Crossing the finish line

Abby again. I was thinking back to how many different things I have gotten into over the years. I have done dance, gymnastics, tae kwon do, cheerleading, band(for one semester), choir, track(for one practice), basketball camp(didn't even make it through that), volleyball camp, and who knows what else. I tend to get really into something for a little bit, and then I lose interest.

There was one point where I thought I would learn how to play the guitar. I asked my dad if he would give me lessons. We did one lesson. Maybe two. But that was it. And at the beginning, i was sure I was going to end up buying a guitar and play like a rock star.

It's a good thing I didn't purchase a guitar since I didn't get too far with learning how to play one. I'm not sure why I do that. I get so excited for something and then I get bored with it. There are so many things that I don't understand about myself. You would think that by the time I turned 27 I would know myself pretty well. It's amazing how much you can surprise yourself.

I am proud of the race I ran, though. I was nervous to pay the money to run the race, because I know my track record with sticking with things until the end. I went ahead and paid and started practicing. I started to lag on the practicing just a little bit. Then I got sick. I quit running so I could recover. I ran two days before the race and then race day came and I did it! I ran all but about 20 seconds of a 5K Susan Komen Race for the Cure. I was so proud of myself. Next time I get discouraged, I will think back the the memory of how good I felt to cross that finish line, and I will press on. Signing off for tonight, Abby.

And It's 10:00 PM

Well, it is about time for Steve and I to go to sleep.  I know I am ready, I think he is, too.  Ab's been standing in for me on my blog since I've been sick.

I sure love my baby!  I need to get healthier so I can go see her two kids again (and her and Justin, of course).

Nighty night!

My wish list

So I was thinking about what I want to do this summer to our house and yard. We need to paint our siding and get new shingles on our roof. We need new gutters and soffet. I want to get seed and get some grass growing in our back yard under the tree and near the garage. 

Last year we bought the kids a new swing set. Now, it wasn't like anything you would get at swing sets arlington va but it is still a really nice set. We just need to power wash it and re-stain it. 

After we get our taxes back we will concentrate on paying off our credit card. We can then start really saving up so that in the future, we can make big purchases with money from our savings instead of on a credit card. OR we could make the purchase on a 0% interest credit card and make monthly payments with that money we had stashed away. That way we could keep gaining interest on the money in the savings account. Signing off for now, Abby.

The Mentalist

Now I'm watching The Mentalist, another good movie I like to watch.  Steve and I are in our assigned seats, he's on the couch reading the newspaper.  I being in my rocker, watching TV.

I will be getting another steroid injection March 26 in my SI joints.  Cannot wait until it's done.  Linda actually said she might be able to take off work and take me to it.  That way I won't have to drive home afterwards!!!

Let me introduce myself

This is Abby, Kathy's daughter. I am standing in for my mom today as she is sick. I will tell you a little about myself. I am 27 years old, married, and have two children. They are Kayla, 4 and Aiden, 1 1/2. They keep me busy when I'm not at work.

I worked a closing shift today. I'm the department supervisor at a home improvement store. I was off yesterday, so I was nervous of what I would be walking into today. I was pleasantly surprised. My associates got a lot of inventory tagging done for me and the department was in great shape.

I would say, overall, today was a good day. I don't always have positive days, but the past few have been great! When I was walking into work today, I was thinking, "I need to get some new arnette sunglasses." I love sunglasses and have to have a pair in my car and my husband's car so I always have a pair when I need one.

My eyes are very sensitive to light, so that is why I have to have my sunglasses at all times. Even on a cloudy day, there I am, the only one wearing sunglasses. Its crazy, I know. Signing off for today. Abby

I Am Sick of Being Sick

I just talked with Abby.  She is concerned with me being nauseated for so long.  I finally gave in and told her I would give in and call my doctor's office if I am still nauseated tomorrow.

Man, Steve is in the kitchen and it sounds like he is making popcorn.  You know, the sounds of a pan going on the stove, popcorn being poured into a measuring cup, etc.  I hate being sick!

36 Years

Well, this July 9 will be 36 years for Steve and I to be married.  Cool, huh?  And, I'm so in love with my husband.  And I know he is in love with me.

Are you married?  If so, for how long?  When Steve and I had our 25th Anniversary, he bought me a beautiful diamond filled ring guard.  I bought him a ring with diamonds (his wedding band was plain).

I'm still banking on a trip to Hawaii some day.  Though, I didn't get it for my 35th anniversary, but he said maybe when he retires which should be in one year and nine months.  I'll be looking for it.

I even tried to get Sue and Jackie to meet us there and we'd each have our own rooms.  I'll keep dreaming.

They've Gone Home Now

Josh and Tay went home.  Steve's in the house and we are in our respected seats.  Steve on the couch and me in the rocker. 

I'm watching one of my favorite shows and the Mayor is being her evil self.  This is a new show and I'm glad it is, because it gets old watching shows over again.

I want to make sure Josh and Tay made it home safely.  I'll give them a call.

Mash Is On

Do you remember watching Mash when you were younger?  I loved watching it then and I love watching it now.  It's on Sunday thru Friday from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Not only that, but we check out the series on DVD and watch it also.

Steve's favorite is the 1st and 2nd Seasons when Colonel Henry Blake is in charge.  He is pretty funny.  Also, he likes any show that Colonel Flagg appears.  He is a real hoot!  I like them all.

Today's show is about Hawkeye taking a week off of alcohol, which makes him happy the first two days.  After that, he was very cranky.  Towards the end of the show, he gets an enemy male on his table to operate.  Unfortunately, the enemy has a grenade in his hand.

I wonder if they made the design online of that grenade.  It sure didn't look like any I've ever seen.  Wait a minute, I've never seen one (except on TV).

And, next, on TV is 'Once Upon a Time', which is another favorite show of mine.

Taylor Is Excited

When Taylor came in the house, I asked if she was going to try the gun out, also.  She gave me a big smile and said, "Yes, I can hardly wait."

The waiting must be killing her.  Josh has to fix the sights before they can really have at it.

Man, I wish I felt better, I'd be right out there with them.  Steve went to the garage to find ear plugs so their ears can be protected.  I hear gunshots so they must have fixed the gun.

The Sound of Guns

Josh applied and was approved for a gun permit a while back.  Today, he brought out his new gun and is outside practicing.  Tay is here with him and she's waiting her turn that she will get to practice too.

The first two shots went to the left and beyond the target.  So, out comes the gun's paperwork to see how to adjust the sights.  If I felt better, I'd be out there with them.  Yep, still nauseated.  I figured you guessed that.

Of course, if I felt good, and if I got a turn, I'd probably have to stand on a car lift to be able to be tall enough to aim at the target.

The last time there was practice shooting, it was rifles, and I did indeed get to try it out.  However, I never hit the targets.  Oh, well.  Maybe next time.

Need to Get Ink

Why does the black ink always run out before the color?

Man, I'm getting hot flashes again.  They bite!  On top of being nauseated all the time, this is worse than being pregnant.  Cause at the end, you don't get a gift!

What a Week

I have been nauseated since last Tuesday.  Yesterday, the nausea actually lifted but I felt like I was about to lose my equilibrium.  Yuck.

Today, the nausea is back in full force.  Oh, well.  I'll try to go outside for a while.  The cool air makes me feel better, but I cannot stand up very long.  Steve is like "maybe you should get some exercise".  Not, unless it is upon a horse.  That way I could lean forward to lay down if I need to.

What do you think, would it help nausea?

What Do You Do?

If you do not work outside the home, what do you do all day?   Do you watch television, read, crochet, scrapbook, or do you have some other hobby to keep you busy?

I love to read and, though I have three boxes of books in the closet unread, I love to go to the Public Library to get books that I'm unable to buy.

At other times, I am on the computer writing on this blog, or playing Words With Friends with my two sisters, my daughter, and my neighbor.

I also check out DVDs from the library and when I am watching them, I crochet.

Let me know what you do.

The Snow Again

After 5 inches of snow, my angels are all under the white stuff again.  I hate it when I cannot see them.  I look forward to the day when I can go outside to sit.

What I would really like to have is an aluminum bench to sit on.  You can get some pretty ones for the back yard.  I would like anything that I didn't have to take in and out of the house daily.

That way we'd have more places for people to sit on when my family comes over.  Now, we have to drag out all our chairs and many of my kids bring their own chairs with them.

Such Weather

Well, after having a few comparatively warm days, the snow started.  And it snowed, snowed, snowed.  Our road had not been plowed as of 3:30 PM today.  Steve almost lost control twice just trying to drive to the Interstate.

It's supposed to get in the 40's this week.  I can hardly wait.  It will be so nice to go outside without freezing my nose off.  Then when the little grandkiddees come out, they might be able to play a while.

How is the weather where  you live?

When Steve Comes Home....

I'm  going to ask him to get his guitar out and start practicing again.  Our grandkids need to hear him play.

We used to go over to Steve's Mom and Dad's house and Bert would get his guitar out, Steve would have his guitar, and sometimes Tom would play the base (I think).  It was wonderful.  My kids remember a lot of those times when they would play together.

Sometimes Bert would have friends over, one played the banjo.  They would play together.  Sometimes I'd sing with them if I knew the song.  Other times I would just listen and watch.  It is always wonderful to be around music.

Heather played the clarinet at school, however, her music teacher said she could pick up any instrument and play.  She played the piano at home.  I did too, but I was not good at it.  Once you changed what key it was in, I was lost.

I want our grandkids to love music, especially guitars, like my kids did.  Do you have any music in your house?

A Warmer Day

I never thought I'd say this, but having the temp at 39 degrees that seems warm (compare to the cold windy days we've been having).  Can you believe it?  That's Iowa's weather for you.

The sun is out and there's a little wind, but, hopefully, the snow will start melting.  I hate winter.   I think we are supposed to start getting snow again tonight.  I sure hope all this snow will help the farmers next spring.  I can't think of anything else positive about our weather.

I just talked to Abby, she's going to walk the mall and she told me she had the kids with her.  I said, "You're going to walk the mall with the two kids?"  She answered, "We'll see."

Steve is on his way to the Y and then will clean the church after that.  That means he won't be home until early evening. 

Hope your weather is better than ours!