I am so excited, I actually got to watch a new episode of 'Bones'.  Normally, I am either at a Bible study or at church when my favorite shows are on.

It was a good episode, too.  I'm not going to talk about it in case you DVR'd it and haven't seen it yet, but I am tempted to.

What shows are your favorites?

Family Time

What started out with Steve II asking if we wanted to get together to grill, ended up with us inviting the other kids to come also.

Heather said she and Josh were just talking Saturday about maybe the family should get together for chili.  That didn't go any further and she was in the mood for chili.  Josh said Shelley had chili on the stove.  Well so much for that.

I didn't need software security solutions to figure it out.  Those two kids and families would not be coming out.  Abby said they'd be out so it was Abby and family, and Steve and Amber for grilling.  Awesome.

Now it would have been nicer with the whole family, but it was still fun seeing them.  When Steve, Amber and Vito, of course, were leaving Aiden was yelling, "Bye Beto!"  It was so cute.  He just kept saying it over and over.  Loved it!

Steve and His Bible Study

I don't know what is wrong with me, since our 'The Story' Bible study ended, I just haven't felt like going to the Bible Study.  I forced myself to go to all but one of the next study.  Now he's doing a third study and I just can't get into it.

I wish we had a study I looked forward to.  The other thing is the study at my son's house only has one more week to go.  I think even Amber felt sad when I told Steve and her that we only had one week left.

I am in a women's study on Wednesday nights at the church, but am not really thrilled about it, either.  What is going on with me, am I just going through a slump?  Guess I'd better get with the Lord and see what's going on.

Steve Was Working on the Roof

Since we had the storm come through and we had rain come into our attic and caused problems.  If you've read my blog, you'll know what I'm talking about.

Today, Steve took the last of the three vents off the roof and reroofed those three areas.  And if that wasn't enough work, he mowed the yard.  He is a hard worker, that's for sure.

Now that we have the sidewalk, patio, and roof done, we are still playing with the idea of looking at another house.  While we won't need a louisville real estate,  we may need to contact one here locally.

If we did move, I have no idea how we'd move that beautiful table that stands on the new patio.  That would be a bummer if we had to leave it behind.

Linda's Back

A week ago yesterday, Linda was in Colorado on vacation.  Luckily she wasn't in the flooding area.  Amber gave me my shots (I'm pretty lucky that she's a CMA) so I'm not behind on them.

Last night Linda brought me a postcard with a cute bear on it and a candy cane from Hammond's Candies.  It is the flavor of caramel apple!  She knows I buy that flavor suckers to help me not smoke in the car.

We watched the new episodes of 'Crazy Ones', the new 'Michael J. Fox Show', and  'Elementary' and then she showed me the pictures she took while on vacation.  It was a great night.

The Damage From the Storm

Two minutes before the storm hit, I was outside smoking my one-third cigarette.  It started raining lightly and the wind started blowing harder.  I came inside inside just in time. 

The wind started increasing and the rain really started coming down.  I found out afterwards the wind got up to 60 and 70 miles per hour.  Wow!  I'm glad I came in when I did.  We didn't realize the damage until the next morning.

Our satellite dish had been hit by a large limb and it curled the edge inward.  We no longer had internet.  I didn't realize how much I used it until I no longer had it.  There were limbs and branches all over the yard.  The other damage that occurred was the fencing in front of the door to the building we used for storage.  The left side was torn down.  That's sad.

I'm thinking we need to buy a new large-screen TV and a stand with mount so we would no longer have this huge piece of furniture just to hold our TV.

Now, I don't watch TV that much, normally, I watch DVDs.  No commercials, that way!  But, I really wished we could have DVR because then I could have shows like 'Bones', 'Chicago Fire', and 'Revelation' recorded because I'm usually at Bible studies when they are on.  Plus, you could flip through the commercials.  Neat, huh?

Night of the Storm

I was home alone when then electricity went off.  Luckily it happened when it was still pretty light out.  I lit a few candles in the living room and kitchen.  Then I called MidAmerican to report an outage.

I didn't worry at all until I felt wetness on the kitchen floor.  Then I noticed water on the stove and counter.  And then I saw water dripping from the light fixture.  Well, great!  The next step was to call Steve.  I knew he would be upset.  Because that means we have rain coming in the vent on the roof.

Steve, his brother, and our two boys reshingled our roof.  At that time, they put two vents in the roof to help with moisture that  builds up in the attic....I think.

The problem with that is when it rains and the wind blows in a certain direction, it blows rain in the vents.  Great!  I called Steve and he immediately turned around to come back home to deal with it.

Thursday Nights

Tonight Linda came over and we watched an episode of Law and Order (Season 9).  Then we watched Elementary, which just happened to be one we'd never seen before.

We've been seeing reruns of Elementary for weeks.  I cannot wait for the new season of shows to start up.  Under the Dome, Chicago Fire, Revolution are just a few of the ones I love to watch.

What are the shows you like to watch and are looking forward to?

Labor Day Weekend

The following picture is one of a few I'll post here.  It is when we were singing around a campfire with two people playing along on guitar.


You can see Jef and Tyler (from our church musicians) playing their guitars.  To the right of them is Tracey, the pastors wife and who leads our worship on Sundays.

Next you will see Pastor Jeff, with his youngest asleep on his lap.

Photo: Enjoying a beautiful night sitting by the fire with my sleepy little guy. It doesn't get much better than this. 

I will say, our worship team is the greatest!  The only thing missing is Tony on the drums.  Oh, he was there, just didn't have his drums there or his drum set mutes at m123 if that's the kind he has.

We sang a lot of songs that night.  Steve's Mom was with us and she just loved it.  Her husband, Bert, played the guitar and we used to sit in their living room and just listen to him, Steve, and Tom play music.  Sometimes a friend, Elmer, I think would bring his banjo and things would get lively.  (Elmer's wife, Darlene would come over, too to listen.) 

Back to Sunday evening.  We stayed until Katiana couldn't wait any longer.  She hadn't dressed warm for the cool evening.  I gave her my long sleeve shirt and I tried to stay warm by the fire.  After a while, I gave in and told Steve, "We need to go home, now."  And so we took Elsie home, and then proceeded to go to our place.

Kat spent the night, then on Labor Day morning, she and Steve spent quality time together at the Labor Day picnic that the Union put on.  What did you do on Labor Day?

My Library Finally Came Through

You're probably wondering what my title means.  I have been on a list to get Season 9 of Law and Order for ever.  The library told me whomever had it last never turned it back in.  I finally gave up hope.

Last week, Steve was at the Library and noted they had something on hold for me.  It was actually Season 9.  I don't know if they person who had checked it out before me brought it back or if the library ordered a new Season 9.

All I know is I've never seen this season before.  Huh!  It's pretty good, too!

Abby Went to a Party

A few weeks ago, Abby went to a friend's birthday party.  They went on a bus, thus they weren't driving around while or after drinking.  Myself, I don't drink, so I don't understand this concept.

The next week or so Abby was invited to her Mother-in-law's birthday party.  I thought this time it was st petersburg limos that they rode in, but it turned out to be another bus.

Sounds like everyone had a great time.  I cannot imagine having open containers in a vehicle, normally that is against the law.  However, a party bus must be exempt from this rule.  Have you ever been on one of these vehicles?

Tomorrow My Son Goes......

....to the doctor, finally.  He has slipped disks in his neck which causes a lot of pain for him.  I sure hope this doctor can help him.

It's actually the doctor that he went to as a little boy, maybe the doc that was at his birth.  I simply cannot remember.  It's over thirty years ago, give me a break.

I have great hopes in his appointment tomorrow!

I'm Sitting Here.....

...waiting for time to go by until Linda calls telling me she's on her way.  Once again it is Thursday evening.  Linda usually works late at her work.  She works at a doctor's office.  She calls me anywhere from 7:45 to 8:30 PM. 

I've changed my shirt once so far.  First, I had drips of butter fall on it from the two ears of corn I ate tonight.  Yummy!  I immediately put Dawn (blue) on it.  But, I didn't change yet as I wasn't finished eating yet and I tend to drip food down the front of me.

I'm really glad I didn't change as I then dropped a chip down my front.  It literally rolled down the front of me, leaving a path of dip where ever it landed.  Then it rolled onto the carpet.

Yes, I scrubbed the two spots hard.  But, I really need some carpet cleaning raleigh to come over and do the entire house.  OK, not the two bathrooms as they have tile on them.

I haven't had this carpeting cleaned for years and years.  It's pretty disgusting.  Who do you have clean your carpeting?

This is a picture of Steve working on our old/new picnic table.


And the next pic is the day we christened the table for our first picnic.

Photo: Mom dad Shelley and kids , myself and my queen Amber! The first supper

And it certainly is big enough for our family.  You might note it's sitting on our new patio.  Look, there's Muddy in the back right portion of the pic.  That's Josh and Shelley's new dog (previously Shelley's Dad's dog).

This is how we spent our Labor Day, how did you spend yours?