A Very Sad Time

Right before Thanksgiving Justin's dad and uncle were killed in a truck rollover accident up in Minnesota. (Justin is Abby's husband.) They had gone up there to check out a classic car that Gilbert (Justin's grandfather) was considering buying. He wanted Mike and Cory's opinion on if it was a good deal.

This has torn up both Justin and our families. How do you deal with two loved ones' deaths at one funeral? There is no answer to the question "Why?". You wonder if they had waited till the next day to drive up, if things would have ended up differently. Justin and Abby had just lost their dog the week before which was difficult enough. When Mike was buried, the dog's ashes were buried with him. How tragic.

Life is so short and you are so rudely reminded of this when something of this nature occurs. Live life to the fullest as if tomorrow could be your last day (you never know, it may prove to be true). Halfmoon