Time With the Realtor Again

Josh called the other day and asked if we would go through a house he and Shelley are interested in. Basically, they wanted Steve's advice as I have no clue what might be needed or costs involved.

Shelley was at work so Steve and I rode in Jay's truck with him and the kids. Josh had to wake Cambria up so she was hungry from that point on. I sat in the back next to her so I fed her a bottle while Josh drove us to the house.

She is such a sweetheart, I just love her. She slurped the milk right down and by the time we got to he house (which wasn't far), she had already chugged down the whole bottle, practically. I'm still fighting the pounds and it seems like the pounds are winning, think I'll look into some diet pills.

The house was pretty neat. I'd really like to see them get this house. It does have some things that need to be worked on, so Josh will get some estimates first before any bidding is involved. It is a three bedroom, 2 1/2 bath home with a 2 car garage which is attached to the house.

I'll let ya know if they decide to try to get this one or not. They've been looking at houses for quite a while. I'd best get, still need to do my thing at the Y while I'm here. Halfmoon

Snow, snow and more snow!

OK, I know it's Iowa but enough of the white stuff! Steve's sick of it, I'm sick of it, and I bet all of you are sick of it too!

Steve went to Earlham this morning (while I caught some zzzzs) and after I soaked in the whirlpool for an hour and a half - two hours, I finally decided maybe I should go back to bed. I couldn't keep my eyes open, so what's the use. Of course by the time I drained and cleaned the tub, I was wide awake again.

After catching up on the laundry, I sat down to watch have a little DVD time. It wasn't long when Steve came in the door. Time to go to DSM to the Y and possibly the library. If I had skin care problems, I would checkout the top acne treatment online!

The drive to DSM was a little hairy. There were probably 10 - 12 cars in the ditches and between the east and west sections of the interstate. I was a little nervous to continue the drive. Steve reminded me that I had things to do on my blog, so I didn't express my unease in continuing. I mean, there were cars upside down on the ride in.

Instead of chickening out, I coached Steve on the drive in (which I'm sure he loved) and reminded him of the rules of winter driving :) tee hee. If we survive the ride home, I'll touch base here again. In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend, but remember...drive safely and especially, watch out for the other guy! Halfmoon

Abby and Justin got Kayla this adorable little pink rocking horse. You squeeze his right ear and he talks to you. When you squeeze his left ear, he sings something about riding him (clippity clap, clippity clap). Kayla really goes to town on it.

Tonight she brought her little doll to me with a Pamper and told me she was poopy. You're thinking about the bathtub story, aren't you! Anyhoo, she likes me to put the diaper on her baby, gets a real kick out of it. So do I, the diaper goes clear up under the armpits on it. That one diaper got a lot of mileage out of it.

If you want to know about an acne cure, click on pronexin. Until next time, get out in the sun when it's shining. Halfmoon

Winter Olympics Are On

Whenever Mikayla gets a little antsy, I get out the little purse-size Renew Lotion and we put a dab on her hands. She rubs her hands together then rubs her cheeks (she's a natural at it). It takes her mind off of wanting her Mommy and we both get soft hands.

She's taken me to the refrigerator a few times for her glass of milk. That little girl loves drinking milk, she amazes me. Other times she walks me to the garbage pail so she can throw away her used Kleenex. The Olympics are on so occasionally I have her watch the ice skaters skate across the ice.

Of course, at bedtime she takes both Steve's and my hand and walks us to the bedroom, gives us each a hug and she lays right down! What a kid! We tell her goodnight and close the bedroom door and she normally goes right to sleep. Once in a while, you'll hear her talking to herself over the monitor, just cracks me up!

I hope when Mikayla gets older, she doesn't have problems with her skin.
I've had a lot of people talk to me about a treatment for eczema. I was lucky when I was young, I suppose having dry skin kept me from having eczema. Here's hoping you have a great day!

Another Nite w/Mikayla

Abby's at school again tonight and this is our night to stay with Mikayla (Teresa, Mikayla's other Grandma, stays with her the opposite Tuesdays). Abby made tacos and burritos for supper tonight and they were yummy!

I layed down for about 10 minutes before supper so when I came out to eat, Kayla was in her highchair eating a burrito, some peas, and drinking a glass of her milk, happy as can be. I've never known a child who likes peas. It's so cool to watch her eat them.

Mikayla has a cold, sad to say, so her nose is runny and she has a bad cough. My heart just goes out to my grandkids when they are sick. This is one little girl who let's you wipe her nose without putting up a fight. I just love it!

Since our computer desk is so huge, I'm going to take Steve to look at some office furniture. I think we should have an office upstairs and use some of that wasted space.

Mikayla, are you pooping?

We watched Mikayla Tuesday evening while Ab went to her class. We went earlier than we normally do as she invited us for supper to be eaten before she went to school. She had made a chicken dish that had cream cheese inside the chicken and a coating on the outside. It was wonderful! We also had mashed spuds and mushrooms sauteed in butter. I tell you, it was like going to a restaurant.

Abby has a lot on her plate right now. Besides her normal classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights, she is taking an excellerated class that is during the day and two weeks in length. She took two weeks of vacation from work to enable her to take this class. Anyway, she just took a test over twelve chapters. Whew! That would have stressed me out to the max!

I asked her if she wanted any help on studying, or on anything in general. She said she'd love it if I could come over and quiz her on her vocabulary. So Steve and I went over last night (Wednesday), ate a pizza, and started the quizzing. Mikayla wandered back and forth between the living room (where Grandpa was taking practice testing on our laptop) and the kitchen (where Abby was doing the dishes while I quizzed her). It was great!

After the dishes were done, Abby started running the water in the tub to give Mikayla a bath and I continued the quiz. Mikayla sat on her little potty chair before getting into the tub. She was so cute sitting on it. Up she got, deciding, I guess, that she didn't have to go. She put the little lid down and climbed up on the chair (that converts into a stool with the lid down). Abby said, "Sit down Mikayla" so she squatted down as she held the side of the tub. By then the tub was filled enough for her bath so Abby picked her up and placed her into the tub.

After soaping Kayla down, Abby reached to the left to put the bottle of washing gel back in it's place and noticed there was something on top of the potty chair. You guessed it. At least she was in the general vicinity of where she was supposed to go. Apparently she went potty when she was squatted down on top of the stool. What a kid!

The story's not done yet....shortly after Abby rinsed Kayla off, she noticed her sitting kind of funny in the tub. "Mikayla, are you pooping?" I'm sure you all know the rest of the story. I about died laughing. Abby thought that it was funny, too, but didn't know what to do at that point. I told her "Get a plastic cup that you don't mind throwing away and scoop those two things out." I'm sure there are books about how to deal with things of this type, who knows? Have a great day! Halfmoon