Pics From the Ball

I thought I'd share a few pictures taken at the ball. We had so much fun there.This is Jackie and Randy at the dinner! Jackie is my sister and Randy, her husband, my brother-in-law. The ball was in honor of Randy being made the Grand Potentate.

This is most of their family, including grandkids.

My sister from Council Bluffs, Sue, and her husband, Walt. Everyone looked so good all dressed up. I'd never been to a prom or anything before so for me, it was like going to the prom with my wonderful Steven!

Steve and I! I'd have to say it was the most fun I've ever had in my life! There was the exquisite food, the atmosphere was romantic, and, of course, the company was divine!
I was going to include pics of my sisters and I together, but the computer is not cooperating. So, that's it for now unless you're trying to lose weight and need some Phentermine. Have a great night! Halfmoon

It's Friday

Well, another week is almost over. I'm still trying to find a way to earn money at home to get by. Stevie called me as today is his day off. Jadah is being a little onery today. Doesn't want to pick up her toys. He's going to call the apartment manager today to see when the one-bedroom apartment is available. There's supposed to be one available in December.

I sure hope it works out for him. He'd still be able to walk to work if he get's that apartment. It would be nice to be able to walk to work from home. I've never had a job that close.

Abby called and has applied for a job with the DNR. They notified her that she is qualified for the position. She would be working for the State of Iowa if she gets it. That would be great! As far as I know, they pay for your health benefits. That would really help them. I've been telling Steve he should apply at the State for a job. Thus far, he hasn't listened to me. :(

Heather's doing a good job working for Cha Cha. People textmail questions that she finds answers for and sends the answer and resources back to them. Some of the questions she gets are really weird. What language did Adam and Eve speak? I would say probably Hebrew, but who really knows?

Josh hasn't called yet, but, yesterday he let me know he reserved a place for us for Thanksgiving. We were really lucky there as every other place is already taken. That's what you get for waiting so long to get a place reserved.

Christmas will be less than normal this year. Everyone is hurting financially. I didn't think the Wallstreet downward plunge would effect us, but it sure did. At least we'll still be able to get together and enjoy each other.

Hope you're having a great day! Halfmoon

Abby and Mikayla

I just had a wonderful afternoon with my youngest daughter, Abby, and my youngest granddaughter, Mikayla Corey. She is eight weeks old today! I was able to give her a bottle for the first time (Mommy's milk, of course), and she took it like a pro.

Being a grandmother to eight grandchildren (and one more in February) means so much to me. It just makes me so proud of my children, words cannot express it truly. Abby and I had a great time to visit and by letting me take care of Mikayla, Abby was able to get a little rest.

She sure is growing fast. Before you know it she'll be sitting up and crawling. She loves to look at the ceiling fans and lights. I need to remember to tell Grandpa that we need a new table lamp. Or at least a new shade for the one by Grandma's chair.

Thanksgiving is a week away, I can't wait! Hope you have a wonderful day! Halfmoon

Lunch with Sue and Wendy

After going to Uncle Marvin's funeral, Steve, Heather, and I met Sue and Wendy for lunch. It was a time to unwind from the stress of the funeral. There was only the service at the church and then one at the gravesite, no get together to see our relatives and visit.

We all had good food (Heather and I split a tenderloin and fries as did Sue and Wendy and Steve grabbed a bowl of chili). Before the sandwiches and soup came Sue and Wendy had some type of fruit dessert on a bed of what looked like cheesecake, all on a type of crust with slivered almonds around it. It looked sinful. Sue offered me a bit and I declined (trying to lose weight, remember?) but it was pretty tempting. Maybe if I were taking top rated fat burners I could enjoy something like that once in a while.

After we ate we all had a great time together. We don't get together often enough. I don't want time to go by and wish we had seen each other more. If it's one thing a funeral does for you, it is making you think about putting life in perspective. Where are your priorities? I know mine are not in the correct order that they should be. I need to make changes in my life about choices I make. Don't we all? Halfmoon

Time Together

Yesterday Steve, Heather, and I went to my Uncle Marvin's funeral. It was sad to go to any one's funeral; but, when it is for someone you love, it is heartrending. The service was very nice and my second cousin sang two songs (for his grandfather). I don't know how he could do it, but, I guess I've said that before and Heather and I sang at my father's funeral. You get through it somehow.

Angel (Uncle Marvin's granddaughter and also my second cousin) took a few minutes to share one thought from each of his grand kids. It was wonderful. Some points were made (memories mostly) that had all of us laughing.

The minister then asked if anyone else had a memory of Marvin that they would like to share. All through the service I kept remembering a picture of him holding me in a rocking chair at my parent's home. No one stood up and so finally I did. I told them how I had that picture and Uncle Marvin would come down and rock me to give my parents a little relief. I had terrible allergies and they would have to walk me at night to try to stop me from crying. That picture made me love Uncle Marvin more than anything else he's ever done.

He used to come down and play pool or cards with my Dad. I used to love just watching them and listen to their stories. There were plenty of those! Everyone who knew Marvin Scoular loved him. He was a very loving, helping person. When he and Aunt Wanda lived in Arizona (during the winters), he would help the other people in the mobile home park, too! What a man!

We all will miss him; but, I imagine by now he is playing pool with my Dad, or calling out Bingo numbers (which are probably all gold) to everyone up there! Goodbye and God Bless and Keep you, Uncle Marvin. Say hi to my Mom and Dad, and of course, Denny and his family! Halfmoon

P.S. Have you heard about the Lipovox review? It might be what I need to get a boost on losing this weight.

He's a Winner

Steve II is the oldest of my two sons. He's been struggling to stay on his feet finance-wise as he has had his hours cut at work due to the economy. Sunday evening my husband took him to PM to take their minds off of the everyday struggle.

When all but a dollar of Stevie's money was gone, he put that in a nickel machine. On his first spin he won $202. How exciting for him. Then as he was at the machine where you cash out your tickets, he decided to put the extra $2 in a machine there and he won $20. At that point he decided he better leave while he was ahead. Hurray for him!

It is so great to see something good happen to him for a change. And he's wise enough not to go back out to try his luck again. I think it has been nine or ten years since he's been out there. (Probably has only gone three times in his life.)

Maybe he should check into retail pos systems now that he has a little extra cash. I'm just joking, they are for businesses which he doesn't have right now. Maybe some day he will. Congratulations to you, Steve! Halfmoon

Uncle Marvin

My uncle passed away a few days ago. He was my Dad's brother and the only living relative of Dad's immediate family. I am including the write-up from the NONPAREIL Online. Uncle Marvin was my favorite in Dad's family. He was loved by everyone who knew him.

"Marvin J. Scoular, age 89, of Council Bluffs, passed away November 15, 2008 at Mercy Hospital.

Marvin was born August 21, 1919 in Bismarck, N.D., to the late James P. and Della M. (Abel) Scoular. He served his country in the U.S. Navy Seabees during WWII. Marvin married Wanda M. Felton on March 2, 1941. To this union, three children were born. Marvin retired from the Union Pacific Railroad in 1979 as a carman after 39 years of service. He was a member of Bethany Presbyterian Church; Good Sam's Camping Club and was a former director at the U.P. Credit Union.

Marvin was preceded in death by three sisters, Velda, Irene and Lucille; brother, Jack.

He is survived by his wife of 67 years, Wanda M. Scoular of Council Bluffs; daughters, Cheryl J. Johnson of Omaha, Linda K. Walker and husband Ken of Crescent; son, Richard D. Scoular and wife Jean of Firestone, Colorado; 9 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren; nieces and nephews.

Visitation with the Family, Monday, 6:30-8:00 p.m. at Cutler-O'Neill-Meyer-Woodring Funeral Home. Funeral service, Tuesday, 10:00 a.m. at Bethany Presbyterian Church, 1900 South 7th St. Rev. Greg Carlson, Pastor will officiate. Interment Cedar Lawn Cemetery with military rites tendered by American Legion Post #2. Memorials to Bethany Presbyterian Church preferred."

I had hoped to include his picture, however, this computer has other ideas. Tomorrow Heather, Steve, and I will drive to Council Bluffs for Uncle Marvin's funeral. God is great and He will be with us in this time of our grief. In sadness, I hope you have a good day. Halfmoon

Steve II

I spent the day yesterday with Stevie and Jadah. In the morning I stayed in their apartment with Jadah while Steve and Stevie put a new battery in his car and went down to get four new tires.

After that, Steve went back home to get things done on the home front and I took Stevie and Jadah to Des Moines. They treated me to Taco Bell (Yo Quierro Taco Bell!) and then it was off to get groceries.

After a quick dash back to his apartment to drop off groceries and Jadah, we met Steve and drove together to church. It was a different type of service where the pastor had everyone come sit down on chairs on the platform (instead of up in the stadium seats).

Half the time the lights were up and shining in our eyes. The pastor had clips of audio and one video where people from the church gave testimony to what the church has done for them. It was pretty good. Then the pastor said this guy was going to talk for a little while before we close.

It went on FOREVER. Finally at 6:30 p.m. we got up and left. Stevie had to get back for Jadah. I was pretty disappointed by then and a little bit angry with that church. Needless to say, Stevie doesn't want to go back to that one. We had talked him into giving that church a try. What a bummer.

I received an email yesterday that my uncle died. What a way to get the message, huh? Crazy. He is the last alive of my Dad's brother and sisters. All that's left now is us cousins and the wife of the brother that just passed on. So sad. Guess I'll check my emails to see when I need to get the luggage out to attend his funeral.

It's really sad when that is the only reason you get together with your relatives any more. A grim reminder that we need to get together with those we love while there is yet time. Halfmoon


Thought I'd try to get a pic of my family put in here. This one isn't great but at least there are no bunny ears. I had to take eleven pictures to get this one. I tried to tell my family to get serious about it but do they listen? As you can tell this pic is dated. They baby is Jadah and Carter and Mikayla aren't even born yet.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and will be here before you know it. We always have the question as to where it will be held. It's easiest for us to have it here if the kids help clean up afterwards. Last year we decided to only get together for Thanksgiving. Christmas Day everyone spends it with the other side of their families or just as a family on their own.

Of course, Christmas Eve is spent celebrating Steve's b'day. Normally it is Chinese as that's the only type of restaurant open. We all love the food there though. Last year we had to switch places to go as our favorite Chinese food restaurant was closed. Couldn't figure that one out. I guess I'd better scout that one out early, huh? Have a wonderful day! Halfmoon

A Down Day

The day started out good. I was trying my best not to go to Des Moines and spend money so I headed to the library in Adel and loaded up on books. I love to read and I probably spend most of my time with my nose in a book.

On the way home from the library I decided to get the mail (which I rarely do as it hurts me to walk to the mailbox and back). Since I was in my car and going the right direction, I just stopped the vehicle and got out, grabbed the mail, and got back in.

Once I got in the house I opened the mail that shows my investments. That was a wrong thing to do! My investments lost 21% of their worth. I knew that the Dow was going down, but I thought that was just stocks and I didn't think my portfolio had many stocks, just mutual funds. My sister said mutual funds are like individual stocks???

Then I opened the letter from my lawyer. My court hearing is a year away. OMG I don't know that I can exist a year on the money I have. I was seriously bummed, to say the least. When Steve called me, I started crying as I told him about it. He consoled me saying something like, "We'll make it, don't worry," and other things that helped me a lot.

He really is a sweetheart to me. It's taken 31 years, but well worth the wait. No seriously, Steve has been really great for over seven years now. I think it took getting all the kids out on their own so we can relax and enjoy each other.

If you're looking for a watch check out Oakley watches. They have some really cool things on their site. Here's hoping today's a better day! Have a great one! Halfmoon


Just thought I'd share a few photos of my newest granddaughter, if I can figure out how to upload it into this post!

Aren't they adorable. She sure doesn't look like she just had Mikayla. Justin's Dad's name was Michael and his uncle's name was Corey. Mikayla Corey was named in honor of her grandpa and great uncle who died in November of 2007.
Now for pics with the family.

Grandpa and granddaughter

Aunt Heather

Uncle Steve

Uncle Josh

And of course, Mikayla at about six weeks old!

Unfortunately the only one I had of Justin (Daddy) was the one with Steve II and it wasn't even one of him holding Mikayla. I think I took all of the pics of her daddy holding her on Abby and Justin's camera. I'll have to see if I can have her send me one.
She's getting a little hair on the back of her head and it is not blond! So far the eyes are blue but you know how that goes. She's starting to settle in a little more now (not crying as much). She loves to be held (don't they all).
That's it for now! That makes eight grand kids now (I'll enter recent pics of them soon) and number nine will arrive in February! I just love my grandkids. Halfmoon

Shopping Confessions!

I found a really neat contest! Does the sound of $33,000 in prizes excite you? It does me! I'm always looking for a way to come into more money and this would be an easy way to do it. It's called the Shopping Confessions Contest and the grand prize is $15,000. There are also $1,000 prizes for video entries and $500 prizes for text entries.

Everyone loves to shop and online shopping makes it really easy to get your shopping completed. I know since I've been hurt, it is very hard for me to walk around and online shopping is a great solution. I know a lot of people shop online, I think it's time the rest of us tried it.

Go to the website and check out the contest. Who knows, you might be a winner. Be sure to sign up and say that you saw the contest on my blog at and I'll love ya for it!

P.S. Watch this trailor of Confessions of a Shopaholic, it's great!

Oh, I may make my own video telling of my escapade that occurred a few weeks ago, so keep watching (but don't tell Steve to watch it!) Halfmoon

$33,000 in Prizes for 2008
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Barack Obama, President Elect

I have kept my political opinions out of my site thus far for a purpose. My family and friends know where I stand and I'm not out much but I did encourage anyone I talked to to vote, period!

I knew either side would be making history for the United States. Either we have the first black man as president or the first woman as vice-president, we'll be going down in history. My hopes are that Barack can 'change' this country in a good way.

I will let you know that I had hoped his opponent would be the victor, but I will be a true American and acknowledge him as my President, as long as he doesn't go against my convictions. I heard his first speech today and I'm sure it will be followed by many more.

Here's to the future! Halfmoon

Miss Mikayla

Abby brought Mikayla over two nights ago as she's been crying a lot. Sometimes Grandma can get her to calm down, but not always. Grandpa gave it a try, too, and it worked for a short while.

She loves to look at the light/ceiling fan and just stare. Sometimes that will stop her crying, but again, not for long. I love to rock the little ones while singing the songs my mother used to sing to my kids (and probably to us when we were babies). 'God's Little Candles', 'The Owl Lullaby', 'A Tiny Turned Up Nose', and one that I won't name, but if you're in my family, you'll know immediately which song that is.

Today, I met Abby (and Mikayla, of course,) at the doctor for Ab's six week check-up. It seems unreal that it has been six weeks now. Mikayla was a doll the whole time. Especially when the doctor was there and Abby asked questions about her crying. Wouldn't you know it?

At Abby's house they try white noise to calm the baby down. You know, turning the television on but not on a station, or in the car the same thing with the radio. She also likes the sound of water running (or the vacuum).

Seriously, it would be nice to find a key to helping Mikayla out. The doctor said it is a normal baby thing and not to worry about it. Right! Try that when it's your baby and you're worn out and she won't stop crying. I guess we were pretty lucky with our kids (or it's so long ago that I can't remember it being real bad).

Hopefully, Mikayla will grow out of this phase soon so Mommy and Daddy can relax and enjoy! Halfmoon

I Can't Get a Break

I went to the hand surgeon yesterday to see what could be done with the spur in my thumb joint. It can be corrected with surgery. They make a long cut on the underside of the hand, cut out a third of the bone, including the spur, then insert a ligament, and close it up. I forgot to ask where they get the ligament from????

I think you then are in a cast for a month. Oh, and he said I would have some discomfort for a few weeks. Some discomfort, my eye. That usually means it will really hurt, right? Oh, forgot to mention the nerve test that they do first.

I had a nerve test done in my leg before. I was unable to speak for quite a while after they finished. Steve asked me in an elevator full of people how I was doing. I just shook my head. I knew if I opened my mouth, I would start sobbing.

No, thank you! Don't want to do that to my hand! Such a deal! Well, have a great day! Halfmoon