Today is Thanksgiving and it is the first year with our family that we didn't have to make a Turkey!  Cuts down on the stress for Mom and Dad, I'm telling you.  This year Steve and I made two large bowls of stuffing (his Dad's recipe), plus we're taking two pumpkin pies, a pecan pie, Cool Whip, and Turkey Gravy.

Heather and Pato are making a turkey, a ham, fruit salad, and some type of Mexican cookies.  Also it is at Heather's house so that's a big part for them just getting their house ready.

Steve and Amber are bringing a turkey, a ham, and green bean casserole (you know the kind with the onion rings on top.....yummy!

Josh and Shelley are bringing  turkey, homemade mashed potatoes, cheesy potatoes, a jello w/pretzel dessert, and a macaroni corn casserole which is outstanding.

Abby and Justin are bringing the relish tray and the rolls.

Now you may say that's a lot of turkey and stuffing, but the turkeys are 12 - 13 pounds and we all want to take home turkey, stuffing, and fruit salad.  That's our type of Thanksgiving!

Here at the home front, we have lines from our well leaking in the yard if we use the spout (washing the car, etc.)  Plus, the motor has had water over it and we may have to contact to make the well usable again.  There's always something happening here.

We'll be leaving soon for Heather's so have a Happy Thanksgiving from Iowa!

Trip To Des Moines

Yesterday I had an appointment at the chiropractor at 1:30.  I also needed to go to my family physician to get my prescriptions and take them to the pharmacy to be filled. 

The chiro cracked my neck, back and legs and I was able to walk easier after that, plus having my neck feel better.  That's a plus.  I had already dropped off my scripts, so my next job was to get in line to pick them up.  I love having a drive-up pharmacy so I don't have to get out of the car.

Once that was done, I drove to Adel Post Office to send back a book that I was not happy with.  Then all that was left was driving home, by then I was worn out!  How'd your day go?

It's Been Sold

How many times have I driven by the house on L with a MIL apartment attached?  Too many to count.  It started out at $150,000.  It stayed that price for quite a while.  Steve and I actually looked at the outside twice and what we could see in the windows.

Then I saw it for sale in the real estate section for $100,000.  I urged Steve that we should get an appointment to go through it.  That never happened.  Tuesday I was on my way home from having lunch with Abby and I decided to look at it one more time.

The For Sale sign was gone.  There was someone in the driveway and a grill outside.  I was so bummed I wanted to cry.  We might not have wanted it but we could have at least gone through it, right?

Now I suppose we'll need to get a real estate checklistreal estate checklist and start all over again.  Man!

I wouldn't want to leave this house if it was on pavement and was just a ranch.  I don't even go upstairs any more because of my knees.  Oh, well, back to square one.

What a Surprise

I got up this morning and did my normal thing:  started the bath, brushed my teeth, made tea and toast.  Back to the tub to make sure it doesn't fill too much.  Back to the kitchen to add honey to my tea and butter my toast. 

I noticed the beat of music going and had a sneaking suspicion.  Sure enough, there was Steve II shoveling the snow out of our driveway to music.  What a kid!  I hope my grandkids grow up to be as thoughtful as my kids are.

Have a great day, be careful, it's slick out!