Ooh La La - Sex in the City

I went to see Sex in the City with Abby last night. Rachel (Abby's good friend and Mandy (Abby's sister-in-law) also went. When the previews finally finished and the theme song for the series came on, the crowd began clapping and hollaring. It was great.

Abby got me hooked on the series when she would come over or invite me over for three or four movies at a stretch. Some of it is a little risque but most of it has you laughing till you want to roll on the floor. I promised Abby I wouldn't talk during the movie (that really irritates her) and I was determined not to (but oh, it is so hard).

The movie was great, as we all knew it would be. I can't tell you the particulars cause then you wouldn't go see it. Let's just say it was really, really good, but did have a lot of sensual scenes (oh my, my). It's the type of show that makes me want to buy the DVD (when it comes out, of course), but then blush if someone sees that I have it.

After the movie, Abby had me call her after I found my car (it was the other end of the parking lot). I felt great, even thought I knew where I was going. Needless to say, I could have used guidance by GPS. Then I realized I wasn't going the correct direction, but didn't know which way to turn to get back to Mills Civic Parkway. After another incorrect turn and landing in the left turning lane, I realized if I turned right I'd be on Jordan Creek and knew I could have gotten home that direction. Alas, I am in the wrong lane!

I ended up making a big square and finally saw Walmart and knew where I was. (I've really got to get out more!) Made the drive home and by the time I was in the house, my dear sweet Abby called to ensure her Mama made it home. I'd recommend you see the show, especially if you liked the series. I'd like to see it again, but I'll wait for the DVD. Heather asked me if they got married in the movie...that would be telling! Halfmoon

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What a Hoot!

On Memorial Day Abby brought over two DVDs to watch. We watched one that day while we were eating. They are both Jeff Dunham acts and are hilarious. He is a ventriloquist, for those who haven't seen him I would suggest getting his DVDs. Talk about laughing!

Today I took the second one over to Joshua's to watch it with him. I thought I had seen it, but they are even funnier the second time. Turns out, I had only seen about 10 minutes of it (or less) on the internet.

We accidently played the unbleeped version which was pretty bad (but funny). Taylor was watching it with us and at one point she asked me what they meant. I turned to Jay and said "Do you want to explain that to her?" His reply was "Not really!" So I said, "Tay, it's not very nice and you need to not say any of the bad words in this show at school, ok?"

She's a pretty smart kid. When she had a science project, she made a foil replica of the soldiers who planted the American flag to proclaim we were still there, claiming victory. I'm still not sure how she did it. Something about wrapping Ken dolls with fabric, tying it with string, coating it with something, and when it dried taking it apart, removing the dolls and covering the fabric with foil? I don't know, but it was wonderful! I'll bet she got an A. Ok, now I'm bragging.

Back to the show....a couple times I was laughing so hard I had to run to the bathroom so I wouldn't wet myself. Add to that two cats running around and three birds in a cage not far from where I sat...I sneezed a lot needless to say.

Poor Taylor, I asked her if she would take the cat from her lap so I could quit sneezing and she stood up, the cat sunk two of its claws into her leg. I know it hurt, the punctures looked deep. Josh came to the rescue with Peroxide, Neosporin Plus, and Bandaids. He's a pretty good dad. He watches Tay and Carter every night that Shelley works.

Carter did really well tonight once he realized Daddy wasn't leaving him with Grandma. He even danced with me for a while (as much as I could dance) to the tune in his Daddy's birthday card. I had picked it up and was dancing with it, which immediately got his attention because he considers that card his. What a Hoot!

After the show was finished (and we had popcorn), I drove home for the rest of the evening alone. I keep thinking about what Steve said we would need to do if we have new foundation put in. This would involve contacting mortgage lenders due to the cost involved. Apparently the roof isn't as expensive. Well, as I usually say, time will tell. Halfmoon

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Wireless Laptop

Ok, so I have a laptop that has wireless capability. I went online to Verizon's website to check out the cost of getting the plugin (?) and monthly fee as I saw a commercial that it is $39 a month. Nowhere on the site could I find what I needed. They directed me to an area that asked for my zip code. Oh, broadband is not available for us.

I decided to check out Sprint's wireless features. (I thought wireless meant no cable, broadband, etc.) After wasting 30 minutes trying to find it on their site, I got on their chat online feature. After about 10 minutes Sasha was chatting with me. After explaining that I have a laptop and am interested in hooking it up wireless, what is the initial cost and then the monthly fee?

Sasha asked me if I wanted a card? I don't know what I want, I want to use my laptop wireless feature. She had a page pop up that looked like plugins but they said something about a call plan??? I asked her why it said that, and also, is it available in our area. Basically after going back and forth for at least 15 minutes without getting anywhere, I asked "Is it available in our area????"

Sasha said if my Sprint phone works in our area, the wireless should, did I want to replace the phone with the wireless, or add another line of business to our account? She finally decided to send me to a sales person; which, by then, I wanted to ask if she had her term life insurance paid up because I was afraid of what I would do to her if I could meet her face to face.

Finally, I disconnected the Sprint website and decided I would just go in to the Sprint store and talk to a live person. Maybe they can actually answer my questions without all the stress??? Halfmoon

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Memorial Day

I hope you all had a great weekend. I know Memorial Day is to honor the loved ones who have passed on, but any long weekend is an excuse for us to get our kids and grandkids out to our house for a get together.

This year we had deli sandwiches as the main part of our meal and thus no grilling involved. Since our grill charred the hamburgers the last two times we used it, grilling was out of the picture. We had a lot more time enjoying each other that way.

Pato is back in town and everyone in Heather's family were super happy. Especially, little Alyce! The smile on her face was wonderful, but the glow in her eyes made everyone smile. For once (in quite some time) Heather didn't wear Alyce as an appendage on her body! She was pretty happy, too, about that.

News on that front. Pato's aunt and uncle offered to sell their house to Heather and Pato with no interest and they would pay them directly (so no loan). The house, of course, is in Ohio. Another uncle will give him half ownership of his restaurant (at no cost). Heather is torn. They would finally have a place big enough for their family. The kicker, is that they would move across the country again. Man.

From the sound of it, they would be able to affford to visit whenever Jordan is out of school. I want what is best for her family, but it will hurt to have them so far away. Makes me want to take a trip to one of the reno hotels just to vent my frustration.

Time will tell what their decision will be. I wonder if there are any RCI timeshares in Ohio near where they will live? Halfmoon

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I've Lost Weight

Ok, I have been on this kick to lose weight without dieting, just watching what I eat, etc. After going down three pounds, I usually eat something stupid (like pizza) and go back up. My life is like a yo-yo.

Yesterday I hit the five pound (down) mark which I haven't seen in years. I got so excited I ran in to the living room and proclaimed it to Steve. You have to know that Steve goes up and down approximately four pounds from the weight he was when we got married. I'd gotten to the point that I didn't want to hear what he weighed. I've been battling more than 50 pounds above what I was when we got married. With the herniated and bulging disks that I have, I can't exercise like a normal person would. Water therapy is the best I can do.

I received the results of the hip xray and labs for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Negative on both, I am happy to say. All that worrying for nothing. Back to my weight. I've read about Fenphedra which speeds up your metabolism and suppresses your hunger. I don't know if the doctor will approve it for me as I am on a med to slow my heart rate. I think I will ask the doctor...in about a week...after I see if I continue to go down pound-wise on my own. Time will tell. Have a Happy Memorial Day! Halfmoon

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I Survived the Test

Yesterday I had my appointment with the psychologist (psychiatrist?) that was set up from Worker's Comp. I went to it with trepidition. They told me to allow at least three hours. Whew! That's a long time.

After checking in, I was taken to a large room (with few comfortable chairs) to take the manual test that determines if you are depressed. Piece of cake! There were only 567 questions to answer. I wondered why the receptionist told me I could leave the room and even go outside to walk around if I wanted to take a break. After seeing how many questions I had to answer, I understood.

Some of the questions were completely bizarre. Others were repeated but worded differently (Did you love your father? Did you feel your father was a good man?). No problems there. There were questions that had you wondering what angle they were coming from. After answering all but approximately 100 questions, I took a break as I had already walked around the room a million times and my back still killed me.

Upon finishing the test, I spent a few hours with the doctor. He asked me to do some weird things: Count backwards from 100 in multiples of seven, name as many fruits as you can think of, name as many animals you can think of. Ok, when he asked me who the governor was of Iowa, I blanked, but I told him it was a Democrat (cause I knew my guy didn't win). And when he told me three things to repeat (pink cadillac, apple tree, Madison, Wisconsin) I repeated them fine. He mentioned he would ask me them again later.

We touched on every major job I've had in life, any nervousness in my family? (no), any addictions in parents, aunts, uncles?, etc. Then he said, "Remember, I would ask you those three items again? What were they?" Ok, so I thought he would say them again, didn't bother concentrating on remembering them. Brother! Pink cadillac, apple.....juice? (no), apple......cider? (no, try further back before they were made into that), apple tree (yes). Ok, I didn't remember the last one until he reminded me it was a city and state, which triggered Madison, Wisconsin to come out of my mouth.

At the end of the session I asked if he thought I was clinically depressed. He said he thought anyone with my pain and outlook on the future would feel the same way that I do. So, that's that! I wonder what Worker's Comp will set up next, a colon cleanse? Who knows. I'll keep you updated...until then, keep dreaming! Halfmoon

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Cellphone Blues

We recently discontinued our service with U S Cellular because we kept missing calls and messages until hours later than when they came in. My phone was a joke. I dropped my phone in the toilet accidentally and it never worked again. When I went in to get a replacement, they gave me this old, old phone that was big compared to the one I ruined. I hated the phone from day one and disliked it even more every time I missed a call.

When we drove from Hwy 6 up our road, there is a spot that always drops your call, so I always try to get off the phone before taking that route. We looked at other phone networks. Steve kept talking about Verizon. Forget it! We had it before our last network and I'd have to walk around the house to get enough towers to make a call. Sometimes, I'd have to walk outside for it.

We decided on Sprint. Driving up that road from Hwy 6 is a piece of cake. Never drops the call. Amazing. Plus, with Abby and Heather on the Sprint plan, we should never go over our minutes. There's just one problem. Lately, when driving in places where normally we never have problems, the phone tells you there's no service. Well, great! I'm in Des Moines, just north of Hickman and there's no service?  I'm about at the end of my rope. Any suggestions? Halfmoon

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High Hopes

Steve and I made a flying trip into Des Moines today to get much needed groceries at Walmart. I put the trip off as long as I could. Originally we were going to go shopping Monday but since I had the nerve block planned and he was already going to be late going to work because of me, I told him we could make it a day or two longer.

Today we absolutely needed Kleenex, milk, and a few other items. Steve wanted to hurry so he could take a nap before heading in for the night's work. When we arrived home, I heated up the creamed dried beef over rice and we had a quick bite to eat. He then tried to take a nap. He kept asking me questions (I'm in the dining room and he's in the bedroom). Finally, I asked if he was having trouble going to sleep.

He got back up and said he needed to check his powerball tickets. I said, "Didn't you want to sleep a while?" His response was, "If I won the powerball, I won't have to go to work." He slays me! No, neither of us won. But what if we had? Would he really stay home from work tonight?

I know I have all these plans in case we win the powerball, but what extras would he want? Would he want a plasma mount
to sit the huge tv we would get? I rarely watched tv when I went to school, but now it is becoming somewhat of a habit again.

I think new cars would definately be in order (after we build a new house, of course). What would you do if you won the big one? Halfmoon

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Dreaming Again

Steve is working nights for the time being. It's not as bad as when he works out of town. At least now he comes home around 1:30 to 3:00 a.m. I don't feel afraid when I go to bed because I know he'll be home.

I went out to play for a while yesterday and, of course, didn't quit when I was ahead. I did leave early enough so it wouldn't be dark when I walked from the garage to the house. As I drove home, my mind started wandering, remembering the drive to Alabama. Steve keeps mentioning he's ready for another vacation.

I don't think we can afford it right now but it would be nice to take off again. My greatest desire is to go to Hawaii. I wonder if there are any flight deals
that would encourage Steve to want to go on a dream vacation with me? How about you? What's your dream? Halfmoon

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Two Blocks For Me

Had my latest appointment at the Pain Control Center yesterday! It's amazing, I made the appointment so far in advance I was able to get a 4:00 appointment! Since Steve gets off work at 3:30 and I check in a half hour in advance, he wouldn't need to be there until 4:30 to pick me up. (I cannot drive after having nerve block injections in the spine.)

Friday at the end of the day, Steve's boss let him know he'd start working nights Monday (yesterday) at 5 pm. Great! So he called his boss back Monday morning and said he would have to be late as he had to drive me in and back. I love that guy!

Back to the appointment. They always ask you where the pain is the worst. When I walk, it is the right side; but, when I sit, it is the left side. What to do? The doctor decided to do both sides which is unheard of. Imagine having pain relief in both areas! I couldn't, and actually, so far I have relief off and on. I'm hoping it kicks in pretty soon! Tomorrow I get to go see a head doctor (not sure if it is a psychologist or psychiatrist) for Worker's Comp. Can't wait. I'll be glad when this is all over, won't you? Halfmoon

P.S. Heather, about Father's Day -- how about Circuit City coupons??? Mom

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Morel Mushroom Delight

We had gone to a graduation party for Steve's great-nephew in the afternoon. After attending our Saturday evening church service, we drove home, then sat outside discussing our garden venture.

Realizing we weren't very hungry, but still needed a little something, I remembered what was waiting in the refrigerator. All right! Tonight was the night for frying up the mushrooms! When Steve came into the house I mentioned it to him. He wasn't really looking forward to frying them up.

I told him I would get him ready. I took off my Mom's mother's ring which is a unique piece of designer jewelry, created in the shape of a tree. I then got the eggs whipped in one bowl, flour in a pie tin, and two sticks of butter in the skillet and told Steve he was all set. By then he had the mushrooms rinsed and draining on paper towels.

I proceeded to work on my laptop and before I knew it, the mushrooms were ready!!! And they were yummy! I think I ate too many, but I am definately not hungry any more. Halfmoon

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Steve and I went to Menards today to check out railroad ties for my little garden. I guess I shouldn't say little, it will be 8' x 8', which isn't huge but will be a lot to keep weeded in my condition. Steve had a suggestion, "Why don't we place the garden around the bird feeder? That way we could put it in the shape of a triangle instead of a square and wouldn't be as large.

When we got home he showed me where he was picturing the garden. He was thinking we wouldn't need as much dirt as the ground is raised in that area. Once we looked at the area, we decided to go back to the square to the north of the house.

We also need new foundation on the old portion of our house and a new roof. Now we are talking big money. Finally, we need new siding on the house and on the building to the north of our driveway. Something we desire, but is not a priority, is a porch addition with a deck around the house. The sidewalks need replaced, the list goes on and on.

Placing priorities on all of the projects, the garden will be done first (so we can enjoy it the whole summer). Second to be done will be the foundation, and third, the roof. While we were in Alabama for the ball, we saw homes with metal roofing. They were in a variety of colors and were really beautiful.

While Steve would like to hire all this work out, I'm afraid that won't be the case. As we made the list of priorities, I mentioned, "We're never going to move out of here are we?" I really want to get off of this gravel road, closer to West Des Moines, and have a house with an attached garage!!! Dreaming again...Halfmoon

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Fibro Myalgia

I thought I was having recurring bouts of Mono. I hurt everywhere, but when I asked my husband to massage my legs, it killed me when he touched them. At the time, I was in rehabilitation for having 5 herniated disks in my back and a bulging disk in my neck (from a car accident). I finally asked my doctor to refer me to a pain control center.

He actually sent me to a physician that managed pain through medicine (which is not what I meant) but the doctor diagnosed me with fibro myalgia after testing me. He pressed on 18 points of my body to see the sensitivity to pain. He also asked me if it hurt my eyes to drive at night (which it did). He diagnosed me with fibro myalgia.

It was great to know what was causing me to have pain everywhere (muscles, joints, skin). I again asked the rehabilitation physician to send me to a physician who could give nerve blocks. The blocks helped my back but did nothing for the fibro myalgia.

At the advice from the pain control physician, I started going to warm water therapy. There were arthritis classes given a few times a day so I started going to them three times a week. After a month went by, I was able to stop wearing my tens unit (for the disk pain). It wasn't long after that that I noticed I wasn't having bouts of fibro myalgia any longer!!!!

As long as I go the the warm water classes 2 - 3 times a week and don't overdo it (walking, shopping, etc.), the fibro myalgia pain stays away. A lot of the people in the warm water classes told me it is common to get fibro myalgia after having an injury.

The doctor had told me exercise is the best thing for fibro myalgia. I thought, "You've got to be kidding, I hurt everywhere and you want me to exercise?" He was right, but I have to do it in warm water.

The classes are fun and go quickly (45 minutes) when you take your mind off the idea that you are exercising! I would encourage anyone to contact their local hospitals to see if they have any classes in warm water. It works for me! Halfmoon

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Peanut's Heartbeat

I went with Abby to her OB appointment this afternoon. As soon as the doctor put the mike (or whatever it's called) on Abby's tummy, we immediately heard the baby's heartbeat!!! It was so great! It is surely the best wrinkle cream for a grandmother! Everyone knows you create wrinkles when you frown a lot. Who can frown when they hear that quick little beat?

I gave a little giggle and smiled at Abby. We decided to call the baby peanut (Peanut II according to Heather) until we know whether it is a boy or a girl. I think Ab will have a little girl, of course, Justin is hoping it will be a boy! Time will tell, huh? Regardless, we all want it to be healthy. Abby just passed her halfway milemarker!

This will be grandbaby number eight and will be the baby of my baby. Nothing makes me smile more than this sweet anticipation! I hope you all have a good evening. The only thing that could make me happier is if Moonlight were on (I missed it Friday night). Bummer! Oh, well, atleast American Idol is on tomorrow night, huh? HalfmoonUse Buzzfuse* to easily rate, review, and share this item

Sleepy Sunday

We didn't get around to leave for church until 10:10 which meant we'd be late for Point of Grace. Deciding then to go to Lutheran Church of Hope we had 40 minutes to get there. For some reason, the last two times we've been there I became so sleepy it was very hard to keep my eyes open.

Both services had one of the female preachers giving the service. Actually, the information she gleaned from the Bible was really interesting. It was just when she talked about the verses she seemed to go on and on. At one point I felt like writing Steve a note saying "Let's go now" but I stuck it out.

Just when I thought the service was over the pastor put a clip on the overhead. She told us it summed up being a mother. It was the clip with the mother who sang everything a mother says to her child in one day to the music of the Lone Ranger. It was hilarious. I had seen her sing it before but couldn't always understand the words. The church had the words going next to her singing. It was great. Then the service was over!

Steve took me to the Outback for lunch and we picked up a DVD to watch later. I thought maybe we would make plans for the garden and I could perform corporate performance management while Steve did all the work. (TeeHee)

By the time we were home, we both were both so sleepy we just layed down and took a nap. Happy Mothers day! Halfmoon

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Happy Birthday

Well, another birthday has come and gone. All of my kids and grandkids were over for the afternoon and evening, it was a wonderful day. My sister, Jackie, (from Alabama) called. She may have the Shingles. As if she hasn't had enough problems. Shingles is like Chicken Pox only it happens in adults. Ugh!

Shelley brought her yummy potatoe salad, Abby brought Broken Glass Salad, Heather brought chips and dip, and Angie brought pickles with cream cheese and a deli meat wrapped around it. Steve grilled around 30 hamburgers and a pack of hot dogs. After he turned off the grill, something caught fire and flames shot high in the air. Almost all of the hamburgers were charred from the smoke. Actually, my hamburger was really good, but Steve wants to throw the rest away.

The grandkids were loud, as usual, normal for our clan. Carter walked around and jabbered. Normally, he clings to Josh and Shelley. Jadah talked a blue streak. She finally showed everyone how clearly she talks and how smart she is. Alyce was her normal self, attached to her Mom's side at all times. It won't be long, I think, before she'll start showing independence again. There was a hard time when Jordan had his feelings hurt. My heart just breaks when they are hurting. Taylor and Sydney get along grand due in part, I think, because they see each other a lot more than the other cousins. Katiana flitted from one cousin to another getting along with all of them.

Josh and Shelley stayed after everyone else went home. They will be leaving next Thursday for Florida (Orlando area). They bought new luggage yesterday and are all set to go. I'm excited for them. It's in the 90's down there right now (Sweet!). That's it on the Manning front for now. All of you Mothers have a great Mother's Day! Halfmoon

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Mushroom Hunting

Yesterday Steve and I went to my best friend, Linda's, house while it was still light out. Linda told me last year a guy found tons of mushrooms in the woods behind their land. She said Steve could look for mushrooms there, that's all the invitation it took.

While Steve walked through the wooded area, Linda and I sat for a visit. Linda was the nurse in my doctor's office. I met her when I was pregnant with Abby. She used to come over once or twice a week and we'd play Nertz (which is similar to double solitaire). When I delivered Abby, Linda was with Steve and I. By then she was my best friend. Abby thinks of Linda as a second mother.

Back to mushroom hunting. Steve called after 30 minutes reporting no sightings of mushrooms. What he did find was animal tracks and an animal graveyard. There were several skulls with fangs which he hoped were from coyotes. If I had come upon the graveyard, you would probably have to put me in drug rehab.

A half hour later Steve called it quits after telling me he should have brought a decoy mushroom with him so the mushrooms would show themselves! He slays me. What a guy. By then Linda and I were just starting to watch American Idol. I had to rush home to watch the remainder of the show. I wasn't surprised to see who was kicked off this week. Another enjoyable evening. Hope you had one too! HalfmoonUse Buzzfuse* to easily rate, review, and share this item

Are We Staying Young?

When we were in our forties, people would say to us "You're too young to have an 18 year old!" Oh, how that made us feel good. As the years went by, the compliments continued about how young Steve and I looked.

A few years ago, I noticed people telling Steve he still looked so young. They didn't include me in their comment. That bothered me. Steve was worrying about having a few wrinkles and grey in his beard. By then I had so many grey hairs (and they were all in the front), I forgot I had darker brown hair unless I looked in the mirror at the back of my head.

I didn't worry about wrinkles, I've always had dry skin. I didn't go through puberty needing acne cream like most of my friends. I waited until I was in my 30's and had two pimples on my face. Normally, my skin was too dry for that.

Now my skin isn't as dry and I suppose the extra fat cells keep the wrinkles away for the most part. I had my hair highlighted again and once again, I have mostly blond hair. Why can't they just do a few strands of highlights? But I do think I look better with it this way. Makes me feel younger when I look into the mirror.

We went to an anniversary party for one of Steve's sisters last Saturday. On the way home I mentioned to Steve that he looks younger than one of his younger brothers (and no, I'm not going to say which one). He asked about his other brother. I hadn't really paid that much attention to him so I didn't know. Steve couldn't believe that I hadn't really noticed. But he felt pretty good about looking young still. As active as he is, Steve will probably always look younger than he is.

They say "You're only as young as you feel". Well who are 'they'? I'd like to know. I say you're only as young as you look. What do you think? Halfmoon

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I Miss My Dad

Many of you know my Dad passed away about 2 1/2 years ago. He was in a nursing home in Alabama. It was very hard to lose him as Mom died quite a few years ago, my brother died before that and that left us three girls.

Dad had Dementia. For those of you who do not know, that is a precurser of Alzheimers. You don't realize what a precious thing your memory is until you lose it. Two summers before Dad passed on, I flew down to be with him and my sister's family for a visit. I had had my hair highlighted and for the most part, I was a blond. My hair was brown and white before that (where the grey had creeped in). Dad didn't know who I was.

It's really a hard thing when you have to convince someone you are their daughter. The last night I was with him, we reminisced about things we had done together and I thought I finally had broken through to him. I kissed him goodbye and said "I don't want you to forget me, Daddy." He said "I'd never forget you." I told him I was flying back to Iowa the next morning and he said, "Iowa, I have a daughter that lives in Iowa". I went home with my heart aching.

The next summer Steve went down with me and Dad remembered me more on that trip. Of course, my hair was back to it's natural colors. We'd sit on the porch of the nursing home in rocking chairs and I crocheted on an afghan until I couldn't get my thread unknotted. Steve, Dad, and I all took turns trying to unknot this huge roll of yarn. At one a point a small boy came up and asked if he could try it, but alas, he was unable to do the job. We had a great visit with Dad that trip.

My sister called me the following October. Dad was bleeding out and near death. They didn't think he would make it through the night. Steve and I, Heather, Steve II, Josh, and their families drove down to Prattville for our last time with the father and grandfather that we loved.

The last two days of his life my family sat with him. He was unable to speak any longer. He would squeeze our hands and try to smile. When I was young, Dad and I would go for walks together. As we walked, we held hands and he would rub his finger under the edge of my thumbnail. It was something he only did with me, according to my sisters. The last day as I held his hand, I told him I was Kathy Ann, his youngest. I said "Do you remember me?" He rubbed his finger under my thumbnail and I knew he knew me.

I told him it was okay to go home now and be with the Lord. Mom and Denny were waiting for him. Dad died in his sleep that night. The nurse said it was peaceful. I have a lump in my throat now just writing about this and a strong urge to cry so I'll end this here. Treasure the family you have while they are here. Halfmoon

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Favorite Things

As I was walking from the Arthritis class (and whirlpool) to the parking garage, I noticed I was able to walk almost to the car without the severe pain that makes me stop for a break. Hurray! That is a milestone. I decided to think about things that make me smile to get the rest of the way to the car.

Some of my favorite things are any type of moons, elephants, or angels to add to my collections, Cadillac grills, campfires in my backyard with my family, vacations, crocheting, and eating at the Outback!

Of course, by then I was in my car and heading home. Some day I will have a nice cabinet with glass doors to show off all of my collectibles. I'm home now and am glad I went to the class. I have more movement with less pain. Warm water is wonderful! Halfmoon

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30 Days Left to Live

Point of Grace had a four week series based on "What would you do if you found out you only had 30 days left to live?" Tim McGraw has a hit song, Live Like You Were Dying, that really explains how one person felt and wished for the rest of us to live as if it were our last days. The main things were to love deeper, speak sweeter, give forgiveness you've been denying, and the church added embrace eternity.

It was a good four weeks attending the series. I cannot say that I've changed much yet, but I do know that Steve and I are trying to be nicer to each other (not that we aren't normally nice). I think a lot about what I want to let my kids know, not just how much I love them; but, what is really important in life.

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch is a good example, again, of realizing what is really important in life and how you should live accordingly. We cannot get too many reminders to become better people. Halfmoon

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More Tests (Blech!)

Today I went to Mercy for the arthritis class which helps those of us with back, knee, neck, or any type of joint problem, gain or keep movement. The teacher today really kept the pace going so the class was over before I knew it. After the class I go into the whirlpool which is magnificently hot and wonderful.

After relaxing, since I was at Mercy I decided to go to the Radiology and Lab departments to get xrays and bloodwork done. The Pain Control Center left me a voicemail that orders were sent to have my hips xrayed and blood drawn to confirm or rule out rheumatoid arthritis (RA). I am hoping that comes back negative. The Lord knows I have enough problems without having that sentence hanging over my head.

The trip to the parking area was pretty painful. I stopped four times to ease the pain in my hip joints. Two different women (good samaritins) stopped and asked if I needed help. The last one offered to get a wheelchair for me. After she walked away, tears came to my eyes. The thought of possibly having RA hit me pretty hard. When I was finally in my car, I noticed how dreary it was outside. It had rained hard when I was driving to Des Moines. Now it's just icky out. Makes a person wonder if it's not time to take a trip to Hilton Head rental to lay on the beach. Sunny skies would be nice for a change! That always brightens everyone's day and just thinking about it made me smile! Halfmoon

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The Garden

Every year around Mother's Day I wish for railroad ties to be built up around my little garden area. Then we could fill it with dirt and plants that are already growing. I wouldn't have to get down on my knees to pull weeds which is nearly impossible with my back. Every year Steve ignores me about what I want to do with my little space.

Last year my wonderful kids bought plants and seeds that Justin and Josh planted for me. Steve II might have done some of the preliminary work too and my Steve supplied the dirt. When the seeds started growing, I couldn't tell which were flowers and which were weeds. What a bummer :( I wasn't born with a green thumb. With others' advice I ended up pulling some plants and letting weeds grow.

The only obvious plants that started from a seed were the Kohlerobe which is a vegetable that I always plant in the flower garden (yummy!). Overall, flowers did come up and looked pretty good. I know it would cost a lot to make my ideas into reality, but it would look so neat. And if the plants were already grown, I would recognize and pull weeds as they start to grow, not having to worry about if I was pulling a flower!

Speaking of Mother's Day, Father's Day will be here before you know it. With Steve really loving gel pens, I've been tossing around the idea to get him personalized pens. He's always complaining because he cannot find his favorite pens. This way I'd have a whole supply for him and I could put something neat on the pen to let him know I think about him all year! What do you think? Halfmoon

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