I would like to introduce you to my brother, Denny. January 10 would have been his birthday! I wish he were here. He was 10 years older than me. He was the oldest in our family and I was the baby or 'tail ender'. I have two sisters who were in between us in age, but I wasn't close to them.

When I was young, my brother also seemed like my second dad. At least it felt like that when I did something wrong. I heard about it from both Dad and Denny. On the lighter side Denny called me 'Cappy'. His favorite line was "Cappy Capicious, go do the dishes!" I got tired of hearing that one.

Once when he was acting like he thought he was really something, he swung his belt around and the buckle accidentally hit me above my eye. It made a little bead pop out of place (probably cartilage) and it was there until a few years back when I had it removed. Sometimes I wish I hadn't had that done as it was always a reminder of my big brother.

He went to South Korea when he was around 19 years old and wrote letters to me. I remember he always enclosed a few words in Korean for me and their meaning.

When I turned 19 and was married, he ceased being my second dad and became my best friend. He could see that I had made a huge mistake, one that I couldn't see until 3 1/2 years into it. I was in a physically abusive relationship and was convinced if I would try to get out of it, my husband would kill me.

One day when I was leaving my parents' house, Denny put his arm around me and walked me to his car. I began to wonder if he was going to try to put a move on me and I was scared. Denny told me "If you ever need me, just call, I'll be there for you." I had a lump in my throat and I hugged him and kissed his cheek. That meant more to me than anything.

Denny was true to his word. It wasn't long after that stroll to my car when I found out my husband was having an affair and had been throughout my entire marriage. I decided I would rather be dead than continue to live with him. I called my mom who only lived a block and a half away and told her "I'm leaving Jerry. If I'm not there in ten minutes, call the police for me." I didn't want her getting hurt if Jerry came home and caught me in the act of leaving. I rushed around the house gathering things that I thought were important. Someone knocked on my front door, I froze thinking Jerry was back. But then I realized he wouldn't knock, he'd just come right in. I answered the door with trepidition. It was Denny, he had been at my parents' house when I made the call. He helped me gather the rest of my things, and then followed me down to my parents' house. While we were there I decided to take him up on the offer to stay with him and his family until the divorce was in action.

The next day Denny took me to his lawyer and I started the proceedings to get out of that marriage. He was also a shoulder to cry on when I needed it. We were a lot alike emotionally. I get a lump in my throat when I think of him now. He and his family (except one son) were killed in a car accident in 1982, but that's another story. Two weeks before the accident I hugged Denny and said "I love you so much, it hurts." He said to me "I know exactly what you mean, Sis, I feel the same way". Halfmoon