Sisters at War

Sisters at seriously, this was taken by my nephew, Skip: 
Gotta love this. Mom and aunts get together and are all on there laptops playing Words with Friends, lol.

Music for My Ears.

Steve's Mom has been moved to the assisted living center in Adel, IA Monday.  Thus Steve needs to pick up his Dad's guitar that was saved for him.

Steve mostly played chords alongside his Dad when they played and sang.  He's always wanted to take guitar lessons.  His Dad's guitar is a Gibson, I'm not sure what Steve's guitar is, but he also has an electric guitar (which I've never seen him play yet).

I can't wait to start hearing music in the back yard again!


Just a quick note, been pretty busy and when we're not, we're all on our computers in the kitchen.  Got my hair done today, really like it.  Thanks to Sue for taking me and giving advice.  Love you, Sue!

Going to go now as it will be suppertime in a few minutes!  Have a great day!

J & R are in town

Steve brought me to Sue's yesterday so last night was my first night here.  He then took my car home so when he comes back the 11th for the get together, he can bring Steve II and girls with him.  This will be probably be at least 3 years, probably more since they've seen Jackie and Randy.

Tomorrow Jackie's getting her hair done and Wednesday, I'm getting mine done.  Can't wait.  Going to Sue's hair lady.  Thursday we are going to Maria's, a Mexican Restaurant which is yummy.  I can hardly wait.

Think I'll go on down to bed now.  I'll have to check and see if it is made with fiberfill.  Felt so good last night.

To all my kids, try to come on Saturday (I know Ab can't so she's coming on Fri).

Friday Night

Spent a few hours at Ab's watching Aiden so they could take Kayla to a Cubs game.  He was so cute.  He'd take turns leaning against Grandpa and then he'd crawl over and lean against me.  So cute.

Grandpa and Aiden took turns saying, "bopbopbop".

When we started talking about putting him to bed, he'd just stare straight ahead at the TV (like he was ignoring us. What a hoot.  Just love being a Grandma! 

Be Careful What You Wish For

Steve has been on again off again (work) and Monday he said, "I wish I was working for another company."  He'd been working out of town a lot and overnights for a few weeks, then no work again.

Tuesday, he got a call from the Hall and was asked if he wanted to work for an out of state company that is redoing JC Penneys at the Valley West mall.  Great!

So now he worked Wednesday and Thursday 10 hour days and will start in again next week working 4 10s.  Hallelujah!

He still wishes he had his own company but hasn't decided what he'd do. Who knows, he also wants to stay with the union till he retires 1 1/2 more years.  Time will tell.