can't do this any more. Of course, birth was usually a few minutes later. And within a week I was always wishing I could go on diet pills. We always want to lose that excess wait right away.

Gotta go, Christian is crying! I bet he needs his Grandma! Until the next time...Halfmoon

Jordan's Birthday!

Nothing like spending your tenth birthday doing what you' ve been waiting to do (or should I say be) for a long time. And, getting the best birthday present ever! Yes, I'm talking about the new arrival of your baby brother! Heather tried very hard to deliver Christian before Jordan's birthday, she wanted them to have separate dates to celebrate. Christian had other ideas!
Heather called me at 2:30 in the morning Sunday night, or shall I say 'Monday morning'! I told her to call me when they'd checked her at the hospital and then tried to go back to sleep. Yeah, right! All I could think about was getting to the hospital, so I got back up and got dressed. As I was nearly 2/3 of the way there, Heather called. They were definitely admitting her and starting an I.V., followed by an epidural. She was surprised I was nearly there.

Jordan opened his presents after Heather got her epidural. It was fun watching his expressions as he opened each gift. After all the presents were distributed, the lights were turned down so the kids could go to sleep and Heather could try to rest, too. I went down to the lobby to read a book. After a while, Pato came down to tell me Heather was close to delivering.

When I walked into the room, the three kids were sound asleep on the pull-out couch. What a wonderful sight to my eyes. I'm glad they didn't see the birth. I'll go into more detail in another entry about Christiano as this is really about Jordan turning 10. I woke him up after the baby was born and he really just wanted to go back to sleep. Can't say as I blame him.

When he finally woke up, he was pretty happy to see his baby brother. And then, he was pretty happy to open his other presents. The best one was a camcorder (small one). They make them pretty inexpensive these days and are so much easier to carry than the monstrosity I lug around. If I ever get my settlement over, and if it is enough to splurge a little, I'm going to buy a little camcorder and get rid of the big one.
I guess Heather better start looking for life insurance quotes having so many kids. I know her Dad and I were fully insured in case something happened to one of us. Until the next time....Halfmoon