Our computer crashed months ago and Steve keeps trying to get the problem solved. I took the computer to a repair shop the last time it crashed and was told the tower was probably going out. The thing is seven years old so I suppose it is time for a new computer but they are so expensive. With me off work it is really not the time to invest money now.

First the computer crashed, then Steve's truck went out, and then our refrigerator died. We had just bought a new lawnmower (which is Steve's pride and joy) and he's still making payments on it. We bought a new refrigerator (which is my pride and joy) which was close to $1000 and he is making payments on it too. So a computer is not high on the list to replace.

My daughter invited me to her apartment and handed me a box. Inside was a laptop computer which she said was an early Christmas present for Steve and I from Heather, Joshua and Abby's families. What wonderful kids we have raised. I was really surprised.

Heather set the computer up for me and then off I went home to play. I worked on it for five weeks or so and it kept shutting down and doing weird things. Finally Steve and I took it back to the store and got the money back. It is sitting in my checking account until we can come up with another two to three hundred dollars so we can get a Dell computer. I can hardly wait. Oh, in the meantime, Steve got this computer completely wiped clean (lost all of our stuff) and it is working somewhat.

Just turning it on for this entry took me three times of getting online to actually be able to pull anything on the internet up. Here's to another few weeks to get a computer that really works! Halfmoon