Music in My Ears

Although I don't have the singing voice I had when I was young, I still love music and love to sing.  My news today is about Heather.

Pastor Jeff left Heather a message that he wanted to talk with her.  Needless to say, she was wanting to know what it was about until he returned her call.  He wants her to play the keyboard during worship.  She hasn't played for years and is nervous about it.

She's going to go in early Wed night to practice with Tracey and Jef to see how it goes.  To start, she will just play chords.  Until she has her shoulder surgery, she'll have trouble with it.

Steve plays chords on the guitar.  He loves it and would love to learn how to play more than chords.  He was given his Dad's Gibson guitar, but, leaves it at his Mom's as he knows with her air conditioning on all the time is better for it.  I'd like to look into getting a new guitar for him.

He also has an electric guitar from years ago, but no system to plug it in to.  I've never seen him play that one.  I wish I could learn how to play, too.

Any music in your life?

100 Degrees

Whew!  It was hot yesterday.  It made it to 100 degrees.  However, the wind was wonderful, so it made it bearable to sit outside in it.

Today is a different story.  It is at least 90 out but there is no wind and the humidity is high.  I wished we had one of the Outdoor Water Features.  I would love to have a fountain or grotto in our backyard.  It would be soothing to the eyes and spirit to watch.

It's supposed to be in the 90s all week.  I am thankful for the air conditioner we have in the dining room.  Our air condition went out.  It was less than 10 years old.  The one we have in now is my Dad's old air conditioner.  It has to be over 30 years old and it's still great.  We used to use it in the upstairs of our house.  Then when the kids all moved out, we let it sit in the garage. 

Steve had to change the outlet for it, but wonder of wonders, it started kicking out cold air.  I love it!