Christmas Shopping

Abby and Mikayla met Steve and I at the YMCA Healthy Living Center this afternoon. Abby needed to get into the hot tub and, of course, Mikayla just loves to swim. After spending time in the pool and then the hot tub, we went back to get Mikayla at the pool where Grandpa was playing with her. Abby, Mikayla, and I took showers and then I went with them Abby's. Steve went to church and then came to Abby's later.

Justin had supper ready, so after eating, Justin and Abby went Christmas shopping. They bought so much stuff they considered looking at trailer hitches so they could haul it all home. Seriously, they didn't get that much. Wouldn't that be fun, though?

Steve and I hand out checks (I should say Steve does) to our four kids so they can do the shopping for us for their families. I can remember when we used to go shopping for the whole family. One year we even bought something for everyone in Steve's family, kids included. Since I hurt my back, that is impossible for me. Besides, our kids know more what their kids want or need.

Looking forward to church tomorrow morning. Hope everyone has a great Sunday!

Turkey Day Was a Blast

How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was very, very good. I'd have to say it may be the best I can remember. Everyone in our family was there except Jordan, who was at his Dad's house (or probably his Grandma's).

Steve did most of the preparation for the turkey (and the making of the pumpkin pies the day before) as I ended up having a sinus infection, fluid behind my right ear, and coughing all the time. Normally, we make things together and I tend to get angry because we do the same thing every year, yet he has to be walked through it all (getting the turkey and dressing ready). By the time we're with the family, I'm normally so upset I can scream. This year, okay, there was the normal "I don't know how to do this"; but although that irritated me (cause I wanted to get into the tub and didn't feel that great), we didn't argue or become angry. It's a miracle!

Once we got to Heather's, who graciously offered up her home for the day, everyone was happy and Steve brought his new girlfriend, Lavonda, and her son, Matt, and she got along with everyone great. Oh, he also brought Syd and Jadah, too. After eating, the kids showed us what they could do (head stands, cartwheels, backbends, etc.) and I recorded most of it and took a lot of pics with the camera, too. We even got Heather and Abby to do some things.

Wednesday, Steve went to the orthopaedic hand surgeon who did my surgery on my thumb joint. He is signed up to have surgery on his left hand in December. At least it's not something major like Open back surgery. This will take 6 to 8 weeks off work, but since he's not working still, anyway and it doesn't sound like it will start up again until possibly January, he might as well take the time to do it now.

I was thinking about having my left hand done; but, thankfully, since my last massage, it hasn't hurt much at all. Hurray! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful weekend coming up.

Veterans Day

Josh and Steve met at HyVee for a free breakfast for veterans yesterday. Then he went about his normal routine, YMCA, etc. I went to Abby's after dropping off my allergy serum schedules at the doctor's office.

I was at Abby's to give her a hand with the kids so she could try and get some rest as she's been sick for some time. Later she went with Justin to his doctor appointment and they went to eat before coming home.

Then, Steve and I went to Olive Garden (meeting Josh there) for dinner. Again, they were given a free entree as veterans. I had a $5 coupon for my meal and we all ate till we were stuffed. Yum yum!

Back in the car I no longer needed to wear my Maui Jim Sunglasses as it was getting dark out. I drove to Adel to fill up my tank and headed on home. What a great day!

A Change In Weather

Earlier today I spent very little time outside as it was rainy (all day long) and chilly. There's nothing drearier than a rainy day with little to do. Tonight I went outside again and this time it was snowing. Oh, brother! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas :) Actually, the flakes are very large and wet. The sidewalk is getting a slushy look to it (although, the weatherman said it wouldn't stick to the sidewalks). Of course, the grass is getting a nice clean (white) covering. Tomorrow I have two appointments and then church in the evening. The first appointment is to have a tooth filled (now that I have dental insurance again). The second appointment is for a massage (I can hardly wait!) and that is a must. It's at 5:30, then there should just be enough time to get to church. It's not supposed to snow tomorrow. In fact, it is supposed to be sunny (hallelujah) and should melt away the snow.

Pato's Birthday

Happy Birthday to Pato (actually it is tomorrow); but, he is grilling out tonight, yum! I always love it when he cooks. Actually, I like it when anyone but me cooks. He makes great Mexican food and chicken wings/legs on the grill, yum yum.

I'm waiting for Heather to call me to tell me he got home with the new vacuum so my allergies don't act up. They have one kitten, two dogs, two lovebirds, and 4 budgies. I don't understand how Heather can not react to the animals. I know sometimes she reacts to cats but since they lived with Josh and Shelley, she seems to be better. OR her knew kitten is special.

I'm actually typing this in the computer room as for some reason I cannot always get WIFI in the living room. I think I need a longer plug in directly to the satellite box on this desk. Then I could get a management cable so I wouldn't fall over it.

I wonder what Pato's fixing tonight???? I'm getting very hungry now that I think of it. :) Have a great weekend!

5 Masked Bandits Were In .....

my back yard at two in the morning when I went out to smoke. (I know, I need to quit!) I don't know who was more shocked, me or them. I slammed the door a few times and they took off running. Yes, I'm talking about five big raccoons. You probably guessed that, right?

I will say they did scare me a little. I kept looking all around to see if there were any more. They were pretty content eating the acorns in our yard. We happen to have a few thousand out there. They are welcome to them but, I really don't want them up next to me, know what I mean? The first time I saw one, I thought he (she?) was really cute. They were all really fat. Wonder what the bounty is on them???? :)

By the time I went back into the house, I was pretty chilly.  I snuggled up next to Steve's back (he is virtually a furnace).