Did I Tell You.....

the day after Aiden was born we pulled into the hospital parking lot and got out of the car. Steve immediately said, "You've got a tire going flat." Oh, great! Just what we need and we were going into see the new baby. Life sucks sometimes.

Back into the car we climb, I drove over to a nearby QT, while Steve called Abby to let her know we wouldn't be coming up. Justin had seen us through the window so they were expecting us.

Would have been a good time to have breakdown service. Instead, we filled the tire up with air and by the time we drove back to the hospital, we'd lost 4 lbs of air.

It was the fastest visit to see the baby as we had to get to Walmart quickly before the air went back out. Of course the closest one didn't have time to work on it, so we drove to the Mill Civic Parkway one and luckily we still had some air in it and they were able to get us in right away.

Massage Day

After two postponements, I finally was able to make my appointment with Amy at the Spa at West Glen. Hoo hoo! The first postponement occurred because my wheel bearing needed to be replaced. The second was due to my getting bronchitis.

Let me tell you how wonderful I feel now. Everyone should at least get a massage once a month (not that I do that but if I had the money, I'd do it once a week). You get so relaxed during and after, it is sooooo great.

Tomorrow I am going to the pain control doctor to hopefully get injections in the joint between the leg and body. Then hopefully, I'll be able to take walks again without those joints burning.

After that I am going to Abby's to spend the day. I am so excited, I've been having Aiden and Mikayla withdrawals. I'm finally feeling somewhat better. Steve's been over twice without me (since I was sick) and was able to hold Aiden.

I started having an itchy throat and lungs. It started Tuesday evening before Linda got here. By Friday, I was convinced I had bronchitis. I had an appointment for a recheck on blood work for my blood sugar level and cholesterol that day, so when I saw my doctor she concurred that is what I had and prescribed a Z-pak, a steroid, and medicine for thrush (which I always get when on steroids).

This is a week later and I feel better than last week; however, I am far from being well. Not seeing Aiden is killing me. It's been a week of days that I not only couldn't go see them, but didn't feel like going out. When I get better, and after I get my fill of Aiden and Mikayla, and helping Abby out, I may just surprise everybody and do something new.

I may ask Steve to check into Sierra Designs Tents to get us a 2 or 3 man tent so we can actually go camping. That is something he loves and hasn't really done since we've been married. Surprised?

Abby Had Her Baby

Sunday, July 17Th, 2011, at around 1:45 PM, Abby had Aiden Michael Sleeth, 6 lbs, 15 ounces, 20 inches long. Hallelujah! He had the cord wrapped around his head, so the doctor told Abby to hold off pushing. She then took two clips and placed them around 7 inches apart on the cord, then cut it and the cord fell away.

After he was out, he was placed in the warmer and the nurse was rubbing his back and feet to try to get him to cry loud (to take in oxygen, more). Finally, she put oxygen on him and continued to rub his back. His skin started taking on a more normal color. After a while, they took him down to the nursery to do all the normal things and he was fine!

I cannot tell you what all Abby went through in her pregnancy. A little of it was passing four kidney stones, and terrible back pain. I wished that I was rich and could buy her a new tub fromtubs at bathsofdistinction. They even have some with air massage jets and twin chromotherapy underwater lights. They remind me of the tub Abby had in the hospital. It had lights that changed color, so soothing.

Abby, Justin, Mikayla, and Aiden are home now so all is well and beautiful in the world.

Today was Good

As usual, I normally spend a lot of time outside. Although the thermometer said 88 degrees and above, I felt really great outside. The inside thermostat said 80 all day, but I didn't feel hot at all. Weird, huh?

Heather was telling me about a drink she made herself to help slim her down. It had apple cider vinegar and other things in it. Yuck. I would rather order slimming pills and just take one with water. How about you?

Steve just got home from church so I'd best end this here. He likes to share with me what it was all about. I love that he shares with me. Catch ya later!

A Trip to Winterset

Yesterday afternoon Steve asked me if I wanted to go see his Mom who lives in Winterset. I was feeling kind of down and didn't really want to go anywhere. Then he asked if I wanted to go get a pizza. That sealed the deal.

Off we went and after filling up the Vue, we drove to the Pizza Hut in Winterset. We had called her first to see if she wanted us to pick her up so she could go with us, but Janet and Gene were making something for her supper already.

We ate a Taco Pizza (my favorite) and then drove over to Mom Manning's house. She was really glad to see us. After we visited for a while, we watched Little House on the Prairie DVD seeing two stories.

This was the first time I'd seen Elsie since she moved back home. None of us like it that she's living there alone. She really needs to be in assisted living. She seemed happy, though, so maybe it will work out.

On the drive home, Steve and I talked about our computers. I'd really like to look into refurbished laptops so Steve can have one of his own. As it is, he uses the old desk top that we've had for quite a while.

Have any of you ever bought a refurbished laptop? Let me know how you like it.


Thirty-four years ago July 9 Steve and I were married! This year, we almost didn't go out to eat because we both were so tired and a little down. The reason? My car had been in the shop since being towed there on the fourth of July.

Finally, we just decided to go ahead and drive into West Des Moines to the Outback. Yum! It's my favorite place to celebrate. We ordered our usual which is the Outback Special (steak), steamed veggies, and a salad each. Before that we decided to splurge and had deep fried mushrooms. Yummie!

After eating too much, I requested a box to go and put half my steak and veggies, plus two pieces of the bread with butter in it. We drove home and relaxed for the rest of the evening.

We talked a lot about our lives up to now which got me to thinking about what I would do if something happened to Steve. Did we have enough life insurance on each other? We might just check into life insurance with no exam to see what's out there for us. After talking about serious things we checked in with Abby to make sure she wasn't in labour yet.

Abby is due the 18Th and is having a lot of pain in her back when she stands and walks. I wish Aiden would just decide to be born. I can hardly wait! I'll keep you posted.


As I sat outside this morning in the fresh air, comfortable weather, drinking my iced tea, I looked back at the past week. It was a time of visiting, eating, frustration, and relief.

Last weekend was the 4th of July. As our norm, we celebrated with our family on the 3rd. That way no one had to get up early to go to work. Steve, Josh (mostly) and Steve II grilled, we had a campfire, made S'mores, and watched Justin and Steve II light off fireworks.

Thanks to Justin, who brought a box of fireworks, we had a nice show of color and sound. Most of the kids liked the display. I think the sounds bothered Cambria and Jadah.

The frustration was because my car (Vue) needed a wheel bearing. Steve decided to replace it himself to save $$. I'll leave that story for another setting.

The getting together is always wonderful. I love seeing my kids and grandkids. Abby is 11 days away from her due date (exciting), and has passed 4 kidney stones this pregnancy (ouch!).

The kids (mostly Abby) helped clean up and after hugs and kisses, headed to their respective homes.

As I replayed all this in my mind this morning, I then started thinking about the money we have in a 401 or some type of account. Maybe it would be better invested in something else. Maybe gold or coins.

I think I'll send off for a morgan silver dollar price guide. They look to be safe and secure and have been in business for 37 years. Being new to this I look for places approved by the BBB.

So, how did your holiday go? Drop me a line to let me know!