I Need to Order Today

I'm really late putting in my Melaleuca order this month. I normally do it before the 24Th of the month, but since I've been so sick, I haven't touched my computer for over a week.

I love the things I get, but, I'm not a saleswoman. Heather was really good at getting people to come in under her, including me, and actually had an income from it. I just order what I love and throughout the year, I order things for my family for XMAS. I suppose I should get busy after this and look through my cabinets to see what we need.

Steve had a class this morning, then went to look at a house with Heather and Pato. Sounds like his boss will co-sign for them now. Hooray! The house they looked at had all the pipes busted, water damage on the basement walls where they cut them away due to mold.

He called me after that and I encouraged him to go to the Y. (Then I don't have to go, teehee). One thing I first noticed about him when I met him was his muscular arms (okay, not the very first thing). I suppose his line of work helped build those muscles but, I might suggest myoswell to him as he's lost some of it. He still looks good though!

I wished they had something to take for bones that are degenerating (spine, neck, knees). That's what I need. Well, that's it for now. Send me a comment to let me know how you are doing!

That Same Old Feeling

I don't know if I've written about this or not before. I went through this a while back and apparently I'm having to go through it again. What is it?

I don't want to go to the YMCA or church. I hate the thought of going. Once I'm in the building, I'm fine, but the stress of thinking about it and actually getting into the car and getting there, kills me.

I've always had a streak of shyness in me, especially going out in public, like a restaurant, etc. The buffet type about does me in. I feel like everyone's waiting on me to move so they can get their food.

I know when I was young, I had buck teeth and was teased unmercifully. That made me not want to smile or talk to others. For some reason, after I had my teeth straightened, the feeling never left.

I get depressed once in a while about my health (back/neck/hands), and then I don't want to go anywhere. Steve has to really work on it to get me to go to the Y. When I say yes right away, he'll say, "You're kidding me."

He loves going there. He'd be there every day of the week if he could. I wonder if he takes pre workout supplements. He probably should, if he doesn't.

As I was saying, it is rare that I want to go to either place, but I'm always glad when I'm done. I suppose everyone is after a workout, right? How about you? Do you have to really talk yourself or be talked into to do something?

One Time at Josh's

One time when we visited at Joshua's, I saw the funniest thing. Carter had Cambria in the back of a dump truck, pushing her around from the kitchen to the living room and back. The truck was big enough for her to sit comfortably with her legs tucked under her.

I was afraid she'd fall out of it as Carter was really motating through the house. Cambria just held on to the sides and giggled. Man, what a picture! I couldn't quit watching it.

I asked Jay, "Won't she fall out of there?" He told Carter to take her out of it before she gets hurt. But on and on it went. If Carter took her out, Cambria would climb back in and grin.

My computer just made a funny little beeping sound. Sometimes I think I should have data backup in case something goes wrong. Well, hey, I don't know how to run a backup, anyway.

Back to the kids, they continued whirling around the house until we left, Cambria was having a blast and Carter loved it, too!

What a Week

Sunday we stopped at Josh's for a quick visit after church. Both Josh and Heather's families were all there. It's so great to see half my family all at once. Of course, Alyce was the first to run to me, hug me, and say, "Grandma!". Then it was Kat's turn.

While we talked to Josh, Kat held both my hands, (her back to me) wrapping my arms around her. We held hands for quite a while. I'm only mentioning this as right before we left, Heather told me Kat had vomited that morning. You ever have second thoughts? I really wish I'd washed my hands before I left.

Monday evening the vomiting and diarrhea started. I had made navy bean soup with dumplings. I may never eat them again. You know how it is when you're sick after eating something you love. This continued on throughout the night.

Anytime I turned over to try to find a more comfortable position, I'd have to run to the bathroom again. By morning, my whole body ached. I felt like I needed to sleep on a cloud.

The next day resulted in only nausea, but my rib area hurt really bad if I'd cough or laugh. You know something is always funny when your ribs hurt. Man! I called Heather Tuesday early evening and asked if anyone else got sick. Since then ten of the eleven people living there had it. (And they only have 1 bathroom :( ) I think Pato is the only one who didn't get it. I finally started feeling better on Thursday evening.

Oh, well, on to feeling better!

They Spent the Night

Last night Abby and Mikayla came over to stay. Linda came, too, for our once a week visit (normally on Tuesday's but, since I was sick all week, she came on Friday). Steve went to Winterset for a meeting with his family.

Abby brought a DVD of the 'Mentalist', and we watched two of the shows. I really like that show, Abby loves it. We let Mikayla stay up a little longer than usual since they didn't get here till 7:30 or so.

Mikayla can't say Linda, so she calls her Nina. Before going to bed, Abby gave Mikayla a breathing treatment. She coughs when she runs and then coughs at night. The doctor thinks she has a touch of asthma. I hope not. So far, they cannot tell if she's allergic to anything that starts it off.

When Abby said it was bedtime, Mikayla came to me and hugged me and said 'Night'. Then she did the same to Linda. Next she trotted off to the bedroom and got into bed and went right to sleep. Linda was amazed. Her kids never went to bed that easy.

Not me, I usually sleep a couple hours, wake up, sleep a little more, wake up, etc. I think I need L Dopa. Then I could get some deep sleep.

After Mikayla drifted off, Abby and I gave each other a neck/shoulder massage, which was fantastic. Pretty soon, Abby fell asleep on the couch. Linda and I watched 'Everybody Loves Raymond' and then Linda went home. Overall, it was a great night.

They Zapped Him

Steve has been suffering with kidney stones for more than three weeks, poor guy. They finally set up an outpatient appointment to zap the largest stone (the one that was causing all the pain.)

They had him lay on this table that had a little square window on it. After lining up his stone across the window, they knocked him out and hit the stone with 3200 sound waves. Wow!

A few days later they finally started coming out and he's still a little sore on his back where the sound waves hit him. Felt like someone punched him in the kidney. But, hooray! the stone is now gone.

While I was waiting for him, I was wishing someone would tell me how to burn belly fat. Unfortunately, they can't zap fat.

The Last Test I Had...

was one on my digestion. They gave me scrambled eggs with a trace of radioactivity, toast with butter, and a glass of water. After I ate it, they took pictures of my digestive area and the radioactivity showed where the food was. This was done every 15 minutes.

After about 2 hours, I was finally able to leave. The result was that my system is not digesting as fast as it should. This could be caused by the meds I am on. At least I didn't have to take a colon cleanser before I went.

So now I am supposed to eat 6 small meals instead of 3 big ones. Whatever, I don't eat three big ones anyway. I eat a big bowl of cereal for breakfast, with a cup of hot tea. I usually don't get hungry again until 2 or so, and I eat a pickle or some olives.

Supper is not big, I always eat a small portion. Anyhoo, so far, the nausea hasn't reappeared as much. Woohoo!

More of the Same

Anyone who knows us knows Heather and Pato's apartment building burned last Saturday. They are losing a lot, sad to say. They have two garages now with their beds, dressers, and clothes. The couch and kitchen table and chairs are not salvageable. As far as the mattresses and clothes, it depends on if they can get the smoke/mildew smell out.

The family is reeling in shock. Steve went over Wednesday and helped Pato (on his day off). Today, Steve, Steve II, and Justin (possibly Josh) spent the day and have most out except closets emptied. I just hate it. People ask Heather what they need, she doesn't know, honestly.

Until they have a place to live, they cannot get things out of the garage to see if they can make the smell go away. Heather bought a 24 pack of beer and took it to Josh's for Dad and Josh and Steve II (if he's still there). Hopefully, no one will have to go into alcohol detox after this is all over.

If you want to see my grandson's interview with TV8, here is the video. And here is Heather's blog if you're interested in making a donation to help. Other's have asked, so she put a Paypal button on the blog, http://digiscrapping.net/blog/2011/02/02/update/.

On other notes, I had my upper endoscopy yesterday and I'm happy to say, I slept through it. Didn't hurt me a bit! :) I have to go to the hospital for another test Feb 9 as for some reason, I'm not digesting food like you should??? I have to eat a hard boiled egg while they watch what is going on. Don't suppose I can sleep through that, huh?