Katiana Lynn

I don't remember a lot about the time your Momma struggled to bring you into the world except that she outran the spinal block they had given her and she was too close to have you to get more. What I do remember is what Dr. Holcomb was dressed like when she was checking your mom. A really nice sweater and slacks, no doctors coat, or scrubs. The next thing I knew you were flying out and Dr. Holcomb was struggling to catch you, she finally put you in a football hold and saved you from falling. Thank goodness, I was wondering if I was going to have to catch you myself!

What a glorious day it was after that. Apparently you were what they call 'sunny-side up' or the opposite of the way most babies are born. You little stinker! And you have been sunny-side up ever since.

When I come to your house or you come to mine, you run to me and hug me and usually say "I love you". And your smile lights up my life. Of course you do have some sad and mad times but when you're around Grandma you are usually your little sunny self.

I tried to have you come and spend the night with me, and you really wanted to, but when 8 pm rolled around, you wanted your mom. I suppose that is as it should be. When you get a little older, you'll come to Grandma's with excitement.

You have a little sister now who plays with you and sometimes bugs you. (Especially when she plays with your toys and you don't want her to.) I've heard she's often bopped you on the head when she's mad at you. Well, she'll grow up too someday and you'll wonder where the time went.

Tonight you are leaving for Ohio with your family to see some of your aunts and uncles from Ohio and Mexico. Go with God's grace little one and may he bring you and your loving family back home to Iowa so Grandma can spoil you again. I love you so...Grandma (Halfmoon)