Kat and Alyce cont.

So Alyce goes back to sleep finally. I gave a huge sigh of relief. Normally they sleep in the little bedroom on the Kraftmatic. Since I now sleep on it (for my sleep apnea), they are relegated to the couch or the floor and it's too cold down there.

Steve gets the nightlights turned on, I take my meds and we say goodnight. Not too long after that Steve wakes me cause Alyce is crying. This time she wanted her daddy. I got her calmed down and she went back to sleep.

The final time she woke up crying, I asked her if she wanted to sleep with me (mind you I sleep on a twin size bed). Yep, she wanted to sleep with me. I didn't think about my sleep apnea device until we lay down, so I just said, "Grandma has to wear a funny thing on her head and nose to be able to breathe at night." She kind of smiled at me as I put it on and we both tried to go to sleep again. After five minutes, she wanted to go sleep with Kat again. So, back to the couch she went and we slept till morning (thankfully).

Maybe Steve and I should go get term life insurance advice, what do you think? Halfmoon

Kat and Alyce cont.

I decided to leave Alyce's outfit on, just take off her coat and shoes to see if she would stay asleep. Kat put her own pajamas on, so that was easy. I checked Alyce's diaper and it was still dry, yeah!

Kat wanted to watch a DVD she'd brought with her, so we popped it in to let her watch it. Pretty soon she started getting tired, but along with it she started missing her Mom. Heather called about then and Kat asked to talk to her. She started crying and said she wanted to go home. The whole reason we were watching the girls was so Heather and Pato could shop for Xmas presents early on Black Friday.

Heather calmed Kat down and she layed back down and went to sleep. A few hours later, Alyce woke up crying for her Mom. I called Heather and Heather sang to her, which didn't work. So she explained to Alyce that Mommy needs Alyce to stay with Grandma so she can shop for Alyce's birthday present (Tuesday birthday). She wants a present, right? Alyce was fighting crying so hard, but she agreed to stay. What a sweetheart!

I was really glad they went to sleep because one of the toys they like to play with is a little cash register and the barcode scanner no longer works, I think that is their favorite part. I'll have to look for a new one. Halfmoon

Time With Kat and Alyce

About two weeks ago Heather called and asked if we would consider taking Kat and Alyce home for a sleepover after Thanksgiving dinner. I was a little leery because the last time we did that, Alyce wanted her Mama. With trepidation, I agreed that my granddaughters could come spend the night.

Both girls were all smiles when we got to our turkey get together, especially Alyce. She has such a beautiful smile, it is hard to deny her anything. After packing the Vue up with leftovers (and the girls) we headed home.

Before long, they both were asleep. Doesn't take much for them, but the movement of riding in a car did it. After arriving home, Steve waited in the car with them while I went in and made up a bed for them on the couch. Then he got Kat out of the car and, of course, she woke up. (I was hoping she'd sleep through it.) Alyce barely stirred, but went right back to sleep once she was layed on the couch.

I wonder if Heather has term life insurance for her and Pato, yet? It sure would be a good idea. Halfmoon


As you all know, yesterday was Thanksgiving and Steve and I are very thankful for the kids and grandkids that we have, our family and friends. Our immediate family had a get together at one of the Waukee indoor shelter houses. Thanks to Joshua for working for the City of Waukee, the fee was waived. Yeah!

Josh roasted a Turkey, as did Steve and I. I should clarify that. Abby came over and helped us get the stuffing made and also she did most of the work making a pumpkin pie. Little Mikayla was with her and we always love it when we can be around our grandkids.

Meanwhile, at Abby's, Justin made his bacon-wrapped water chestnuts and also brought little smokies wrapped in bacon both creations were covered with a barbecue sauce. Yum! Everyone loves them so much they were mostly eaten before the dinner even started.

Heather and Pato brought the fruit salad (I'm told Pato did all the cutting and that he is very fast at it). That is such a relief to me, because it usually takes us a long time to make it. Before the turkey was done Josh called and mentioned that Shelley was bringing her famous cheesy potatoes and also mashed potatoes. Man, I got so excited that I didn't have to make instant spuds. One less thing for us to do and bring!!!!!

Shelley's dad brought pecan and pumpkin pies, and let me tell you, they were yummy! We brought our pumpkin pie, so that made three! There was a surplus of food for all to munch on. Of course we had the relish tray, too, and I didn't notice that I forgot to put the carrots on it until I was putting food away after it all was over. Oh, brother!

After everyone stuffed themselves, I was seriously thinking about trying out the best fat burner. Wouldn't you? Hope you had a yummy turkey day and that you were counting your blessing, too! Halfmoon

Getting the Mail

Do you remember looking forward to getting the mail? It's been a while for us. Usually, the only things that come in the mail are bills or junk mail. Well, today I received a letter that really made me hit bottom.

It was from SSN and they denied me again. Of course, they didn't even request records from the doctor I am currently seeing. The did request records from the doctor who told them the first time that I was back to baseline. Which means back to where I was before I fell. WHY AM I STILL GETTING NERVE BLOCKS THEN, YOU JERK? Sorry, I had to vent a little.

I even sent them a copy of his medical records that stated I was not able to work in any capacity. I just don't get it. Do you?

Have you ever seen someone work out on a dip bar? Man, maybe I should get Steve one for Christmas!!!!!

Time With Sue and Walt

We went to Sue and Walt's Monday and had a wonderful time visiting. It's so good to be with family. I'm really glad we went before the snow starts to fly! It sounds like we're going to be having it start pretty soon, maybe today.

Sue sent more than two bags of baby things home with us. One of the bags was things for the birth of little Cambria Ann. She made a quilt for her with her name on it. I wish I had taken a picture of it to show the detail of the hand stitching she did. She sewed by hand for more than four hours and now her fingers are sore. It is really beautiful!
I wish I could sew the way Sue does. She is always making quilts or adding designs to jeans for her grandkids. She is really talented. I crochet while watching DVDs with Steve. I have an idea for a gift for my kids, but don't know if I can swing it before Christmas.
Those stupid cats that attached themselves to our house are at it again. The male cat (which is very ugly) has been pooping all over our sidewalks and welcome mat. I've caught him pooping on the picnic table before. He also did it on the deck that is attached to the house.
Maybe we need to buy some pet supplements for him. Good grief! I really wish they would attach themselves to some other family. Halfmoon

Can't Wait Till Monday

Monday Steve and I are going to see Walt and Sue at their home in Council Bluffs. It has been a while since we've seen each other so it makes the trip really special. I also am taking her birthday present to her (a little bit late, oops!) and delivering things Abby's been collecting for Wendy's kids.

Wouldn't you know it, gas prices went up again. I don't understand how they can be one price on one day and jump thirteen cents the next. Do you get it? I sure don't. And what is it that makes them fluctuate the way they do?

Heather called me earlier. She took all four kids to the doctor. They all are ill, Christian is the sickest. It all started when Kat started coughing and had to have breathing treatments. Man, when it rains, it pours. I hate it when my kids and grandkids are sick. Heather is sick, too.

I sure wish I had use of one of those cross country moving companies, preferably to move some place warmer. It's in the 50's again today, we won't have this much longer. Sure wish we could have another month of it, though.

Hope you're staying happy and healthy. Halfmoon

Here I Go Again

We're at Dr. Holcomb's office (whom I've just seen) for a follow-up visit because I went to the ER Wednesday night. You won't believe what I did. I decided to try walking on the treadmill at the Y for the second day. Unfortunately, I had the speed up probably a little faster than I should have.

I remembered something I wanted to tell Steve (he was on the treadmill to the right of me). I tried to get his attention. He apparently didn't hear me so I leaned over towards him and said Steve a little louder. Apparently, my foot must have lifted up off the treadmill. The next thing I knew, I was doing the splits. Not something I would recommend.

Steve tried to keep me from hitting the floor, which didn't happen, but it did keep me from hitting it very hard. Of course, many people had to come over to see if I was hurt (talk about embarrassing), if I needed a wheelchair, or if I needed someone from Mercy Wellness called over.

Long story short, an ambulance was called and I was taken to the new Methodist hospital. After a few doses of Phenol (sp?), I finally got a little relief from the severe pain. I will say, I hurt soooo bad Wednesday after it happened, that even though I am still in pain, it is a great improvement.

I think I should have Steve take me to look at some home theater systems so I can sit back and relax and forget about the pain. What do you think? Hope you have a great day! Halfmoon

A Rainy Day

I'm here at the new Mercy Healthy Living Center (which is the new Y), waiting for Steve to get done with his exercising/steam room time. I sat in the hot tub until I was thoroughly cooked (probably overcooked), then I went out to the car, dropped off my gym bag and picked up the computer.

I think it's really cool that they have a wireless connection here that we can use. Such a deal, huh? Before this we dropped off Steve's prescription for his new glasses at Vision-4-Less. After this, we will go pick up Mikayla from her babysitter and take her to her house. Abby put ham and cabbage in the crockpot and we'll be eating there. Yum!

Heather and the kids came over a few days back and I just love to watch Steve with the grandbabies. As you can see in the pic, they both look pretty happy! What a grandpa!

I think while he's in such a good mood, I should have him check into las vegas hotels for a little fun time. What do you think? Halfmoon

Are You Safe?

I'll have to be honest, the only security system I've had experience with is when I babysit at my son's and visitors have to buzz the apartment to be let in. However, that isn't really very safe when residents prop open the door while running things outside or if they are expecting someone to come over.

Everyone knows that having a security system is a visual deterrent to thieves. An audio burglar alarm oftentimes causes thieves to flee. A notification to you and to the alarm company that a breech has occurred is excellent, plus just the peace of mind that you are protected is a plus.

There are many needs for having security systems or business alarms. Some are fire safety, intrusion detection, conditions such as heat or flood conditions, and video surveillance. One of the many reasons for the importance of having a security system, to me, would be peace of mind for you and your family or business.

For myself, and my husband, I would choose to get a security system because of a threat we had to our family. There is a neighbor who lives about a half mile down the road who threatened to kill three members of our family. Although there is still a restraining order against her, how much security is that? Is it worth chancing the lives of our family? Since the order was in place, I've had two tires slashed (while my car was in my locked garage).

I hope this doesn't happen to you, remember to stay safe! Halfmoon

A Busy Day

Today, Steve and I went to the Y, then to three different offices to get medical and dental printouts, to the Workforce building, and finally to pick up Mikayla at her sitters and on to her house.

Abby is in school tonight and Justin is out of town so we get to play with our granddaughter!!!! She sure knows what she wants to do right when she gets home. Right to the highchair she goes and points to it. Ok, Mikayla, I get the picture. I started feeding her and when Steve came into the kitchen, I asked him to start the mac and cheese for our supper. He didn't think we needed to eat right away so I had him feed Mikayla while I made it. I was hungry.

After eating we watched TV for a while and noticed Mikayla started whining when Steve and I would talk. Actually, Grandpa noticed it and explained it to me. What a riot. Mikayla sure has quite a vocabulary built up now. I couldn't understand a word she said but she sounded like they were complete sentences. (I do think she says Grandpa, though.)

Before her bedtime, I read her a book (actually, I ad libbed as I didn't have my glasses on so I explained what the picture looked like), fed her some yogurt, changed her diaper and put her pj's on, and laid her in bed (after I told her I loved her). I left the room and she immediately started jabbering to herself again. It was great!

Here's hoping you all had a wonderful day! Halfmoon