Heather and Baby

I met Heather at her OB appointment so I could watch the three kids while she was being checked. Since the OB couldn't determine if the head was down, she had an ultrasound done right there.

We were able to go in for the ultrasound which is always cool! The baby is in the breach position right now. True, she still has a touch over four weeks to go but, we're talking a big baby. The doctor said if he hasn't turned by week 38, they will schedule a ceserean for week 39.

Ok, that's a little daunting in itself. But, we've come a long way since women had to try to deliver a breach baby. Right? Still, Heather hates surgeries (can't say that I blame her).

I got a really neat picture of the three kids sitting on the floor waiting for the US to begin. Of course, I can't find any attachment to my camera to be able to upload it to this computer. What a drag!

With money getting tighter for everyone, we hit our fair share yesterday. Steve stopped at the Coop to pay for our last fillup of propane (over $640). In the afternoon (just before that) they arrive to fill up our propane again. We just had 300 gallons put in December 17. With yesterday's amount, we're talking over $1280 for propane. The worst thing is that Steve was told even though the price of the propane is $1.70 a gallon, we are charged $2.12 a gallon because we are under a contract. I don't think that's fair!

To top it all off, Steve was going to use one of the checks the credit card statement included because it would then be 0 interest and his checkbook wouldn't go down quite as much all at once. While sitting in the Coop parking lot, he notices the checks have an expiration date (the previous day). (Bummer!) So, my dear husband has been a might bit grouchy for a while. Thankfully, Linda came over last night, so he was nice to be around the whole evening.

Ok, I'm not asking for silk ties and white lace, but, couldn't we get a break pretty soon? I mean, the roof is leaking (just put on this summer), so we'll have to deal with that, the house has a funky smell to it (Steve said there's no water in the crawl space, but I think that's the culprit), it could possibly be a mouse (ugh), could someone brighten my life?

Let's hope the economy starts turning around. I know everyone could use a break! Have a good one! Halfmoon

Visiting Grandma & Grandpa

Abby and Mikayla came over today for a nice visit. When Abby called I asked if she had eaten breakfast yet. She had 'somewhat of a breakfast' and so she was thrilled when I told her I was making bacon and eggs. Yum! We try not to have it too often, but we've had it for two weekends in a row now.

Mikayla is growing so much it is really bad when you miss a week or more. She is nearly 4 months old now. Rarely does she lay back in your arms, has to be pulling herself upright to see what's going on. She was so cute on Grandpa's lap, no matter which way he set her, she'd turn clear around to see what was behind her. Soooo funny!

I asked Abby if she'd given her a bath yet and the response was no. She'd just pooped her pants so I figured it was OK to give her one, right? Right after I washed her and shampooed her hair, she poops all over the water! What a riot. Abby was laughing so hard, I thought she was going to fall over. It was pretty funny. Luckily I had a pitcher of the bath water (clean) handy, I rinsed her off and handed her in a towel to her mom.

After washing the tub out, I took my own bath. When I returned to the living room, Abby was munching on Fritos and cream cheese. "It's Dad's fault!" she said. We all tend to love that as a snack and Abby normally doesn't have it at home.

We had a wonderful visit. I always love it when I can see Abby. We don't get together as much as our other three kids. I suppose it is the distance between our homes. Lately, I haven't seen Heather's family as they've had sickness (and I can't afford to get down sick, neither can Dad).
Abby called last night upset and asking for prayer as Justin's Aunt Bridget was in the hospital and they thought she had a blood clot in her heart. Steve and I were waiting in line at a restaurant, but we just stopped where we were and I lifted up prayer for Justin's aunt.
Before the meal was over, Abby called and said that the clot was gone! Praise the Lord! He is the Healer!
I'm less than a half-pound from my lowest point in years. I keep flirting with trying out Decaslim. I'll have to ask the doctor if I can take that with the meds that I'm on.
Hope you had a great weekend. Here's to a great week of weather (compared to our coldest week last week!) Halfmoon

Blizzard Warning

Today, a very typical day in an Iowa winter, has given us the alert of an approaching blizzard. Wonderful, huh? We will have a low of zero and a high tomorrow of 12 degrees. Have I mentioned that, although living here all my life, I hate living in Iowa?

I spoke with Heather this morning and she mentioned schools were letting out early due to the blizzard warning. I decided I'd best get out of the whirlpool and drive into Adel to get some library books. I only had approximately 60 pages left to read in the last book I have left, if I'm going to be stuck home, I will go stir crazy without books. (Have I mentioned my addiction to books?)

As a child, I received a library card when very young and can remember taking the bus with my sister, Sue, and then later by myself, to the library. I have had a love of reading from a very early age.

Jordan, my oldest grandson, although he has a Gameboy (and would love a PS3), loves to read. That probably comes in part from his mother being addicted to reading, a close second to his grandmother's.

Steve just made it home. He mentioned he had to drive 40 mph, and slower in some spots, on the interstate due to the ice and blowing snow. I'm glad he made it, I worried until he arrived.

That's it for now, as I've been saying: Stay safe and warm! Halfmoon

A Long Day

I piddled around most of the morning and afternoon. At 3:30 Steve came home (he'd worked half the day), then we left to go pick up Steve II and the girls. First stop was at Lutheran Church of Hope. After checking the girls in at their classes, Stevie and I headed to the sanctuary to meet Steve.

The sermon was good (a little long) with a few shots of laughter here and there. Pastor Housholder is really funny. He tells it like it is. After church we discussed where to go for supper and finally decided (while I was in the wrong lane) to go to Burger King.

The food was great, after finishing up there, it was on to Walmart. I've been smarter the last few trips, swallowed my pride, and rode the electric cart around behind Steve II. I can't walk very long before the pain in my back and hips is so severe, I have to stop and find a place to sit. It's very frustrating as I can't sit for very long either (then I have to walk a short while).

Getting groceries took longer than normal for some unknown reason. By the time we were in the car again, everyone was getting crabby. Nothing like having an atmosphere of crabby people! We stopped at HyVee for a few minutes for me to deposit a check and withdraw money.

We had rented a DVD at Walmart and were planning to watch it at Stevie's. Halfway to Adel, my dear husband (DH) was snoring. True, he got up at 2:30 a.m., so I imagine was worn out by then (9:45 p.m.). So, instead of going in to watch the movie, we headed home (after unloading Steve's groceries).

Steve II mentioned they are cutting hours at his work. Maybe he should check into getting CDL training so he could get a better job. Hope you all stay warm and safe! Halfmoon

Steve and His Girls

Steve II called me yesterday and invited us to come spend the evening with he and his girls, while munching on pizza! Sounded great to me (I relish any invitation that gets me out of making supper!)

First we had a trip in to Des Moines to pick up Steve's truck which was a little scary. I wondered if it would be a repeat of last weekend. I also did not want to put it off since that would mean being without a car through Monday. The roads were starting to ice up on the way in. By the time we left Maaco, it started to snow.

Snow, in and of itself, is not too bad. It is when it is on top of ice, that makes me nervous. I took Hwy 6 to Adel and from Waukee on, followed a snowplow the whole way into the town of Adel! That made me drive 30 mph, but since I was going to be too early to pick up the pizza, decided that would be just fine.

After arriving at Steve's, we each filled our plates with pizza, then I sat at the table with Sydney and Jadah and listened to Syd and Steve try to talk Jadah into spelling her name for Grandma and Grandpa. Since Steve was still getting Jadah's pizza cut up, he said, "Jadah, if you want pizza, spell your name." Sure enough, that was the trick "JADH", was Jadah's response. Okay, she left an A out but she is one smart little cookie! She just turned 3 last weekend, I wonder if Angie uses memory cards with her.

Sydney sat next to me on the couch as we watched 'Flashpointe' (sp?). It was about a diplomat's wife having a necklace bomb on her neck and was pretty freaky. The wife played one smart, calm and cool lady. I don't think I could have acted that reserved facing probable death. Okay, I know it's just a movie but ya just never know about life, it could happen!

The show had a great ending and then Grandpa and I headed for home. By then it had snowed quite a bit. Wonderful, I just love living in Iowa (NOT!) We made it safely home, called Stevie and let him know we arrived, then headed to bed! Here's hoping you all are safe and secure! Halfmoon


Steve called and said his truck was ready to pick up. I suggested he go to Maaco first, check out the truck, pay for the damages, and get his keys (so we wouldn't have to try to rush in and get there before they closed). Great idea, huh?

He was pleasantly surprised to pay less than $300 since our deductible is $500. He had been dreading that payout. Maaco is a really great place to take your vehicles. They are willing to fight your insurance company for parts that are good instead of substandard.

We have been unhappy with our car insurance company for quite some time. Maybe it is time to get a few auto insurance quotes to see if we could get a better company and, hopefully, lower rates.

It's starting to sleet out now, that ought to be grand for driving to Des Moines! Halfmoon

Well, That Was Fun!

Since Steve hit a 10-point buck Friday morning, and I needed to take Steve II to sign some legal work, I would need my car. I got up at 4 a.m. yesterday to start my routine. It takes me a while in the whirlpool tub to be able to walk around without the excruciating pain that I wake up with.

I was in the car by 6 and off we went. Of course, my darling husband had a few things he wanted me to do, too. The main thing was taking an envelope to Maaco that held a note and a check. Since I dropped Steve off at about 10 till 7, I drove directly to Maaco hoping they would open at 7 or have a drop slot in their door. No such luck, they open at 8 and no place to slide the envelope.

I found things to do until 11:10 then off to Adel to pick up Steve II at his job. I got there about 15 minutes early so I did some serious reading in the car. I turned the car off for about half that time and then started it up again as it was getting cold. Finally, my son is getting into the car and then we are going to the bank.

After waiting a few minutes, we were called into an office and the signing took less than five minutes. I stopped by Caseys for Steve to grab something for lunch and then took him back to work. He leaned towards me, kissed me on the cheek, told me he loved me, and said "Thanks, Mom, I mean it!" It made me feel so good. Usually I have to force the kids to hug me and lean down for me to kiss them.

On the road again, I decide I'm heading home for some zzzzzz's. It takes me forever to fall asleep, and it was 1:00 when I layed down. I set my alarm for 2:24 as I had to drop Steve II's papers off in Des Moines, then pick up my husband at 3:30. I woke up at 2:16, shut off the alarm, and got ready to leave.

After pickup up Steve, we stopped at HyVee for a few groceries and then headed home. What a long and boring day. Believe me, I was ready to hand over my car keys for Steve to take my car the next day! Don't get me up in the morning. Of course, his alarm went off at 4 and woke me up. Which is weird, because usually I sleep through his alarm.

So I am alone at home with no transportation to speak of. I seriously don't mind it today since yesterday is still fresh in my mind. Maaco said they might have the truck fixed by Saturday! I sincerely hope so. Although I don't normally mind Steve taking the car, I feel sort of trapped out here without it.

We seriously need some new
office furniture in this room. While I was excited to have this big desk when Heather first gave it to me, it takes up so much room, I wish it was upstairs with Steve's computer on it. Then I could have a small computer desk for my laptop.

Sorry this is probably boring today. Maybe something more exciting will happen tomorrow! (Hopefully no new adventures though!) Halfmoon

Deer, Ice, & Other Nonsense

Friday Steve woke me up about 6 in the morning to tell me he hit a deer (10-point buck) and either I needed to take him to work or let him take my car. "I'll take you to work," I said. I sat up and put my socks on, then said, "Never mind, just take my car!" I had just gone to bed around 2:30 and I knew I wouldn't be able to drive on that amount of sleep.

I've been having more trouble with my back since the day after Christmas. Plays havoc with trying to sleep. Friday I had appointments for a flu shot and a massage. Abby and Justin gave me a gift certificate for Mother's Day and my birthday combined, and I hadn't used it yet.

After cancelling both appointments, I took a two hour bath in the whirlpool tub, then piddled around on the computer till Steve called me after work. We watched movies again that night and headed off to bed. Saturday Steve took his truck into Maaco for an estimate. When he got back, I talked him into driving to Tama for a while.

Neither of us checked the weather forecast, which is not like us at all. When I was probably ten miles from our exit onto 30 E, the road iced up. The vehicle in front of me was swerving all over the road. I slowed down to 30 mph and kept on driving. There were cars off in the ditch on both sides of the road from then on.

When I turned onto the exit of 30 E, my car started sliding toward the right ditch. Remembering to turn the direction of the slide, the car corrected itself and I just kept driving. Talk about scared. My heart was pumping so hard in my chest, I started holding my hand on my chest. I was a little hesitant to do anything that involved touching my brakes. Steve had had a few brews so I wasn't letting him drive, though he seemed to think he'd be just fine. Ha!

There's just something wrong with turning your car the direction of the slide. Okay, my car is headed toward the right ditch. I'm supposed to turn my wheel to the right? Sounds scary to me! But, they were right, and it worked, thank goodness.

By that time, we were too far to turn around (and I was not about to try going back down the road I had just turned off of). I'm now driving 20 mph and no one is passing me. There must be something about all-wheel drive as I didn't have as much trouble as the cars around me.

There were some idiots who came onto the road and passed everyone, driving like nothing was wrong. Amazing how stupid some people can be. I figure we'd see them again in the ditch down the road. What I want to know is "Where were all the road people with their safety equipment (you know, to sand the road and make it safe)? When we were about five miles from our destination, I told Steve to call a hotel and make a reservation. No way was I driving again until the ice let up.

Luckily, we were able to get a room (I had my doubts as I figured everyone would stay the night rather than continue driving). Of course, we didn't have our sweats or toothbrushes, but who doesn't live for a little adventure once in a while, huh? When I mentioned at check-in that we weren't prepared to spend the night, the clerk directed us to their gift shop. Wasn't that nice? Sheesh, Holiday Inn would give you toothbrushes.

Oh, well, at least we had mouthwash and were able to take showers. That makes you feel a lot fresher. I tried to sleep without my shirt, but that lasted about 20 minutes. What the heck, if people couldn't take a few wrinkles in my shirt, they don't need to look at me.

Of course, we had a birthday party to go to Sunday for Jadah, and no time to go out home to get fresh clothes. The choice was to go with wrinkles, or go on home period. I chose to arrive on time (ala wrinkles) and be happy I had taken a shower and was clean.

Jadah is so funny. She told Stevie, "Dad, last night I was two and now I am three!" She's always coming up with cute ones. The other day she said, "Dad, is Grandma Kathy your Mom?" When he replied with a yes, she said, "Then is Grandma Kathy my Mom, too?" What a Hoot! She may have just turned three but she's really three going on ten. A very smart little girl.

Heather and her kids were there and Josh and Shelley and their two kids. Sydney wasn't able to come as she was out of town. They played the usual game of placing the crown on the princess (which used to be pin the tail on the donkey).

Then Angie got out the butterfly nets for the kids and this little machine that shot butterflies up in the air for the kids to try and catch. What a Hoot! Carter just stood there with his little net and basicly watched. Finally, Angie picked him up and helped him catch some butterflies. That game was really cute, they played it over and over.

After the opening of the presents, and cake and ice cream, it was finally over. Yay! We dropped Stevie off at his apartment and headed home. It was a relief to pull into the garage. When we got in the house, I said, "Isn't it great to be home?" Steve agreed wholeheartedly.

It had been a long weekend and I'm not looking for any more adventures for a long time to come (hopefully)! I hope you all stayed safe during the ice storm. I'll be content to stay home and watch movies once again. Halfmoon

A New Year!

Well, it's 2009 already! Steve and I stayed home and watched two DVDs instead of going out. Nice to be home and safe instead of chancing it out on the road! I do miss getting together to play games with Steve's family, though. That was fun.

Seems like the older we get, the more we stay at home. Does that mean something? Actually, I was kind of ticked at Steve and so I layed down at 5 pm and slept till 9 or 9:30. Then we watched the movies.

As I was looking in the mirror while brushing my teeth, I noticed some of the silver backing must be coming off the edge of the left side. I imagine the humidity in my bathroom plays havoc with that backing. We've found a spot on the wall, just below where we hang our sweats, looks like water damage. And it hasn't dripped down to that spot nor were there wet towels hanging there. I don't get it.

Oh, well, I suppose it's time to start repainting the room and maybe replace that mirror section. Some new bathroom lighting would be nice, too.

Hope you all had a great New Year's Eve and Day! Halfmoon