My Birthday

Mother's Day and my birthday fall on the same day this year!  That always bums me out.  We were going to have our whole family out to grill on Sunday.  That was the plan...until the weather forecast showed severe storms and possible tornadoes.  So I called it off.

Steve had gone to church so when he called me on his way home, I was surprised.  He asked if I wanted to go to the Outback for an early dinner.  You betcha!

We had a wonderful time, and it was yummy!  We ordered the bloomin onion and even had the brownie/ice cream for dessert!  What a wonderful day!

The Great Outdoors

My oldest son, Steve, came over Saturday to deliver my birthday and Mother's day gifts early.  We had planned on having the whole family over Sunday, but the forecast had us cancel.  We were having severe storms and tornado watch at the time we had planned on getting together.

We live in the country and any time we can be in the great outdoors, we take it.  Back to Steve's visit.  After giving me plants, he showed me what he found down by the river.  13 mushrooms!  And they looked beautiful.  Before he left, he gave me 2 of them!!!

That got me thinking about planning an outdoors trip.  You know, Steve fishing, me taking pictures with my camera and catching up reading.  Perhaps we should make a trip but before we need to check out this site!

Maybe it is time to make that trip with our whole family.