Pollen Season is Here!

Today was supposed to be the day we go to Abby and Justin's to visit. I was going to talk Abby through making lasagna. She has asked me to teach her how to make the homemade meals our family likes so she can master them.

This morning Abby called and said Justin wasn't feeling good. They didn't know if it was a cold or allergies. Abby added that she doesn't feel great either. I suggested we get together next week instead.

What I didn't know was that I would start having my sinuses act up within a half-hour. That said, it's all probably allergies. Knowing that is one thing, feeling like getting together still doesn't have appeal. I'm sure they feel worse than me.

Steve received results of his shoulder MRI yesterday late. Full thickness rotator cuff tear. Not good, but sounds like it may not need surgery. Makes you start looking at life realistically again. We're not getting younger, our bodies are slowly breaking down. Makes you want to start considering term life insurance rates again.

That's it for now, hope you're not having allergies (as we are). If not, get out and enjoy the beautiful weather! Oh, and it is JOSHUA'S birthday today!!! Happy Birthday, Jay, I love you!Halfmoon

Finally Home

We left Tennessee Friday morning around 8:30 after checking out of the time-share. Had a pretty good trip, uneventful, until St. Louis, MO. Yes, it was around rush hour and had we thought of that we would have left earlier or later. It was a nightmare.

Traffic came to a complete halt twice. We wasted about an hour and a half just getting around that area. The first stop was caused by a car in the fast lane that apparently had died and would not start again.

The second was a complete surprise when everyone in all lanes suddenly slammed on their brakes (me included). I almost hit the car in front of us. Steve was shocked that I didn't run into it. The car immediately behind me slammed his brakes on and ended up to my left on the shoulder to avoid hitting me.

The two (or three) cars behind him almost rear-ended me. Man, talk about being scared. I finally quit looking in my rear-view mirror so I wouldn't see someone hit me. When we finally were able to start up again (very slow), we saw the problem. A three-car collision in my lane. Whew! I'm very thankful we didn't add another accident on that road.

We finally arrived home after midnight. Steve drove the last three hours (at least) as I couldn't keep my eyes open. I felt really bad about that. He always stayed awake for me to read the map and directions.

It's good to be back home! I can't wait to start getting together with our kids to have campfires. We really need to get some outdoor furniture to enrich that experience.

Hope you had a great week! Halfmoon

In the South

Steve and I decided to drive down to visit my sister and her husband in Alabama. Since we had a free week (not even an exchange fee!) to use before it expired, we booked a week in Crossville, TN. We would have preferred Nashville (closer to Jackie's) but they didn't have one there.

So we drove through rain most of the way to the timeshare. We started noticing tops of trees snapped off in Kentucky. We did start out later than planned (about 3 hours) and I was bummed about that; but after seeing the devastation that hit the whole rest of the way through Tennessee, we were glad we were delayed. On the radio, somone stated they saw one (2?) cars blown off the interstate and thrown 100 yards away.

As you all probably know, a tornado went through the area. While it didn't touch down on our driving route, the wind must have been tremendous to cause such damage. We were thankful to make it to the condo (late, but alive, right?)

After spending two nights there, we took off and drove on down to Prattville. It was wonderful to see Jackie, Randy, Michelle and her family. I won't go into detail about it all but will say, I know I've gained at least 5 lbs (hopefully, not more). When I get back home, it will be fat burners for me.

The sun is finally shining, my family is alive and healthy, God is in His heavans and here on earth! Have a blessed day! Halfmoon

Katiana is 5!

Today is Kat's fifth birthday. She is so excited, she can hardly contain herself. She actually looks older today. That doesn't normally happen. You don't normally notice it just on the birthday. She woke up this morning and asked if she could go to kindergarten now. What a riot!

We're at Heather's right now and Christiano is looking soooo big, getting a little chunky, even. Grandpa is holding him as I write. He said "Christiano is bright eyed and bushy tailed." I can't remember why people say that, but my Dad used to say that, too.

We've been trying (all weekend) to get a week booked at a resort in Nashville, Tennessee. That way we can stay there a couple days, then drive down to my sister's in Prattville, AL for a few days. I'm starting to get excited.

This all stems from the stay we had in March last year. It was a nightmare so they are giving us a free week this year. The trouble is, it is never at a location we would normally go to (Texas, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, etc.). It's enough to drive a person to drink (but then I'd have to go to drug rehab, wait that would be alcohol rehab.

Well, that's it for now. I'll write later when our plans are finalized. Halfmoon