Day Five

And I continue on with the into day five.  Hopefully, this will be it.  If not, at least they should lighten each day.

Do any of you get migraines?  They really bite.  I end up putting ice packs on my head, rotating to my neck, and forehead.  Yuck.  I'm glad my kids don't have them.  Heather might, just hasn't been diagnosed by a doctor as far as I know.

Anyone out there have any advice?  I'm taking Nucenta for it right now.

Migraines Again

Most of you know when I get cortisone shots in my knees, I get around five days of migraines.  I take a med to help with them, and it does help some, but they are still pretty painful.

Since I had shots in both knees Thursday, I am paying for three.  I'm trying to figure out why I get migraines with those shots.  They are anti-inflammatory, so they are to reduce swelling.  So what, are they causing something in my head to shrink which causes the pain? So tired of it all.

Amber wants to have an outdoor wedding when the time is right for them.  I think I will advise them to check into Azul wedding photography.  There's still things to do before that can happen,  She will be starting a new job soon so maybe things will fall into place for them.

We've started looking at what homes we might want to go look at.  Hopefully, whatever home we choose, it will have a beautiful yard, too!