Time with Kat and Alyce

Heather asked if I'd meet her at Target and entertain my beautiful granddaughters while she shopped for Easter baskets, etc. for her kids. Of course I took the challange and met her at the snack area.

As soon as Katiana saw me she ran over to me and said, "Can I tell you something?" When I told her she could, she said "I love you!" and gave me a hug. Alyce hasn't felt well for a while but when she saw Grandma, she wanted down and toddled over to me with a big smile. (She's 15 months old now and starting to jabber.) You can always tell when she doesn't feel good as she stays in her mother's arms and won't come to me.

It was wonderful to see both of them. We sat and ate pretzels together. The girls shared a cinnamon and sugar pretzel while I ate my old standby, pretzel with cheese dip. As soon as they saw me dipping into the cheese, they both wanted cheese to dip their pretzel in too. Yuck! Apparently it still tasted great but my cheese dip started tasting awfully sweet. So, I poured some of it into the lid and let them dip into it, refilling it when necessary.

That didn't take long so after calling Heather to make sure we wouldn't bump into her, we walked down to the children's books section. Alyce was amazed when Kat or I would press a button on a book and music or words sounded. I thought about buying them each a book but every one I showed Kat didn't seem to trigger her fancy.

I was sure the Strawberry Shortcake coloring book would do the trick. Kat replied, "I don't have any colors because Alyce ate them all!" She steered me to the books in the $12.99 and up section. Since I have seven grandchildren, I realized that this could get expensive.

Instead, I steered both of the girls (after another quick call to Heather) to the Easter outfits. I asked Kat what size she wore and she said, "I think I wear a 3 because I am three years old". Knowing that she is very small around the waist I tried finding the clothes in that size. The girls section (as you probably know) is sizes 4 -6. So around the store we went trying to find the smaller sizes. When I looked at the 3T sizes, they seemed too small for Kat so back to the 4 - 6 area we went.

By this time, Grandma is getting pretty worn out. I suggested we look at purses since I need one for the summer. Kat immediately points out a large, bright orange purse and said "You could get that for my Mom for her birthday." I pointed out that Heather's birthday isn't until next December, but she still thought it would be a good idea. She is so sweet!

Alyce is simply watching the clothes and purses go by, but you could tell she was getting tired. Finally, I called Heather and found out she was checking out. Hallelujah! Kat gave signs that a trip to the bathroom was in order so I had her stand where I could see her, rolled Alyce up to Heather, and then took Kat to the restroom.

After watching Kat scrub her hands meticulously, I gave her paper towels to dry them, then out to Grandma's car to wait for Mom to pick her up. All in all, I had a wonderful time with my granddaughters and Heather was able to accomplish a lot of shopping for surprises.

I saw Kat off to her Mom's car and drove home thoroughly worn out but happy. Halfmoon

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