At Least One More Week

It has been a weird year weather wise.  Starting tomorrow, we will have highs in the fifties again.  Yeah!  I hate winter, though I have lived in Iowa all my life.

I'm not like those who loved sledding, ice skating, throwing snowballs, etc.  Maybe it's because I had asthma as a child, that I learned to hate winter weather.

Now, my kids and grandkids, they all love to go out in the snow.  I can see some of them learning to snowboard.  I wouldn't be surprised to see a snowboard wall rack on the wall of their homes.

  I know some of them already ice skate, down to the youngest, Aiden, who is only two.  Abby and Justin took Kayla and Aiden and had someone take pics, they all looked like they were have a blast.  The only time I went ice skating, I thought I was breaking my ankles.

So kudos to all my family who love winter!

I Cancelled my Hair Appointment

Since I was sick, I had to cancel getting my hair done in Council Bluffs.  That not only saddened me as I need to get color in my hair again, but it gives me a chance to see my sister, Sue, and her husband and sometimes I get to see my niece and nephew and their families.

Most people get highlights.  I get low lights and my white streaks are my real highlights.  I just love it when I've had my hair done.  Not only does it make me look younger, but it leaves my hair soft.  Also, I have her cut the back short (so the jets in my tub don't tangle it up). 

Linda is supposed to come over tonight as it's Thursday.  I may have her just give me my shot and then I'll go back to bed.  That's if I have her come over at all.

Christmas is Coming

Every year stores start decorating for Christmas earlier and earlier.  Now they've started before Halloween is even here.  I don't get it.  They're even talking about starting great sales prices before Black Friday.

We used to buy things for each person in our family.  One year I had fun getting everyone a sweatshirt and sweat pants, even down to the toddlers.  Or the time I bought the first pair of jeans for the littlest ones.  It was so much fun.

One year we even bought Steve's family gifts (which was unheard of).  Normally everyone only gives his parents gifts.  That was fun to buy presents for them.

If I were going to buy presents this year, I'd check out radko from christmasplace just to decorate our tree.

Unfortunately, we don't even put a tree up anymore.  Since Christmas is during the snowy season, no one wants to come out our rode in the winter.  It is pretty bad.  No idea when our road will be paved, so no hope in sight.

Sick of Being Sick

Two weeks ago last Monday I started getting nauseated.  All day and evening.  It went on like that till the following Saturday night.  That's when I started vomiting every two hours from 11:30 pm on.

The following week brought only the nausea.  Friday I started vomiting again.  Followed by nausea through the next Monday.  (That's two weeks of sickness.)  I felt pretty good Tuesday, even went to Heather's for the day and evening.  Her mother-in-law is here from Mexico.  Our family went there as Pato grilled for everyone.  It was great.  Wednesday I felt good off and on, actually went to church that night. Between 11:30 pm and 5 am I was up vomiting again three times.  Today I feel pretty gross. 

This last Monday I decided to drink a bottle of that liquid that makes you go, if you know what I mean.   It was the next day that I felt better.  I'm sick of trying to figure it out.  I just want to get better.  Any suggestions?

We Need a New Bedroom Set

We bought our current bed over 10 years ago, and it shows it.  There are indentations on both sides where Steve and I sleep. My back hasn't been the same since we quit sleeping in our waterbed.  I sure miss it. Even when we bought the bed, we didn't get a headboard, dresser, or chest of drawers.

I entered a few sweepstakes to win a bedroom set and would be really happy to be the chosen winner.  Since the odds of that happening are low, we may look into bedroom furniture austin tx.  I may have to check into their sets soon.

We do have a chest of drawers that is beautiful.  It is an antique that Steve was given from his Mom's house.  It was originally his Dad's brother's chest of drawers.  I'd love to get  a bed and dresser that would go with it. 

What type of bedroom set do you have?

A Free Night Again

Finally, Thursday night!  And I am looking forward to Linda coming over.  The time always varies depending on when she is done at work. Since she does most of the labs, it can go pretty late. 

I don't know what's on tonight because the Sunday paper no longer gives you the TV Guide (and coupons).  Right now Mash is on METV.  I love that channel.

What are you watching on TV tonight?

Broken Cement

A while back Steve broke up our old patio and sidewalk by hand....with a sledgehammer.  Then he loaded the back of his pickup (many times) and took it to the area where we put wood. 

About two weeks ago Steve saw one of the city workers across the rode.  He walked over and talked to the lead man.  They said they'd come here in two weeks to pick up all the broken cement.  Hurray!  We had a man who said he'd come get it about two months ago and we haven't heard from him since.

What Steve really needs is to go to this website and find a trailer to haul things in, then he could take away the cement himself and it would be dealt with once and for all.

Have you ever had someone tell you they'd do something and then never followed through?