Steve and I have been borrowing DVDs from libraries to watch at night because we are tired of the selections of shows on television. We went through the 'Everybody Loves Raymond' series (which I loved). Now we are watching the 'Mash' series.

We sat down tonight to watch the next episode and when we turned on the set, the premiere of 'Medium' was on. Since I saw the final episode of the last season, I was hooked. I guess Mash will have to wait. Do you ever get fixated on a series? I loved 'Moonlight' and I don't even know if it will be on this season. I also liked Heroes but the last season just didn't do it for me so I quit watching it.

I sat in the living room typing this on my computer and then I'll cut and paste this in my blog tomorrow so technically I wrote this on the 25th! Steve mentioned he wished we had the capacity for a Linksys router so we both could be on the internet at home, wouldn't that be cool?

Today is now Mikayla's birthday, the big ONE YEAR OLD will be walking all over the place. I can't wait to see her! Happy Birthday, Mikayla! Halfmoon


Is she a cutie or what? She turned 11 this summer, but I swear she looks years older. We were at Josh's last night and I was on his computer blogging when she came into the living room. She didn't know we were there and when she saw me, she went, "Oh!" and got this big grin on her face. I just loved it! I tell you, I just eat it up when my grandkids love to see me!
I know what some of my kids and grandkids would like this Christmas, Wii accessories. We were at Abby's a couple times and we played games on the Wii board (I guess you call it that). You could bowl, ski, walk on a tightrope, play hula hoop, or a whole smorgasbord of other games. I loved it!
Anyway, it's really grand to see your kids' kids growing up. I sure am enjoying being a grandma, if you can't tell. Have a great day! Halfmoon

We're at Josh's right now to see the family and, of course, little Cambria. She is so cute! Don't ya think? Seems like she was just born yesterday but she is already 12 days old.

Here's a pic of Carter with a cute grin, but is that gum in his mouth?

After all we've been through lately, I think maybe a vacation is in order. (Not that we can afford it at this point. But maybe we should check into Gatlinburg vacations.

We have a wedding to go to in Missouri (Lee Summit, I think) in October. That day will be here before I know it. Cannot wait! Most of Steve's family will probably be there. You wanna go with us? Halfmoon

Ok, did I tell you I had 3 teeth filled and needed to go back to have a fourth tooth worked on (crown)? Well, we're waiting for the insurance to get a pre-estimate or something back to the dentist. Two nights ago I had another piece of that tooth break off and it's scratching the heck out of my tongue.

I called Dr. McNurlen's office this morning and would you believe it, they had a cancellation at 1:30 today. So back to the dentist I went. I received the prerequisite of two shots, yuck. Then it was under the drill again.

One and a half hours later, with half of my mouth numb, I was given the ok to get out of the chair. Whew! We laughed about how often I'm in their office and I told them I was just doing my part to support them. The dental assistant laughed and said they should put up a plaque with my name on it!

Since I've had my annual and cardiac exams, surgery on my hand, and my teeth fixed, maybe now I should have a colon cleanser review. What do you think? I've heard not only is it good for you, you lose weight! You all know how I feel about that. (I've gone down another pound and a half :) Halfmoon

Kat, Lesie, & Little Nano

Heather brought the girls and Christian out Saturday to spend a day together in our glorious backyard (and in the house some, of course.) The girls came to me for their usual hugs while Christian was sleeping in his car seat.

Heather told me she decided on a nickname for Christian 'Nano'. This is because Alyse calls him 'Christiannano'. She just thought she'd shorten it to Nano. Here, I thought she was going to tell me what it meant in English, teehee.

For some reason, Kat kept coming up to me to hug me over and over saying "I love you!" I think she's missed me. Finally I asked her if she wanted to sit on my lap (she hasn't done that in some time since she's gotten so tall.

She smiled at me and shook her head yes. So she sat on one knee and along comes little Alyce smiling up at me. Now, she is usually the one to want to be held. I asked her if she wanted to sit on my other knee. She smiled and put her arms up.

Now I have two girls on my lap when Christian turns around to smile at me. I said, "I'm sorry, Christian, Grandma's lap is too full," and he just grinned. Heather laughed. I tell you I feel so rich in love when those kids come over.

We went into the house for a short while so Grandma and Grandpa could watch Christian crawl around and then pull himself up on furniture. The kid's not even 7 months old yet for crying out loud. Next, he'll be pulling himself up on the office furniture at Heather's to get on her computer!

Gotta go, we're heading out to go pick up Mikayla from the sitter's to take her to Abby's till she gets off of work! Halfmoon

Commemorating 50 Years

Tonight Winterset is commemorating 50 years of football. Since Steve's brother, Wayne, will be honored, he will be going to watch. How cool is that?

It sure doesn't seem like Wayne could be old enough to have played 50 years ago. I guess if Steve and I have been married 32 years, it is certainly possible. It just seems like once you turn 30, we are all the same age.

With all the aches and pains I have right now,  I guess I will be thankful for what I do have, it could be worse.

I had my mediation hearing Tuesday. I'm glad that is over. Didn't get much, but every little bit helps. That's it for now. Have a great weekend. Halfmoon

At Her New Home

Home at last! Ok, the 1st pic is in the hospital, but the rest are all at home. Cambria is settling in just fine. Well, she has her days and nights mixed up, but, most babies do at first.

She sure is wide awake in this one. She really likes laying in grandma and grandpa's arms (especially grandpa's). I cannot wait to get this cast off so I can cuddle her.

Does he look like a proud grandpa or what? I will have to say he has mellowed over the years toward his grandkids.

Josh is going to need a new house pretty soon. With all the incentives on first-time homebuyers, it would be neat if they could qualify for one. Have you seen the stone sinks you can have installed? Way cool! Actually, I wish we could have a new ranch with some of them put in.
Oh, well, I'm such a happy grandma. What more can I say? Halfmoon

Just thought I'd try to get these pics put in here that I took the day of Cambria's birth.

This pic of Tay and Josh looking at Cambria looks like they are looking on with approval and satisfaction. Tay doesn't show her emotions much with words but her face shows what she is feeling. I suppose she gets that from both of her parents.
Of course you have to have a pic of the grandparents!

Taylor is growing up so fast. She was my first grandbaby (first granddaughter, too)! What a joy it is to see your grandkids grow up. Then there was Jordan (second grandchild, but first grandson). Man, my heart just bursts with pride. To think that I now have 10 grandchildren, it's almost overwhelming.

Here's a pic of the contrast between Josh and Cambria's hands. I zoomed in on it so you won't see her face here, but, I just hand to catch Josh doing this.

She is such a sweetheart, as you can see.

The look of wonder in Carter's eyes is so beautiful. It truly shows what a wonder creation is.

Shelley sailed through this birth just like she did the last one. She's feeling really good and teased Josh by saying she still wants 5 kids!
Have a great day and be blessed! Halfmoon

Cambria Ann Manning!

After a long night at Mercy, the time was at hand for my tenth grandchild to come into this world. Shelley let me stay in the room this time and I really treasured that. When the nurse told Shelley to start pushing, I couldn't believe it. Shouldn't we wait for the doctor?

I shouldn't be so surprised about it, they did the same thing with Heather and Abby. I'd just feel safer to wait until the doctor is around. It was only a few pushes and the doctor walked in and took over. Whew!

What was scary is that when the baby's head emerged, the cord was tight around the neck. The doctor acted quickly, cutting the cord, then another push or so and little Cambria was born. Talk about an emotional high!

And then Joshua cut the cord (that was still attached to the baby), which he hadn't planned to do. I was so proud of him! Speaking of being proud, Shelley did so well through the labor! Taylor and Carter met their new sis (Carter, after he woke up).

Taylor was there at her Mom's shoulder through the delivery, I think she's even more mature now than she was before she walked into the hospital. She is so proud of her little sister, and she really helps out with Carter.

As I was saying before how time flys by, it won't be long and Carter will be zooming up and down skateboard ramps. Just kidding, he's only 2 1/2 right now.

Cambria is so beautiful! 6 Lbs., 15 Oz's. and I think she was 19 1/2 inches long. What a day to remember! Halfmoon

At the Hospital Again

She's finally arrived! On 9/11 I received a call that Shelley was having pains. I get so excited when my grandbabies come into the world, I can hardly stand it! I asked if she'd called the doctor yet and received a negative on that.

I asked Jay if they had a bag packed yet and he asked me what I meant. You know, to take to the hospital. As far as he was concerned, all he needed was a toothbrush. I'm sure he was just joking but I called Heather and asked her to call Shelley with what items to take with them.

It's been 23 years since I made one of those trips and since Heather just went through it with Christian, she'd have a far better memory than me. By 9:30, I decided to go to bed because it might be a long night, might as well get a little sleep now.

Heather called me about an hour later, the doctor told Shelley to go to the hospital to be checked. Josh called me a while after that to tell me they were keeping her. So I got my clothes back on to drive in to Mercy.

It seems like just yesterday Taylor was born and she is 11 now. Before you know it, time will fly by and she'll be off to college.

More about Tay and Carter's lill sis if you stay tuned....Halfmoon

It's Finally Over!

After waiting what seemed like forever, my mediation hearing was finally held today. While I didn't get very much, I am thankful that I didn't have to go to court. That would have meant waiting another month (stressing out more) and, of course, going through the trial and possibly ending up with less.

My back was killing me throughout the meeting, which meant getting up and walking till it hurt worse, then sitting down again until the pain would get stronger there. Sometimes my life bites. Thank goodness I have Steve to get me through all this.

Steve and I both want to lose weight so we might look into Stimerex ES. Anything would help get us motivated to go in the right direction. Right now the onle exercise I get is when we walk around our land. I have to make quite a few stops to get around it once.

We now have grandchild #10!!!!! Stay tuned for more on that news. Halfmoon

Still One Handed

OK, well I'm still one handed and it's left at that, so this may take awhile and please forgive any typos. Going to the library really bites, also, by the way. It is the day after Labor Day and I had 3 teeth filled at 1:30! I have a crown to be done so we're talking major dental again. I brush my teeth, honest. The bad thing was the three teeth were not in the same areas so 3/4 of my mouth was numbed and worked on.

Heather has her desktop working again. I don't think she had backed up her computer before the pop was spilled and caused a major problem with her system. That is where having online backup would come in handy. I don't know how to backup my laptop. I guess I'd better give Heather a jingle and ask her how to do that. Or maybe Steve knows now that he's been taking Microsoft classes re the computer.

Sunday our kids and all our grandkids, except Sydney, came out to eat and visit. Everyone who hadn't signed my cast, did so. My kids are sooooo funny. Each of them wrote something that would kid their siblings. We all had a great time, as usual. It was wonderful!

That's it for now. I'll catch ya on the flip side when my newest grandbaby makes her debut. Cambria Ann Manning is supposed to arrive Thursday,but ya never know! Halfmoon

Came Home With An Ouchie

August 17 I had my dreaded surgery on my thumb joint. I must say being put under was nice. However coming to with severe pain in your hand was no fun.

The nurse asked me if I felt any pain in my hand and I said yes, I had pain at a level of 8 out of 10. However, the pain in my elbow was 10. She didn't understand why I would have pain in my elbow, but offered to get an ice pack for me. Once she put it under my elbow and across the bend of my arm, it immediatly went down.

When the doctor came in, the nurse mentioned the elbow pain to him. He said, of course. I pulled the tendon from the elbow area to insert into her thumb joint. Who'd of thought? I knew I wasn't crazy, my elbow did hurt.

Today is September 2 and I had a cast put on yesterday. It's a pretty green color. Reminds Heather of leprechauns. The scar is terribly ugly and I will say it hurts a lot. My daughters have decorated my cast. Once Heather saw that Abby had written "Your lil angel, Abby" she had to one up Abby and put "your favorite, Heather." I love my daughters.

Jordan and Kat signed it too. And Alyce marked it with a dot. Heather helped Chrsitiano "sign" his name, but he was more interested in eating the marker.

Steve and I have been watching a lot of movies, renting them from the library. (They don't have bluray dvds, but that's ok because we don't have a blueray player.) We've watched a lot of M.A.S.H. and every season of Everyone Loves Raymond. It sure beats failed to broadcast on our TV. Stupid digital conversion.

Thank you to Heather for typing as I dictated as typing with one hand takes too long and she was willing and available.

Hope you all have a great day!