Are You Creating Music?

Do you have an interface?  You're probably wondering why you would need one since your computer has a built-in sound card.

If you are doing any serious audio work such as playing and recording your work, you'll want to buy audio interface.

Since there are so many audio interfaces out there how do you know which one you need?  They will help you filter out which one you need.  Seriously, you need to check their site out!

Moving Day

Our youngest and her two little ones have been staying here for a while.  I didn't think it would make much difference.  However, little changes did happen.  First, Kayla and Aiden wake up at 6 AM.  Grandma wakes up between 9 and 10. 

The sounds of the pitter patter of little feet running through the house (Aiden) can be heard early in the morning.  The only sounds from Kayla is if she asks a question.  My kids didn't wake up that early, but, I didn't work outside the home.

Now that it's coming to an end, I feel a little grieving once more for the last one to move out.  I'm happy for her, but will miss seeing her almost daily.  They should be here soon so I'd best get everything ready for them that I can.