Just a Dusting They Said

Residents in Iowa are beginning to be leery watching the weather forecasters predicting the upcoming week's weather.  The last storm was supposed to hit us and it went around us. We were thankful.  This storm was initially predicted to give us 'just a dusting' of snow.  We got 7.9 inches yesterday and it snowed all night and so far all of today.

Many people are commenting they want to move south or to Arizona.  My thoughts entirely.  I've lived in Iowa my whole life and my whole life I've hated winter that I remember.  Such a deal.  I'd rather be in Hawaii!

Our road is normally the last to be graded, thank you very much.  What if I needed to print presentation folders?  I wouldn't be able to even get to the Interstate or the highway to do it.

It's all ridiculous anyway.  If I had a severe asthma attack or a heart attack it would just be too bad.  I remember one year a girl down the road had a severe asthma attack and they had to have the grader go before the ambulance to make a way to get to the hospital.

I guess I'll be happy with the health I'm in and pray for good health in the future.  Certainly can't depend on anyone else.  Have a great day!