The Next Study

Steve has checked into the next study he wants to do for the assisted living center.  I looked it over and wasn't convinced.  I'm hoping to look at whatever Lutheran Church of Hope has in it's study area.  Not just do what the church is doing again.

Until then, I'd like to get a time of music set up for them.  It would be great if we could get Steve with his guitar to play some music.  However, with his shoulder still healing, that won't be happening very soon.  And, at the moment, I don't know anyone else who plays so that is that.

Now to figure out what kind of music would they like?

Do you think it would be Beethoven or Bach?  Or something in the country mode?  Let me know if you come up with any ideas.

Damages All Around

My daughter, Heather, called me last night to tell me the neighbor across the road was in his garage when the twister went through his back yard.

Watching the news on television, shows a lot of trees down, a few roofs damaged or torn off, but no loss of life or injuries that we know of.

Our electricity came back on around 11 PM last night.  You don't think much about electricity until you no longer have it.

So what's happened around your neighborhood?

Severe Weather

We had plans to go to Steve's Mom's assisted living center to show the DVD 'Courageous', which is an awesome movie.  Unfortunately the weather had other plans.

We knew by the time we were leaving that the weather was coming.  Had we looked at the weather earlier, we could have postponed the movie.  As it was, we knew we were taking a chance with having both vehicles outside with the storm coming.

It was good that we were there.  When the Tornado alarm went off, Steve and I helped go door to door to get the residents either in their own bathrooms, or the Media Center (where we had planned to play the show).  I was surprised at how many chose to stay in their own bathrooms.

By the time the threat had passed (after terrible hail and rain), it was probably 7:30 PM.  We then started the movie, and since being started late, not all were able to watch it to the end as they had to get to their rooms and  get their meds, etc.

We made sure Mom was in her room, then headed home.  We'd heard electricity was off by my friend, Linda, so we'd hoped there was a chance ours would be on.  Not to be.  We didn't realize the amount of damage done to our yard until this morning.

First seen was everything that had been on the large table was blown off.  The Thermometer was broken into 3 or more pieces.  I guess Shelley won't be painting it for me.  Then the cherry tree is seen.  Completely down on the ground.  That makes me the saddest.  It made it through the last tornado when it lost a third of the tree.  Yet, it still blossomed and produced cherries.  This time, it won't be having cherries. 

It's funny, some of the flowers still remain, yet it blows over a tree.

Steve is heading out to the garage to unroll the cover for the back of his pickup to engage the auto-adjust toggle clamps.  After looking at the Saturn, doesn't appear to have any hail damage.  The truck has some, but not enough to repair.

Hope you made it through the storm with little problems.