Christmas Day

We decided not to get the whole family together again for Christmas Day. Heather bought her own turkey and ham and they invited one of Pato's friends to come over. Abby and Justin had three places to go to (every Christmas) so this would make their day easier. Shelley invited her Dad over for roast.

Since we were cooking the whole meal anyway, I told Stevie he could come eat with us as he had no plans. When I called to find out when to pick him up, he said Josh was bringing him out. Then I got a call from Abby, she wanted to come out and help me cook our meal, even though they weren't staying to eat it. How sweet is that?

I still over did it and payed for it with back pain increasing. Abby must have noticed it because she asked me to take over putting cream cheese on celery while she did dishes. We talked as we worked and suddenly I noticed that I had cut the celery as if I was putting it in the dressing (tiny little bites instead of two inch or longer slices. Oh, brother! "Abby, get the dressing bowl out of the refrigerator so I can add this to it."

I then put cream cheese on the other half of the celery stick I'd cut and on we went. The third or fourth time I cut half of the celery stick into mini pieces, I asked Steve to take over doing the celery. It wasn't funny anymore, it was embarrassing. Justin kept offering to throw away the mistakes I cut, as he hates celery!

Soon, it was time for Abby and Justin to leave, but just the amount that Abby did helped me tremendously. And it was great that she wanted to help her old mom out. Not too long after that the boys showed up. We ate our dinner and all were too stuffed for pie. That's when I noticed I hadn't taken the 24 Hour Salad out of the refrigerator. That made me mad. I hate cooking bacon anyway, so the fact that I had and we forgot to eat what I prepared was soooo frustrating (but typical Kathy).

After a short time, I started putting food away and asked for help. Steve II came in and helped me put most of it away. We also gave portions of everything to the boys to take home, too. Eventually Josh came in and helped too. I was just in too much pain to do it all. I wished there was a surgery to fix the pain in my back.

With all the sales going on, now is a good time to save money (if you have any left to spend). To see Howie Mondel being hilarious, go to kamoons15 to see my comment on his video!

Christmas Eve and Steve's Bday

Every year we go to Shang Yen to celebrate Steve's birthday (OK, except for last year when that restaurant was closed and we had to find another Chinese restaurant). Our family loves the food there and it is one of the few restaurants open on Christmas Eve.

Our while family was there except Jadah, even Sydney was with us! It was great. I handed out our Xmas gifts to the kids and everyone gave their Dad his birthday gifts. The food was great as usual. I think Steve really enjoyed it.

Then, on to Lutheran Church of Hope for their Candlelight service. It was pretty cool. The lady in front of Heather's family turned around and glared anytime anyone said a word or moved to go to the restroom, etc. Her girls were really good in the service, not like the kid behind me who whined and complained that he wanted to go home throughout the whole thing. I didn't turn around and glare, though. Heather finely couldn't take it, got up with her family and went home.

I wished I would have known about it, I would have switched places with them and glared right back or told the biddy to turn around. (Not Christlike, I know.) Overall, it was a great evening. We took Steve home, then went on home to hit the hay (why does it always feel better to get into bed when you've had a looonnng day?????). Hope you all enjoyed your Christmas Eve and that you know the reason for the season!!! Halfmoon

Babysitting Mikayla

Abby asked if I would be able to watch Makayla (last Saturday) while she worked from 11 - 8. Justin would be gone hunting the whole day. I told her I would but with trepidition.

Steve said he would go with me and I hoped he'd be a little help! He ended up working that day so I asked Linda to go with me. She was like Abby's second mom when she was little so she could be a grandma to Mikayla. too!

I could tell Abby was nervous about leaving the baby, too. Maybe she picked up on my misgivings? She finally left and the day went very smooth. Mikayla only fussed when she was hungry, wet, or tired and I soon figured that out.

It was really cool feeding her her mommy's milk in a bottle. She sure sucked that right down. She is a good little baby, quite a difference from when she was a few weeks old.

Once we watched a DVD, we decided to watch the Baby Einstein one that Abby said Mikayla liked to watch. Oh, brother. Talk about nervewracking. I couldn't stand it. Sitting there watching some metal objects revolve???? Drove me nuts. We soon switched to TV.

Eventually Grandpa arrived and we ordered pizza and Justin arrived home early (I think it was just after 7 pm. We ate pizza and then went on our way. They have a nice TV at Abby's. They have some sort of cable channels or satellite. I love our TV at home but we just have the regular channels to choose from and half the time it fails to broadcast. Very frustrating. I think I'll talk to Steve about checking into Toshiba Satellite.

Taylor Sue!

Last night we went to watch Taylor test for her next belt. It is amazing how much she has improved in one year. She is more confident and gives sharper moves, plus her kicks are much higher.

Then came breaking boards. Oh, my! They were going to have her break a board up high with her twirling around and then kicking out. Finally, they had her do a different kick after turning, but not turning completely around. That board broke. Thank goodness. The next one was with the open hand, she broke it right off.

The one that bothered me, because I knew she was going to do it from the start, was breaking a board with her elbow. Oh, my goodness! Don't you have a crazy bone there? With the second hit of her elbow (I think), she broke the board. I've never clapped so hard in my life.

I asked her, "Don't you hit your crazy bone when you do that?" "No," was her reply, "I'm used to it, so it doesn't hurt anymore." Wow, what a champion. She has been practicing 'tons', (her words) for this test. I'm sure she passed it.

Tay, Grandma is so proud of you! When I get a pic of you in your uniform, I'll attach it to this post! Well, tonight is Jordan's music concert, Thursday is Sydney's. Taylor said hers is in February (Thank goodness for small miracles to not have them all this week!). Have a super day! Halfmoon

Turkey Day!

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone. A day full of turkey, dressing, spuds and gravy, and of course, pumpkin and pecan pies. We all ate till we were stuffed, then ate desserts! Our whole family was there except for Jadah, who was at her other Grandma's house.

Pato and Abby

Shelley and Steve II

Steve II
Abby, Justin, and Mikayla, of course, were the first to arrive. At least they didn't have to wait in their car long until Jay came along with the keys to the building. We all had a wonderful time after calming down from the stress of getting everything there and ready to serve.

Justin and Mikayla (he's camera shy)

Mikayla is showing her little personality now. Whenever Abby or Justin talk to her, she coos and smiles. It is so adorable. Carter zoomed around on his little car propelled by his feet on the floor, everyone else beware or be ran over. He's pretty shy still. He had on an adorable little black leather coat, what a hoot!

Mikayla Corey and Grandma

Carter Michael

Alyce and Kat both had adorable dresses on. We celebrated Alyce's 2ND birthday which is actually Dec 2 but easier than getting everyone together again. Taylor, Sydney, and Jordan played some game with a ball in the hallway with Kat sometimes watching or playing with, I'm not sure.

(Maria) Alyce

Heather and Mikayla (Josh in background)

Taylor Sue
Jordan Douglas

Sydney Anne
Katiana Lynn

Steve II is moving into his own apartment in a couple days which will be good for him, I think. Jadah will live just down the hall, so he'll be able to see her easily. He got his car working so I imagine he'll be looking for auto insurance before long.

Hope you all had a wonderful Turkey day! We sure did! Halfmoon

Pics From the Ball

I thought I'd share a few pictures taken at the ball. We had so much fun there.This is Jackie and Randy at the dinner! Jackie is my sister and Randy, her husband, my brother-in-law. The ball was in honor of Randy being made the Grand Potentate.

This is most of their family, including grandkids.

My sister from Council Bluffs, Sue, and her husband, Walt. Everyone looked so good all dressed up. I'd never been to a prom or anything before so for me, it was like going to the prom with my wonderful Steven!

Steve and I! I'd have to say it was the most fun I've ever had in my life! There was the exquisite food, the atmosphere was romantic, and, of course, the company was divine!
I was going to include pics of my sisters and I together, but the computer is not cooperating. So, that's it for now unless you're trying to lose weight and need some Phentermine. Have a great night! Halfmoon

It's Friday

Well, another week is almost over. I'm still trying to find a way to earn money at home to get by. Stevie called me as today is his day off. Jadah is being a little onery today. Doesn't want to pick up her toys. He's going to call the apartment manager today to see when the one-bedroom apartment is available. There's supposed to be one available in December.

I sure hope it works out for him. He'd still be able to walk to work if he get's that apartment. It would be nice to be able to walk to work from home. I've never had a job that close.

Abby called and has applied for a job with the DNR. They notified her that she is qualified for the position. She would be working for the State of Iowa if she gets it. That would be great! As far as I know, they pay for your health benefits. That would really help them. I've been telling Steve he should apply at the State for a job. Thus far, he hasn't listened to me. :(

Heather's doing a good job working for Cha Cha. People textmail questions that she finds answers for and sends the answer and resources back to them. Some of the questions she gets are really weird. What language did Adam and Eve speak? I would say probably Hebrew, but who really knows?

Josh hasn't called yet, but, yesterday he let me know he reserved a place for us for Thanksgiving. We were really lucky there as every other place is already taken. That's what you get for waiting so long to get a place reserved.

Christmas will be less than normal this year. Everyone is hurting financially. I didn't think the Wallstreet downward plunge would effect us, but it sure did. At least we'll still be able to get together and enjoy each other.

Hope you're having a great day! Halfmoon

Abby and Mikayla

I just had a wonderful afternoon with my youngest daughter, Abby, and my youngest granddaughter, Mikayla Corey. She is eight weeks old today! I was able to give her a bottle for the first time (Mommy's milk, of course), and she took it like a pro.

Being a grandmother to eight grandchildren (and one more in February) means so much to me. It just makes me so proud of my children, words cannot express it truly. Abby and I had a great time to visit and by letting me take care of Mikayla, Abby was able to get a little rest.

She sure is growing fast. Before you know it she'll be sitting up and crawling. She loves to look at the ceiling fans and lights. I need to remember to tell Grandpa that we need a new table lamp. Or at least a new shade for the one by Grandma's chair.

Thanksgiving is a week away, I can't wait! Hope you have a wonderful day! Halfmoon

Lunch with Sue and Wendy

After going to Uncle Marvin's funeral, Steve, Heather, and I met Sue and Wendy for lunch. It was a time to unwind from the stress of the funeral. There was only the service at the church and then one at the gravesite, no get together to see our relatives and visit.

We all had good food (Heather and I split a tenderloin and fries as did Sue and Wendy and Steve grabbed a bowl of chili). Before the sandwiches and soup came Sue and Wendy had some type of fruit dessert on a bed of what looked like cheesecake, all on a type of crust with slivered almonds around it. It looked sinful. Sue offered me a bit and I declined (trying to lose weight, remember?) but it was pretty tempting. Maybe if I were taking top rated fat burners I could enjoy something like that once in a while.

After we ate we all had a great time together. We don't get together often enough. I don't want time to go by and wish we had seen each other more. If it's one thing a funeral does for you, it is making you think about putting life in perspective. Where are your priorities? I know mine are not in the correct order that they should be. I need to make changes in my life about choices I make. Don't we all? Halfmoon

Time Together

Yesterday Steve, Heather, and I went to my Uncle Marvin's funeral. It was sad to go to any one's funeral; but, when it is for someone you love, it is heartrending. The service was very nice and my second cousin sang two songs (for his grandfather). I don't know how he could do it, but, I guess I've said that before and Heather and I sang at my father's funeral. You get through it somehow.

Angel (Uncle Marvin's granddaughter and also my second cousin) took a few minutes to share one thought from each of his grand kids. It was wonderful. Some points were made (memories mostly) that had all of us laughing.

The minister then asked if anyone else had a memory of Marvin that they would like to share. All through the service I kept remembering a picture of him holding me in a rocking chair at my parent's home. No one stood up and so finally I did. I told them how I had that picture and Uncle Marvin would come down and rock me to give my parents a little relief. I had terrible allergies and they would have to walk me at night to try to stop me from crying. That picture made me love Uncle Marvin more than anything else he's ever done.

He used to come down and play pool or cards with my Dad. I used to love just watching them and listen to their stories. There were plenty of those! Everyone who knew Marvin Scoular loved him. He was a very loving, helping person. When he and Aunt Wanda lived in Arizona (during the winters), he would help the other people in the mobile home park, too! What a man!

We all will miss him; but, I imagine by now he is playing pool with my Dad, or calling out Bingo numbers (which are probably all gold) to everyone up there! Goodbye and God Bless and Keep you, Uncle Marvin. Say hi to my Mom and Dad, and of course, Denny and his family! Halfmoon

P.S. Have you heard about the Lipovox review? It might be what I need to get a boost on losing this weight.

He's a Winner

Steve II is the oldest of my two sons. He's been struggling to stay on his feet finance-wise as he has had his hours cut at work due to the economy. Sunday evening my husband took him to PM to take their minds off of the everyday struggle.

When all but a dollar of Stevie's money was gone, he put that in a nickel machine. On his first spin he won $202. How exciting for him. Then as he was at the machine where you cash out your tickets, he decided to put the extra $2 in a machine there and he won $20. At that point he decided he better leave while he was ahead. Hurray for him!

It is so great to see something good happen to him for a change. And he's wise enough not to go back out to try his luck again. I think it has been nine or ten years since he's been out there. (Probably has only gone three times in his life.)

Maybe he should check into retail pos systems now that he has a little extra cash. I'm just joking, they are for businesses which he doesn't have right now. Maybe some day he will. Congratulations to you, Steve! Halfmoon

Uncle Marvin

My uncle passed away a few days ago. He was my Dad's brother and the only living relative of Dad's immediate family. I am including the write-up from the NONPAREIL Online. Uncle Marvin was my favorite in Dad's family. He was loved by everyone who knew him.

"Marvin J. Scoular, age 89, of Council Bluffs, passed away November 15, 2008 at Mercy Hospital.

Marvin was born August 21, 1919 in Bismarck, N.D., to the late James P. and Della M. (Abel) Scoular. He served his country in the U.S. Navy Seabees during WWII. Marvin married Wanda M. Felton on March 2, 1941. To this union, three children were born. Marvin retired from the Union Pacific Railroad in 1979 as a carman after 39 years of service. He was a member of Bethany Presbyterian Church; Good Sam's Camping Club and was a former director at the U.P. Credit Union.

Marvin was preceded in death by three sisters, Velda, Irene and Lucille; brother, Jack.

He is survived by his wife of 67 years, Wanda M. Scoular of Council Bluffs; daughters, Cheryl J. Johnson of Omaha, Linda K. Walker and husband Ken of Crescent; son, Richard D. Scoular and wife Jean of Firestone, Colorado; 9 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren; nieces and nephews.

Visitation with the Family, Monday, 6:30-8:00 p.m. at Cutler-O'Neill-Meyer-Woodring Funeral Home. Funeral service, Tuesday, 10:00 a.m. at Bethany Presbyterian Church, 1900 South 7th St. Rev. Greg Carlson, Pastor will officiate. Interment Cedar Lawn Cemetery with military rites tendered by American Legion Post #2. Memorials to Bethany Presbyterian Church preferred."

I had hoped to include his picture, however, this computer has other ideas. Tomorrow Heather, Steve, and I will drive to Council Bluffs for Uncle Marvin's funeral. God is great and He will be with us in this time of our grief. In sadness, I hope you have a good day. Halfmoon

Steve II

I spent the day yesterday with Stevie and Jadah. In the morning I stayed in their apartment with Jadah while Steve and Stevie put a new battery in his car and went down to get four new tires.

After that, Steve went back home to get things done on the home front and I took Stevie and Jadah to Des Moines. They treated me to Taco Bell (Yo Quierro Taco Bell!) and then it was off to get groceries.

After a quick dash back to his apartment to drop off groceries and Jadah, we met Steve and drove together to church. It was a different type of service where the pastor had everyone come sit down on chairs on the platform (instead of up in the stadium seats).

Half the time the lights were up and shining in our eyes. The pastor had clips of audio and one video where people from the church gave testimony to what the church has done for them. It was pretty good. Then the pastor said this guy was going to talk for a little while before we close.

It went on FOREVER. Finally at 6:30 p.m. we got up and left. Stevie had to get back for Jadah. I was pretty disappointed by then and a little bit angry with that church. Needless to say, Stevie doesn't want to go back to that one. We had talked him into giving that church a try. What a bummer.

I received an email yesterday that my uncle died. What a way to get the message, huh? Crazy. He is the last alive of my Dad's brother and sisters. All that's left now is us cousins and the wife of the brother that just passed on. So sad. Guess I'll check my emails to see when I need to get the luggage out to attend his funeral.

It's really sad when that is the only reason you get together with your relatives any more. A grim reminder that we need to get together with those we love while there is yet time. Halfmoon


Thought I'd try to get a pic of my family put in here. This one isn't great but at least there are no bunny ears. I had to take eleven pictures to get this one. I tried to tell my family to get serious about it but do they listen? As you can tell this pic is dated. They baby is Jadah and Carter and Mikayla aren't even born yet.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and will be here before you know it. We always have the question as to where it will be held. It's easiest for us to have it here if the kids help clean up afterwards. Last year we decided to only get together for Thanksgiving. Christmas Day everyone spends it with the other side of their families or just as a family on their own.

Of course, Christmas Eve is spent celebrating Steve's b'day. Normally it is Chinese as that's the only type of restaurant open. We all love the food there though. Last year we had to switch places to go as our favorite Chinese food restaurant was closed. Couldn't figure that one out. I guess I'd better scout that one out early, huh? Have a wonderful day! Halfmoon

A Down Day

The day started out good. I was trying my best not to go to Des Moines and spend money so I headed to the library in Adel and loaded up on books. I love to read and I probably spend most of my time with my nose in a book.

On the way home from the library I decided to get the mail (which I rarely do as it hurts me to walk to the mailbox and back). Since I was in my car and going the right direction, I just stopped the vehicle and got out, grabbed the mail, and got back in.

Once I got in the house I opened the mail that shows my investments. That was a wrong thing to do! My investments lost 21% of their worth. I knew that the Dow was going down, but I thought that was just stocks and I didn't think my portfolio had many stocks, just mutual funds. My sister said mutual funds are like individual stocks???

Then I opened the letter from my lawyer. My court hearing is a year away. OMG I don't know that I can exist a year on the money I have. I was seriously bummed, to say the least. When Steve called me, I started crying as I told him about it. He consoled me saying something like, "We'll make it, don't worry," and other things that helped me a lot.

He really is a sweetheart to me. It's taken 31 years, but well worth the wait. No seriously, Steve has been really great for over seven years now. I think it took getting all the kids out on their own so we can relax and enjoy each other.

If you're looking for a watch check out Oakley watches. They have some really cool things on their site. Here's hoping today's a better day! Have a great one! Halfmoon


Just thought I'd share a few photos of my newest granddaughter, if I can figure out how to upload it into this post!

Aren't they adorable. She sure doesn't look like she just had Mikayla. Justin's Dad's name was Michael and his uncle's name was Corey. Mikayla Corey was named in honor of her grandpa and great uncle who died in November of 2007.
Now for pics with the family.

Grandpa and granddaughter

Aunt Heather

Uncle Steve

Uncle Josh

And of course, Mikayla at about six weeks old!

Unfortunately the only one I had of Justin (Daddy) was the one with Steve II and it wasn't even one of him holding Mikayla. I think I took all of the pics of her daddy holding her on Abby and Justin's camera. I'll have to see if I can have her send me one.
She's getting a little hair on the back of her head and it is not blond! So far the eyes are blue but you know how that goes. She's starting to settle in a little more now (not crying as much). She loves to be held (don't they all).
That's it for now! That makes eight grand kids now (I'll enter recent pics of them soon) and number nine will arrive in February! I just love my grandkids. Halfmoon

Shopping Confessions!

I found a really neat contest! Does the sound of $33,000 in prizes excite you? It does me! I'm always looking for a way to come into more money and this would be an easy way to do it. It's called the Shopping Confessions Contest and the grand prize is $15,000. There are also $1,000 prizes for video entries and $500 prizes for text entries.

Everyone loves to shop and online shopping makes it really easy to get your shopping completed. I know since I've been hurt, it is very hard for me to walk around and online shopping is a great solution. I know a lot of people shop online, I think it's time the rest of us tried it.

Go to the website and check out the contest. Who knows, you might be a winner. Be sure to sign up and say that you saw the contest on my blog at and I'll love ya for it!

P.S. Watch this trailor of Confessions of a Shopaholic, it's great!

Oh, I may make my own video telling of my escapade that occurred a few weeks ago, so keep watching (but don't tell Steve to watch it!) Halfmoon

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Barack Obama, President Elect

I have kept my political opinions out of my site thus far for a purpose. My family and friends know where I stand and I'm not out much but I did encourage anyone I talked to to vote, period!

I knew either side would be making history for the United States. Either we have the first black man as president or the first woman as vice-president, we'll be going down in history. My hopes are that Barack can 'change' this country in a good way.

I will let you know that I had hoped his opponent would be the victor, but I will be a true American and acknowledge him as my President, as long as he doesn't go against my convictions. I heard his first speech today and I'm sure it will be followed by many more.

Here's to the future! Halfmoon

Miss Mikayla

Abby brought Mikayla over two nights ago as she's been crying a lot. Sometimes Grandma can get her to calm down, but not always. Grandpa gave it a try, too, and it worked for a short while.

She loves to look at the light/ceiling fan and just stare. Sometimes that will stop her crying, but again, not for long. I love to rock the little ones while singing the songs my mother used to sing to my kids (and probably to us when we were babies). 'God's Little Candles', 'The Owl Lullaby', 'A Tiny Turned Up Nose', and one that I won't name, but if you're in my family, you'll know immediately which song that is.

Today, I met Abby (and Mikayla, of course,) at the doctor for Ab's six week check-up. It seems unreal that it has been six weeks now. Mikayla was a doll the whole time. Especially when the doctor was there and Abby asked questions about her crying. Wouldn't you know it?

At Abby's house they try white noise to calm the baby down. You know, turning the television on but not on a station, or in the car the same thing with the radio. She also likes the sound of water running (or the vacuum).

Seriously, it would be nice to find a key to helping Mikayla out. The doctor said it is a normal baby thing and not to worry about it. Right! Try that when it's your baby and you're worn out and she won't stop crying. I guess we were pretty lucky with our kids (or it's so long ago that I can't remember it being real bad).

Hopefully, Mikayla will grow out of this phase soon so Mommy and Daddy can relax and enjoy! Halfmoon

I Can't Get a Break

I went to the hand surgeon yesterday to see what could be done with the spur in my thumb joint. It can be corrected with surgery. They make a long cut on the underside of the hand, cut out a third of the bone, including the spur, then insert a ligament, and close it up. I forgot to ask where they get the ligament from????

I think you then are in a cast for a month. Oh, and he said I would have some discomfort for a few weeks. Some discomfort, my eye. That usually means it will really hurt, right? Oh, forgot to mention the nerve test that they do first.

I had a nerve test done in my leg before. I was unable to speak for quite a while after they finished. Steve asked me in an elevator full of people how I was doing. I just shook my head. I knew if I opened my mouth, I would start sobbing.

No, thank you! Don't want to do that to my hand! Such a deal! Well, have a great day! Halfmoon

Cellulitis Again?

Steve had Cellulitis in his wrist and arm area a while back. (You'll remember our roofing experience!) About a week ago, he showed me a sore above his hand in the same area he had problems before. My advice was to go have it checked out. He thought maybe he had poison ivy or oak again. Isn't it past that season? Besides, he hasn't been working outdoors.

As per the norm, he ignored me and continued working a few days. Then one evening he shows me his wrist area again. Swelled up with three sores now. I didn't see any redness at least. Again, I encouraged him to go have it checked out. He just doesn't feel he has time with working in Ankeny, then going to the Y, by the time that's done, it's too late to go to a clinic.

Night before last I can't remember if there were four or five sores but I told him he'd better get to the clinic directly from work, then if there's time he can go to the Y. Thankfully, he did just that. They took fluid from one of the sores and will call him with the results. You know, the hospital took four or five tubes of blood from Steve when he had to have IVs and never called with results.

Maybe this time we will know what is causing this problem. I'm thinking more strongly about getting mortgage life insurance. I don't know what I'd do if something happened to Steve.

This is probably a good wake-up call to get our will finished too. Man, I hate doing things like that don't you? One of those things you hate to go through but are glad you got it done, right? Have a great day! Halfmoon

Not Good News

As I was driving to Abby's Tuesday morning (as if the day wasn't bad enough), Heather called and gave me bad news. Jordan's Dad, Earl, was in the hospital. She was heading there with Jordan as we spoke. I told her I'd call her after I helped Abby at her appointment.

I guess Nick (Jordan's older half-brother) found Earl Monday night on the floor. He thought Earl was having seizures. Earl's Mom came over with her blood pressure machine and couldn't get a blood pressure on him. They called the ambulance, but they also couldn't get a blood pressure on him, then they took him to the ER.

Apparently he had a ruptured spleen and he lost 4 pints of blood, bleeding internally. Man! He is lucky to be alive. Heather stayed for a while with Jordan, but felt uncomfortable being there so she asked if I could take him up later.

I had changed my tire appointment at Saturn to 3:30 thinking I wouldn't have to rush with Abby that way. As I drove away from her house at 12:30, I called Saturn to see if they still had a 1:00 appointment. Since they did, I drove straight there and called to let Heather know I would pick up Jordan after the tire was fixed (so I wouldn't have to rush his visit to be back at Saturn by 3:30).

Would you believe it? Saturn took 2 1/2 hours with a stupid tire. Actually, they said they were waiting on the company to approve replacing the tire. Well, I have better things to do! I was pretty angry by the time I left for Heather's.

The time at the hospital went well. Jordan asked the nurses and techs all kinds of questions and they were amazed at what he'd remember. They took the ventilator off of Earl while we were there. (I would have preferred waiting in the lobby, but Jordan wanted to stay.) I told Jordan he needed to be a doctor when he grew up so he could support his Grandma Fern and me! Fern laughed and agreed.

After a few hours, I took Jordan back to Heather's and visited for a while. I think it was around 7:30 when I got back home. Long day! No rest for the weary, huh? Halfmoon

What a Start to the Day!

My plan, Tuesday, was to meet Abby at 9:45 to go with her to the doctor. I had my alarm set to go off at 6:30, but at 5:50 Steve came in the bedroom "You have a flat tire (completely flat) on the front of your car and I don't have time to change it."

Well, great! Oh, well, I have free maintenance on the tires, and Saturn gave me free roadside assistance. They did grade the road recently, but there isn't much gravel left on it, you'd think I'd have had a flat sooner than now. Steve had two flats last weekend. (And I was considering myself lucky!)

I trudged out to the garage in my sweats and winter coat. I borrowed a pair of Steve's slip-ons (easier than tying mine) which was a bad idea because they kept rubbing on the top of my right foot :( After finally finding my tire contract, I threw the keys to the Vue on the driver's side floor and headed back into the house.

Thinking I could still get my time in the whirlpool tub, I called the 800 number and was asked if I was in a safe place and if I'd be near the car. I forgot that I might have to sign for the tire to be done. OK, maybe I should eat breakfast while waiting for the guy to show up. Meanwhile, I decided to take the car out of the garage as Steve hates for it to be open with the trouble we've had in the past (2 slashed tires on my Vue) with one neighbor's family. I was surprised the car didn't want to back up, I really had to give it the gas to get it to move, but finally the deed was done.

Thinking Steve would be proud of me for taking the car out of the garage and locking it up, I called him. He was upset that I drove on a completely flat tire. Well, I get free tires anyway so deal with it! I can't seem to win for losing! By 7:15 my dummy was on and I headed into the house to get my relief in the whirlpool jets. What a way to start my day, huh? Halfmoon

The Holidays are Coming!

I belong to a group called Flylady. They send you emails daily to help you clean your house without being overwhelmed. The messages give you little things to do each day and eventually your house is clean without the marathon of cleaning for a party, company, or holiday.

Right now they are writing about Cruising through the Holidays. One of the topics I'm really interested in is making twice the amount of a meal, then freeze half of it for a future meal. I don't mind cooking when I'm doing it but I hate cleaning up. This would save a cleanup too! What an idea!

Let's see, what kind of meals could I freeze. Actually, if I bought two 8 x 8 pans, I could make my regular lasagna recipe and put half in the freezer for future use. I rarely make it anymore unless I'm having company because that recipe is waaaaayyyy too much food for Steve and I to eat. Actually, most recipes I make are for 9 x 13 pans, so wouldn't two 8 x 8 pans work?

Any hints you have about cooking, let me know. I cannot stand at the stove very long with my back so I have my girls help when they come over. I don't know if they realize how much I appreciate it when they help, whether it's cooking or the cleanup.

Just an update, I stopped by to see Abby and Mikayla Monday. They are doing great. Abby's getting right into the Mommy habit, I just love it. That's it till the next adventure....Halfmoon

Soccer Galore

Four of my grandchildren play soccer this season and it is great! I will have to tell you that I am a sideline cheerleader for whichever team I'm watching. Heather got me started attending the grandkids' games, so it's her fault! LOL

Katiana's team is such a real hoot to watch! One game I attended the game couldn't start because the opposing team didn't have enough players on the field. They only play three kids to a team. The other team only had one child willing to run on the field to play. The others cried and kept shaking their heads "No." Finally one of the girls from our team turned her shirt inside out and played for the opposing team.

Jordan is a really great goalie and I just love it when he stops those goals from being made! All of the teams my grandkids are on do not officially keep score, but believe it when I tell you the kids his age keep count and know who won!

Taylor has come a long way from when she started. Actually, she improves with every game I see her play in. She isn't afraid to go after the ball, even when the opposing team are ganging up around her. I am so proud of her! I went to one of her games today. Naturally, I'm wore out after the games because I've been rooting the team on very vocally.

Yesterday I went to Sydney's game and she is a little fireball going after the ball. At one point Stevie said, "Man, Mom, I can't hear now." He mentioned remembering me holler at his and Josh's games too!

Before you know it, Alyce and Jadah will be on teams. We'll give Carter and Mikayla a few years before they join, but look out then! I may have to be helped onto the field, but I'll still be hollering for our side! Speaking of Mikayla, Grandma should probably be looking at strollers
for that little one, huh? Hope you all had a nice weekend.....Halfmoon

Little Mikayla

I worked on the paperwork for my injury for probably three hours yesterday and I think I finished it all except for copying pictures of where my car sat and getting a phone number for where I worked before Iowa Health Physicians. So, out I head to celebrate. Luckily, Abby called me and asked if I wanted to come over early. Saved by her call, I went there instead.

Mikayla is her own sweet little self. She actually looks like she's gaining weight, must be getting good stuff from her Mommy. Abby looks really good too! I had Theresa order pizza before I got there so it arrived shortly after I did. It was great. I got so excited when the pizza came that I forgot to give him the coupon when I gave him the money. Oops!

Theresa left at 5:30 and Steve arrived around that time. Linda came a short while later and they had pizza too. I didn't realize that Abby sat in a bean bag chair when she left the room to nurse. I asked her if she wanted us to leave when she nursed so she could sit in the rocker. I could tell she really appreciated the thought. When Justin arrived, Mikayla was gearing up to nurse so I told Steve and Linda, let's get going. It was probably the first evening they were alone together.

Steve just called me a little while ago. There's talk of layoff again. He's only worked 5 days. Oh, well, if he gets layed off, we'll head for Alabama. Maybe we should start looking at used Harleys. Just joking, I'm sure my back wouldn't be able to handle riding on one, wish it was. Halfmoon

Mikayla Corey Sleeth

She is so pretty! Mommy and baby are doing wonderful (as is Daddy). We stopped by today to drop off a small token of our love. Mikayla had just eaten and was sleeping so peacefully. Abby was getting ready to take a nap, too, so we didn't stay long.

They already had a house full with supper preparations under way (looked yummy). Justin's brother, Jacob, was helping Justin put in some electrical in the baby's room, while Theresa and Mandy were busy in the kitchen.

Steve and I went to Taylor's soccer game after leaving Abby's. It was really fun to watch. They ended in a tie but everyone was happy not to have lost the game. Little by little I am starting to learn more about soccer which is great. I currently have three grandkids in the sport.

I wish we had land (with a new house on it) so we could look for moving companies to pack, move, and unpack our things. Come on Powerball! Till the next event...Halfmoon

Mikayla Corey Has Arrived!

Abby called me at 3:00 a.m. yesterday to say they were on their way to the hospital. I told her I would meet them there and quickly got dressed. Steve had just started back to work Wednesday so he was unable to attend the event but he debated going anyway. I know it bothered him that he couldn't be there for Abby, he's always tried to be there for our kids. He told me to drive careful as he went back to bed.

Driving down our road (about halfway to the first turn), I realized I should probably take my meds with me for the day with me since I'd be needing my next dose when I normally wake up. And, also, since one of the pills is for high blood pressure and another to slow down my heart, it would probably be a good bet I'd especially need those.

I turned my car around and drove back home. As I pulled into the driveway, the yard light came on and Steve met me at the door. "What's wrong?" I told him about my meds and he agreed and said, "Watch out for the deer" as I left again.

This time I drove all the way to the stop sign at the first turn. Man! I forgot the camcorder and camera! I debated whether I should go back home again. Time is flying and Abby only lived about 15 minutes from the hospital. Back home I drove, angry with myself that I can't remember things. Just the day before I thought about making sure both items were charged up. Of course, I didn't follow through on that either!

The light came on as I pulled in again and Steve was at the door. I explained the situation as I ran to grab the things and flew back out the door. As I was driving down the road again, I realized Steve hadn't said anything to me about being careful. Well, I thought, the deer had just better look out for me. (Normally I drive 30 mph at night on our road because you are sure to see one to six deer moseying across it.)

When I finally made it to the Interstate, I breathed a sigh of relief. Justin called to tell me Abby was truly in labour. He laughed when I told him about my travels thus far and said I had plenty of time. Theresa and Jade (Justin's mom and sis) were there when I arrived. They preferred waiting in the maternity lobby during labour. I had to be there with my baby girl who sailed through the labour and delivery with flying colors. If Abby got grumpy at all she would apologize to the nurses who just lauded her through it.

Mikayla Corey Sleeth was born at 12:51 p.m., Thursday, September 25, 2008, weighing 6 lbs 5 ozs, 19 1/4 inches long. Born on the seven year anniversary date that her parents had been going together! What a day! She is beautiful! I left my camera at the hospital thinking it would be best not to have to drag everything in again, or I'd post a picture here, but I'll try to add it tonight. She caught right on to nursing, which I loved as some of my grandbabies had trouble with it. The doctor thinks she has blond hair. I forgot to ask Abby what color it was after her evening bath.

Well, I'm on the way to the hospital to see my darling daughter and granddaughter (and of course son-in-law). I'll be back to let you know what cute things she does later :) Isn't it great that we don't need snowmobile parts this time of year? Halfmoon

Mikayla Corey Has Arrived!

Abby called me at 3:00 a.m. yesterday to say they were on their way to the hospital. I told her I would meet them there and quickly got dressed. Steve had just started back to work Wednesday so he was unable to attend the event but he debated going anyway. I know it bothered him that he couldn't be there for Abby, he's always tried to be there for our kids. He told me to drive careful as he went back to bed.

Driving down our road (about halfway to the first turn), I realized I should probably take my meds with me for the day with me since I'd be needing my next dose when I normally wake up. And, also, since one of the pills is for high blood pressure and another to slow down my heart, it would probably be a good bet I'd especially need those.

I turned my car around and drove back home. As I pulled into the driveway, the yard light came on and Steve met me at the door. "What's wrong?" I told him about my meds and he agreed and said, "Watch out for the deer" as I left again.

This time I drove all the way to the stop sign at the first turn. Man! I forgot the camcorder and camera! I debated whether I should go back home again. Time is flying and Abby only lived about 15 minutes from the hospital. Back home I drove, angry with myself that I can't remember things. Just the day before I thought about making sure both items were charged up. Of course, I didn't follow through on that either!

The light came on as I pulled in again and Steve was at the door. I explained the situation as I ran to grab the things and flew back out the door. As I was driving down the road again, I realized Steve hadn't said anything to me about being careful. Well, I thought, the deer had just better look out for me. (Normally I drive 30 mph at night on our road because you are sure to see one to six deer moseying across it.)

When I finally made it to the Interstate, I breathed a sigh of relief. Justin called to tell me Abby was truly in labour. He laughed when I told him about my travels thus far and said I had plenty of time. Theresa and Jade (Justin's mom and sis) were there when I arrived. They preferred waiting in the maternity lobby during labour. I had to be there with my baby girl who sailed through the labour and delivery with flying colors. If Abby got grumpy at all she would apologize to the nurses who just lauded her through it.

Mikayla Corey Sleeth was born at 12:51 p.m., Thursday, September 25, 2008, weighing 6 lbs 5 ozs, 19 1/4 inches long. Born on the seven year anniversary date that her parents had been going together! What a day! She is beautiful! I left my camera at the hospital thinking it would be best not to have to drag everything in again, or I'd post a picture here, but I'll try to add it tonight. She caught right on to nursing, which I loved as some of my grandbabies had trouble with it. The doctor thinks she has blond hair. I forgot to ask Abby what color it was after her evening bath.

Well, I'm on the way to the hospital to see my darling daughter and granddaughter (and of course son-in-law). I'll be back to let you know what cute things she does later :) Halfmoon

Good News

Steve went back to work today. Hooray!!!!! It will take a while to get used to working again, I'm sure, but that happens every time you're off for a while. We're just happy to have a regular paycheck coming in!

On to other news, Abby hasn't had the baby yet, but she is more ready for the birth. According to the doctor, she should be in labour within 48 hours. If what the doctor did doesn't work, they will induce her Monday. It's great having a specific date in mind as a backup.

Of course, you know I am itching at the bit to hold a new granddaughter in my arms. I'm sure Abby and Justin are even more anxious than Grandma. Heather is past the halfway mark on her pregnancy too. I know what Abby has been going through has revived Heather's memories of her last birth and can't help but excite her for the birth of her baby.

Our insurance rates have gone up again. Makes me want to start looking around for car insurance. That's it for now. As usual, I'll keep you posted on Mikayla's birth. Halfmoon

Marking Time

Abby called me this morning. Every time I see her name on my phone my heart starts racing and anticipation starts rising. Nope, not the baby yet. They have a rolloff (? dumpster) and will be having it picked up tomorrow evening probably if Steve wants to bring anything over to go in it.

Darn it anyway. When will she go into labor? I can well remember being near the term date and feeling big as a house, anxious for the blessed event to happen. Of course, once the hard labor started, I always wondered why I ever wanted it to happen. I'm sure Abby cannot wait.

Heather, her kids, Abby, Justin, Josh, and his kids came out Saturday evening for a campfire. Heather and I made chicken and noodles for supper and it was yummy. We all stuffed ourselves, then went outside to sit around the fire. The kids love being with their cousins and I love having my grandkids over. The evening was a perfect night weather-wise.

For once no one said anything about diet pills. I suppose with the only two females here being pregnant, that was the reason. When all my girls are around, the subject of weight usually comes up.

That's it for now, I'll write again soon. Hopefully with news of a granddaughter being born. Halfmoon

False Alarm, But A Lot of Fun!

Tuesdays are the nights my best friend, Linda, comes over to visit. We both work on the crafts we are making. She normally cross-stitches her own creations, while I normally crochet afghans. We watch America's Got Talent or House and then later we watch Raymond.

Last Tuesday started like any other. Linda gave me my allergy shots (did I mention she is a nurse?), when my phone rang. Abby was on the line and said she'd been having pains all day. I asked if she wanted us to come over and she said she'd like that. Linda was the nurse for my doctor when I was pregnant with Abby and we became close friends. When we went to the hospital, Linda went with us. We had been playing cards all evening together when I was in labor. So, she was there when Abby was born and has been like a second mother for her ever since.

Steve went with us and we watched tv for a while and then got the cards out. Nothing like tradition, right? Abby's pains subsided, so no baby was born; but we had so much fun playing cards. We laughed a lot while entertaining each other.

I met Abby at her doctor's office the next day and she's closer to deliver than before, but so far no baby has appeared. The 23rd she will go to the hospital and have a limited ultrasound and a nonstress test. If anything's amiss, she will be induced. If not, she has an appointment on the 24th and she and the doctor will decide how to proceed. It's all so exciting. Grandbaby number eight will be here before you know it.

I wonder if Abby and Justin have ipods to take to the hospital? I'll keep you posted when that baby arrives! Halfmoon

I never thought I would be able to say it! It is finished! And it looks so great, it makes the siding look really, really bad. Lord only knows when we will be able to get that done. I know Steve won't be tackling it!

It's raining today (and last night, and tomorrow) and we don't have to worry about it. It feels so weird not watching the weather report six times a day worrying about rain in the forecast. Ok, we do still watch it, but without the trepidation.

We went to Ab and Justin's last night so Steve could help put a screen door on. They installed the inside door two nights before. They look so great, I'm jealous! Our two doors are gross.

Abby is nesting (Heather's term). She has been cleaning a lot and done six loads of washing in the last two days. Baby clothes galore! She's sorting them into newborn, up to 3 months and then 3 - 6 months. So, how do you end up with 4 or 5 little tops without the pants that match? They were all there when you put them in the washer! Hopefully they are already in the bin of clothes folded.

She's been dilated to one for two full weeks and she's tired of it. She has approx 11 days to go, determined, of course, by the little one's whim. My last two went two weeks over but normally first babies don't go over the due date.

Steve and I were contemplating driving to Alabama off and on since work is slow. Then last night I realized, "I can't go to Alabama, Abby will have that baby while I'm gone, as sure as shooting!" She jokingly said, "Go ahead and go, Mom, maybe I'll have it then." I'd never forgive myself if I was gone when she had her first baby. So, we'll stick around and if she has the baby soon, and if he's still off, maybe we will take off for the week that Theresa is there helping Abby.

My week to help will be the second week! I can hardly wait.  Halfmoon

Up on the Rooftop

I've never seen a more hardworking man in my life than my beloved husband, Steve. Or been so proud of anyone than I have been of my two hardworking sons, when they are working their butts off to help their Dad.

Steve decided to start on our roof when he had some slow time at work. Unfortunately, shortly after starting the roof, he had cellulitis in his arm just above the wrist. Joshua even took at least three days off work to help us out. What can you say to a young man so willing to give up his days he could be fishing to sweat it out up on the top of a house? All I can say is I'm proud of you, Josh, and I love you so!

Yesterday Justin (Abby's husband) called me and said he was off early and wanted to come over and help Steve. How cool is that! Even my son-in-law is wonderful! Now the north side of the house is nearly finished, hooray! Steve started on the south side of the highest peak (10/12 pitch) today. I'll be happy when it is all finished (I know Steve will be too!) Since I am unable to work with my back disability, perhaps I should check into Los Angeles jobs, who knows maybe there will be something I can do from my home when I am able to tolerate sitting at a computer.

Well, the rain is supposed to start again, let's hope it's not a large amount. Halfmoon

Fun in the ER

Last week Steve started tearing off the shingles of our roof. Since he's laid off currently, it would be perfect timing if the weather permits, to get the reroofing done. Unfortunately, the first night of demolition, Steve came in to me and showed me his arm. Directly above his wrist was a 2 inch by 1 inch swelling, very red, almost looked like a vein had burst. He was experiencing pain in it and I told him it should be checked. The next day there was redness on the underside of the arm (about 4 inches by 2 inches). I encouraged him to go to the doctor.

They weren't sure what caused the problem but decided to treat it as an infection. Placing him on Cefalexon, they told him to keep an eye on it. By 10:00 p.m., the redness was climbing up his underarm and there was a new swelling on the outside of his arm. After calling the hospital, he was told to come to the ER for an I.V.

We arrived at 11:00 p.m. There were probably five people waiting before us. They took his name and sent him to the lobby to wait. After a few minutes his name was called. He explained his symptoms and was sent to the lobby again. A young girl walked up to the reception desk complaining "I've been here for 3 hours!" Oh, my goodness. We are going to have a long wait.

After two I.V.s of something stronger than Cefalexon, we headed home (4:30 a.m.) He was given instructions to rest with his arm on a pillow. If the redness climbs on up the arm and toward the heart, he's in serious trouble. Cellulitis was the prognosis. Great! And how does he reroof resting with his arm on a pillow? I knew we were going to have trouble.

Stevie and Josh came over Saturday (Josh worked Friday evening) and worked, trying to keep their Dad from doing hard stuff. Ha! No, my guy keeps on working and wonders why his arm is still in bad shape. I swear, with all the stress I've been under, I'll probably need acne products after this.

It rained yesterday, so the roof will have to wait. Between Steve, Joshua, Stevie, and Joe (Steve's brother), the north side of the house has tar paper down and is ready for singles. The balance of the house has old shingles off. The addition is ready for tar paper, but the rest needs OS board put down first. With the winds yesterday, a board flew off and hit my bathroom window cracking it and leaving a few small holes in it. Great! It's not all the way through, but will need replaced. Gotta love it!

Tomorrow we should receive a bid for someone else to finish the roof. Steve's arm now has a hard knot in it where the swelling used to be and is getting more painful. Hopefully someone else will get up on the peak of the house instead of my husband, sons, or brother-in-law.

Hopefully the bid will be low enough for Steve to agree to it. Since most of the work is done (the shingling is the easiest part). We will have a ton of nails now around the yard. Heather and I have been walking around with a magnet collecting some, but Steve is going to get one on rollers which is a lot longer and will pick up a lot more nails at once. If Steve doesn't like the bid, at least the next three days (starting tomorrow) will be sunny!

Have a great day! Halfmoon

Saturday's the Day!

Well, the shower is almost upon us. I can hardly wait. I went to Abby's Tuesday to see what she received from the Sleeth shower and was nearly overwhelmed. Justin's mom got them an Eddie Bauer bassinet with all the trimmings. Seems like anything I get will be unable to compare to that.

They have tons of clothes now, two Binkys or BinBins as Alyce would say (pacefiers), a cool train that makes a lot of noise, bottles, diapers, etc. Speaking of diapers, Abby and I were trying to figure out which pile to put diapers in from the diaper cake as they were different sizes. This was after Abby told me she'd looked inside the diapers to find a tag (LOL). I told her, "Don't look at me, I haven't bought diapers since you were in them!" Finally, I said we should take one out of a package of diapers so we know what size is what. Guess what? Abby noticed the diapers have the size printed on the back of the diapers! How cool is that. And we were just about ready to call Heather for help.

I had wanted to get a rocking chair for the shower, then after I drove home, I remembered the leather chair I sit in a lot rocks. What else to get? Hmmmmmm! Of course I finally came up with an idea, but cannot divulge it here. What if Abby reads it?

Jackie sent her presents by UPS and they arrived a few days ago. I got out my trusty box cutter, zapped that puppy open and can only get a glimpse of what she sent (not fair). Jackie told me to open it and see if they arrived all right. I can't wait till Abby completely opens the presents at the shower.

That's it for now, have a glorious day! Halfmoon

Sue, Wendy, and the Kids

Sue, my sister from Council Bluffs, and Wendy, my niece from Avoca and her three children, came over for a visit Wednesday. Heather, Jordan, Kat, and Alyce, Shelley Taylor and Carter, Angie and Jadah, Abby, and Sydney (Steve's oldest daughter) were all here. That made all of my grandchildren here to play with Kyle, Kole, and Kloe.

There was a little shyness at first between the kids until they found a baby toad, then everyone lightened up and had fun. I cannot believe how Kyle has grown (both taller and mature wise). Kole and Katiana are around the same age and that is always fun. Kloe and Alyce are close to the same age too, however, they both wanted to play with the same toys All in all everyone had a great time.

When my sisters, brother, and I were younger, we used to be around our cousins a lot and made many memories. (Remember piling the mattresses in the living room, Sue, and jumping off the TV onto them? At least until we were caught by Mom and Dad.) As we grew older, there was a pig roast to go to yearly at my Aunt Velda's. That was always great fun.

Sue and I exchanged birthday presents (our birthdays are in May). She always has such great taste, I love her gifts. With the gas prices what they are, we both put off making a trip to see each other. They came up to Adventureland and stayed over night at a friend's home, then stopped at my place before travelling back home. I made maidrites for lunch (since it's easy to make in large quantity) along with chips, yum. I normally don't eat lunch but it was worth it.

Shelley, Abby, and Angie weren't able to stay long but what time Sue and Wendy had with them was great. Of course, we took pictures to commemorate the event! When they left (to go home), Heather drove us to Sydney's house so we could drop her off. All in all it was a wonderful day. One I hope we repeat often before the cold weather comes on. Hope you all have a great day today. Until the next time....Halfmoon

Doctor's Visit

Those of you I've talked to recently know that I have been having problems with my gallbladder for a few weeks now. Saturday afternoon I started needing to use the necessary room quite often. Not wanting to go into more detail except it is what every person dreads. Not feeling nauseous, I ruled out the stomach flu.

I had made egg salad sandwiches for lunch (which were delicious) and immediately wondered if it was the culprit. Since Steve didn't become sick, that was ruled out also (although the thought of eating another one makes me ill). Wondering if it was tied up with the gallbladder, I became nervous about eating anything. After having rice for two days, I ventured into trying more solid food again.

Since I had a doctor's appointment today, I figured I'd just wait to see what she said. She doesn't know if the two are related either. Great, huh? I told her I didn't want to have the gallbladder removed since I read on the web that you have more chance of getting colin cancer after removal. She hadn't heard that but went to her website and printed out a report that confirmed it. So she said, "If you want to make an appoinment with the doctor you saw for the gallbladder is up to you." Okay, so what's the alternative?

I wouldn't mind going to a specialist who would consider zapping the darn gall stones (I have three). And how do you get them, for crying out loud? On the positive side, my not eating much (because I'm afraid to) has made me go down to 1/2 pound lower than my low weight. Now if I could just keep lowering it, that would be grand. I should have thought to ask the doc, "Which are the best diet pills to take?"

I had one more thing to talk to the doctor about but instead of her coming into the room again with the report, she sent her nurse in with it. I told Sandy about the last thing I had wanted to discuss and would the doctor order the US of the kidney that my sisters and I all need every two years? Since all of the doctors are helping out in the walk-in clinic today, my doctor would not be able to come back in to visit with me. Great, huh? Sandy said she would talk with the doctor about the US and see if she wanted to order an xray for my hand.

So I left the clinic not knowing if my current illness and the problem with my gallbladder are related, not getting my hand looked at, and no alternative to having the gallbladder removed. Isn't life grand? Hope you had a more productive day! Halfmoon

Time With Jordan

I went to Heather's Wednesday to visit and was amazed at Jordan's response to helping around the house. In the last two days he had emptied the dishwasher four times, picked up and swept the kitchen, and cleaned his room without complaining. Heather asked if I had noticed he is growing up. I agreed with her.

While I was there he'd taken two bags out to the dumpster plus two more trips to take empty water jugs out with not a negative word. I could see he was worn out, but was so proud of him. Apparently the girls got into his room and messed it up again which was frustrating, needless to say. I asked him to go into his room and pick half of it up and sent Kat in to straighten the rest. He looked at me with such tiredness, that I told him when he was done, he could go home with me for the night. Wow, did that perk him up.

Halfway home I wasn't surprised when I looked in the back seat and saw him asleep. Of course, when I pulled into the garage, he perked up again and was all excited. We had chef salads for supper and then Jordan and I played two games of Yahzee. Grandpa went to bed before our first game was finished. Steve's been working in Ames all week and the drive alone wears him out.

Thursday Jordan and I spent some time outside and then went in to play a game of Clue. I forgot how much fun it is just to play board games. We really enjoyed each other and I can see that he is maturing. Outside once again, Jordan swept the platform of the swingset and I helped him put a lawn chair on it. He said he felt like he was on top of the world and could feel a great breeze up there. (It was a very hot day.)

He helped me work on a puzzle after that and then I challanged him to another game of Clue. Of course, we had to play Yahzee again and he actually beat me! I took him back home late that afternoon. On the drive home I put our favorite song in the CD player and started singing. I kept glancing back at him and finally noticed he wasn't singing along. That surprised me as he usually loves to sing.

Once we arrived at Heather's, I stayed to visit a short while (long enough to make Kat pick up the mess she'd made in the living room). She asked me how long I was staying (I think she was tired of Grandma making her mind). When she had picked up the last thing that didn't belong on the floor, she said "Grandma, are you going to go home now?" I laughed at that because I knew she didn't want me to think of something else she should do! LOL I went in and told Alyce goodbye and she puckered up her lips for a kiss. I kissed her and then she held her little arms out to give her Grandma a hug. How sweet is that? Have a great day! Halfmoon

P.S. Steve is thinking hard about leaving the carpentry field. The only thing that has held him back is the cost of insurance. Maybe we should look into NC health insurance.

A Memory from Home

When I was young, my mother used to make a dinner with tuna that we grew to love. She didn't use it with salmon because of the price, but when I started fixing it for my family, I replaced the tuna with salmon and it is devine! My kids love it and the boys fought over the bones in the tuna before I even heated the skillet. Now that everyone's moved out, I eat the bones myself! What a treat! Here's the recipe that I use:

2 cans Humpty Dumpty Salmon
2 large eggs
saltine crackers
salt and pepper to taste

Place the salmon in a large bowl. Add the eggs and stir until the egg is mixed through the salmon. Break up saltine crackers into small pieces and drop into the bowl. Mix in the crackers with the salmon/egg mixture until you see crackers everywhere. I never count the crackers, for two cans you probably use at least 3/4 of a pack of crackers. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Pour oil (I use canola) into a frying pan until it is at least half the height of the patties you are preparing. While the oil heats, I press the salmon mixture into patties that are the size of a hamburger. When the oil is hot, carefully place each patty into the pan using a spatula. Once the bottom of the patty is golden, carefully flip it over to cook the second side. When the patties are cooked golden on both sides, I place them on paper towels to absorb the excess oil.

These really are delicious. We serve bread and butter alongside the patties with a veggie. My husband likes to place the patty between the slices of bread and butter and eat it as a sandwich. I am allergic to most fish, so eating these salmon patties are a real treat. I cannot eat fresh salmon, but I bet using fresh salmon would not only be better, but the source would be known and the salmon would be local and a fresh catch.

Perhaps I should send my recipe to a Cook off. Entering a cook off would be fun and everyone needs more seafood in their diet. If you have any favorite spices or seasonings that would enhance my recipe, I encourage you to try it and reply back to me. Or you could send me favorite recipes of your own that you'd like to share. Have a great day, and remember to consider entering the cookoff! Halfmoon

Celebrating Taylor's Tenth Bday

Although Taylor had a skating party yesterday with her friends and two cousins, today the rest of the family and her neighbors will be honoring her in celebration of her 10th birthday! We will be meeting at Taylor's place and having the ritual food and family fest!

It sure doesn't seem like it has been that long since that rainy night when she came into the world. I remember well, driving through the torrent trying to follow Josh and Shelley to Iowa Lutheran Hospital for the blessed event. I was to be allowed in the room until the birth was imminent and then I would go to the lobby lounge for the actual event.

I joined Josh in the room and, as the pains became more difficult, Shelley became more verbal. I took Jay aside and told him to try and help her gain control of the pain by the breathing exercises. He didn't want to make her even more angry by suggesting it. I knew I stood little chance of success, simply being Joshua's mom made little difference. Finally, a little old nurse came in the room and took control.

All of us mothers know how painful those last hours of labor are (or atleast those who had to go through labor without the new epidurals). When I compare the difference between Carter and Taylor's births, I am amazed. It's too bad they didn't have them back during our time!

When the birth was imminent, I was thrust into being the left stirrup and at that point Shelley didn't care who was in the room. Tay was born with the cord wrapped around her neck and her lips were already turning blue. Dr. Holcomb did a quick figure 8 type of move with the baby and the cord was away from the neck and Holcomb handed her to the nurse for oxygen to be placed over her face. Taylor immediately pinked up (both lips and face) and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

Now that little baby is 10 years old, man! She was the first grandchild we had and at the time, Jay and Shelley lived with us so I was blessed with being there 24/7. I loved it! Since Josh was in the Marines by then, he went off to duty and Shelley and Tay stayed with Grandma and Grandpa. My only regret back then is that Shelley's mom didn't live to see Taylor. I think Shell was six months along when her mother died. It was very sad.

Abby has to work today so it will be Heather's family and Steve and I, unless Stevie convinces Angie to change their plans today. We had originally planned this for 1:00 and thus Stevie wouldn't be able to come as Angie works till 3:30 or after. I hope they are able to make it.

Still haven't won the powerball so, thus far, no need for getting a passport. I'm keeping my hopes up though! Halfmoon

Technology of the Future

This technology is brand new in the way a woman's own body can produce a possible harvest to help against diseases for herself, siblings, or her own children. How can this be true? It sounds a little different, but there are vital stem cells in a woman's menstrual blood that may be the key in treating life-threatening diseases. Here's more about it:

Taking Control: Future Therapies for a Host of Serious Diseases May Be Found in Women's Menstrual Blood July 07, 2008: 01:28 PM EST OLDSMAR, Fla., July 7 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- With today’s hectic lifestyle, where most women are juggling careers, family, relationships, and a host of activities, the idea of possibly facing a serious illness in the future is not something that readily comes to mind -- especially when a woman is in the prime of her life. But what most women don’t know, is that the key to treating a number of possibly life-threatening diseases that she, a parent, a sibling or even her children may face in later years, such as osteoporosis, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, may be found within her own body -- in vital stem cells, which can now be harvested from her own menstrual blood. Now, thanks to the revolutionary research and technology of C’elle, a service dedicated to providing women with a safe and easy method of collecting and preserving stem cells found in her menstrual fluid each month, even the busiest woman can take control of her future, right in the privacy of her own home. With C’elle’s non-invasive collection process, menstrual cells are processed and cryo-preserved (stored at a very low temperature) for potential cellular therapies that may be used in the future. These self-renewing cells one day may even be used for sports medicine or cosmeceutical treatments, such as anti-aging therapies. Tough Economy? Take control...with the click of a mouse on a pop-up calendar to mark your next cycle, order C'elle online for a limited-time introductory price at

My father had Dementia (a precurser of Alzheimers Disease) and at the end of his life, it was never known if he'd recognize us when we visited him until we got there. Alzheimers is a dreadful disease that robs a patient of his memory. Eventually, he or she is locked in their own little world unable to break out. As the disease progresses, damage to the brain affects many functions (besides memory), including motor functions and speaking.

With Dad, it started with not remembering where he put something, and then he couldn't remember where to turn when he was driving home. Eventually he stopped working crossword puzzles. It is very scary for the patient and for their family. It is a very cruel and devestating killer. My father died October 14, 2006. Although it is too late for him, it may not be too late for someone else in my family or yours. The odds go up for getting Alzheimers if you have it in your family.

Taco Bell, Yum!

I received a phone call from my granddaughter, Katiana Lynn, today. "Grandma, do you want to have lunch with us today at Taco Bell?" That took me by surprise, to say the least. I told her I would love to and made plans to head to Des Moines as soon as Steve had my car washed.

Since the water in the well is finally lower than the pump, Steve decided to wash both of our vehicles and the propane tank (which all have been needing cleaned for quite some time). I left him hard at work and headed in to have lunch with three of my favorite people.

I used to take the kids to Taco Bell on Saturdays (when money allowed it) after the girls and I had our allergy shots. Trying to take the sting out of being poked (a play on words LOL) and spend fun family time with the kids, we'd all go munch tacos and drink pop.

Taylor was having a skating party today in celebration of her tenth birthday and Jordan was invited. Since Heather has two little ones who don't know how to skate yet and wasn't sure she wanted to be on skates, she thought it would be fun to spend time with her girls at Taco Bell.

Although I was surprised to hear Kat's invitation, I was happy to comply and continue the tradition of having fun at Taco Bell. While I was driving in, I received a phone call from Josh, "Yes, I'd like two Burrito Supremes, an order of Nachos and a large Mt. Dew" was his query. How funny is that? He told me he'd rather go with us than to the skating rink. LOL Can't blame him there.

When I arrived, Kat was standing at the door with a beautiful smile on her face. Not far away sat Alyce with a big smile too, waving at me. I love it that my grandkids love me! After eating my Taco Supremes, I told Heather about the call Josh made. She got this onery look on her face, picked up her cell, called her brother and said, "Dude, we ordered your burritos but I got so hungry, I ate them!" What a card! Too many more trips like today and I'm going to have to start looking at ellipticals to lose more weight. I wonder if they have any that are recumbant bike style? Have a wonderful afternoon and make many happy memories with your families! Halfmoon

I'm Truly Sick of Cherries

Well, last Sunday we picked most of the cherries off the cherry tree. I say 'we' loosely as I only picked those on the branches growing out of the third of the tree that was struck by the oak tree that fell on it a few years ago. Amazingly, although the tree split at the trunk (1/3 and 2/3), and a third of the tree was gone except the bottom three feet, branches grew on that third and actually produced cherries this year.

We had a huge bowl, a large colander, and a roasting pan full of cherries. At that point I persuaded Steve to leave the rest of the cherries in the tree top. (He was relieved, I think, as it would have been dangerous to climb that high on the ladder and he was tired of picking, too.)

Heather and I washed and pitted 15 cups of cherries the first day. Steve washed (?) and pitted eight cups the next day. I washed and pitted 4 cups that same day and since I cannot stand at the sink for more than ten minutes without pain, I sat at the dining room table and washed cherries in the roaster which was not comfortable either.

Last night I gave Linda 12 cups to take home and we still have half to three-quarters of the large bowl left. By now, they are not faring so well and I vote we throw the rest out. My fingernails are stained pink on the undersides. I need to think of something besides cherries as they are driving me insane.

I've been thinking about baby gifts and cannot decide what to get little Mikela. Any suggestions would be welcome. Until the next episode, have a wonderful day! Halfmoon

Camels and Ostrichs

Have you ever seen a jockey ride an ostrich? It is the most hilarious site I've ever seen. Heather, her kids, and I went to Prairie Meadows to watch the camels and ostrichs run. What a hoot! Heather's still trying to figure out what the jockeys held on to in order to stay on the ostrich (those few that did). Was it reins or just feathers???

One jockey was tossed off right out of the starting gate. Then a couple more found the ground before too long. The ostrichs legs look so funny when they run (actually, when they walk too). They won't let you bet on the camel or ostrich races. I probably would have had better luck on them than on the horses. I'm always betting on the one with the highest odds. You know, like 30/1 cause then you'd win big money. LOL because those horses never win! Needless to say, none of my horses won (shock!).

Heather bought a race track form then asked me if I had a pen. Where are those bic pens when you need them? Since everything falls to the bottom of my purse, I had to dig for a while but finally came up with one that was a little linty but still worked. After writing down our picks, Heather would place our bets while I stayed with the kids.

The kids, that's another story! I probably would have been less worn out had I made the bets and let Heather stay with the sweetpeas. I think I just get too nervous and that's what wears me out. I had Alyce in the stroller and had to make sure she wasn't climbing out. Kat kept climbing up on the fence and I was sure she'd loose her footing and cut her chin on the top of it. Jordan and some unidentified kids were really interested in something down in a grate (I could just see somebody's fingers getting pinched or crushed if the grate fell on them).

See what I mean? I'm neurotic I think. Are all grandmas like that? Anyway, then Heather would come back and I could relax again. Heather did all the running so I wouldn't have to walk far or stand in line. My back is getting more painful as the nerve blocks are wearing off. Heather really takes care of me, I love her so much!

Well, we had a delightful night, the kids didn't get hurt too badly, and we ate out together where Pato works for free. It was grand! I think I slept better that night because I was worn out. Speaking of being worn out, I got up a little after 5 this morning and am ready for a nap now. Have a good one! Halfmoon

Baby Shower is Coming

I believe we've settled on August 30th for Abby's baby shower. How exciting! If you read about my day with Abby, you know we looked at the baby clothes she's already received. There's something about baby clothes that gives people a sense of hope.

Abby's registered at Babies 'R Us if you need any ideas. While looking online I found a pair of Rubis baby clippers that look really cool (even in a little elephant package). (Just another idea if you need one!)

I spent the afternoon at Heather's trying to download a cover and pics to create a neat book of my own publishing with What a deal. I went there because she has high-speed internet and I hoped to be able to accomplish my first book. Unfortunately, I was never able to get it done. Must be too many people trying to do it at the same time. Bummer!

Oh well, that's the way the ball bounces, huh? It's pretty humid out today (actually, it's humid in the house...outside under the trees with the wind blowing, it feels pretty good). Hope you all stay cool! Halfmoon

Time with Abby

I went to Abby's today to have a little time together. They still have some rearranging to do since moving back in (from the flood evacuation). The things left to go through are things that were brought up from the basement. There was a floor jack to move but it was too heavy for either of us to move around (at least there weren't any air tools).

While she worked on that I did what few dishes she had in the sink, then we took a break for lunch. Cream of Mushroom soup and crackers, yum! I was raised on it and we had it a lot when our kids were young because I loved it so much.

After she finished what she needed to get done, she showed me two baskets and a few sacks full of baby clothes that have been given to her (or she got at yard sales). Little girl clothes are soooo adorable. I can hardly wait until Mikayla makes her debut into the world.

I just know she'll love her grandma! Katiana and Alyce both come running with smiling faces when they see me. Then they both want in my lap. It is so grand (I suppose that's why we're called grandmas). Taylor and Jordan don't do the running part anymore or grab me to hug me (ok, Jordan does once in a while), but they get a smile on their faces when they say hi. Of course, I make them give me the requisite hug (what's life without hugs?). Sydney still does the running and hugging, though. She's probably too young to feel awkward yet, or maybe it's because she doesn't see me as much as the others do.

That's it for now, until I have another daughter, son, or grandchild story for you. Halfmoon

It's a Teddy Graham!

I went with Heather today for her first ultrasound of the baby. They do it right in the OB office to make sure the baby is viable. I wasn't sure what we'd see since she isn't real far along yet. Pato stayed home with the other three kids which was good since there wasn't a lot of room to stand or move around in the exam room.

Before you knew it, there on the screen was the tiny sac the baby was in. Next we saw a very tiny heart beating like crazy! We even saw one little leg or foot sticking out. It was so cute. The nurse said, "At this stage the baby is about the size and shape of a Teddy Graham." How adorable. And, yes, she was correct. It was shaped similar to that little graham cracker cookie my grandkids love.

There's nothing like seeing your grandchild before it is born. This will be grandchild number nine for Steve and I. Who'd have thought! I just love being a grandma! I can just see this one with its gift from Pato. He bought the two girls each a gold bracelet with their name on it when they were small. Maybe this time he will get a gold anklet, who knows. Of course, if it's a boy, it will have to be a gold chain (necklace) like he got Jordan.

Stay tuned for further reports. Halfmoon