Taylor Spent the Night!

We had Tay spend the night a while back and she is so sweet. So different than when you have a grandchild stay that you have to watch constantly. When we weren't doing anything together, she was reading the latest kid's book that I bought (One of the Twilight books for kids).

We watched a DVD together and played multiple games of CLR. It's a little harder to play with just two players. You're supposed to have three players to have a game going. With only two, the game ends real quickly.

Tay just turned 12 years old July 22, 2010! Hooray! Next year she will be my first grandchild who is a teenager! Before you know it most of the grandkids will be in school again. But first will be the school shopping for clothes and shoes. That will be a lot easier by using cyberpowerpc coupons.

I always loved shopping for school supplies and clothes when I was a kid. Now, it's very hard for me to make myself go buy anything. Tay and I usually try to bake something when we're together; but, it was so hot, we vetoed the idea. She helped me dust the entertainment center, then we played CLR again. Before I knew it, it was time to take her back home.

I worried that she hadn't had a very good time. Heather told me that Taylor mentioned to her, "I thought I'd be really bored at Grandma's, but I had a lot of fun." Whew, that made me feel wonderful.

Josh and the Kids

Last night Josh and his kids came out for supper. We had creamed dried beef and green beans on the side. The kids all loved it and, of course so did the rest of us. Yummy!

I talk a lot about food on my blog don't I? Seems like every time I try to lose weight, food sounds soooo good. Oh, well. Cambria is crawling now. Carter is talking a lot more. I took him outside with me while I was having a smoke break (yes, I know it's bad for me) and I normally read while I smoke.

Carter normally doesn't talk much, but, since I wanted to read, he wanted to ask questions. Are you smoking? Yes. A few minutes later, are you smoking? Yep! Then he found a weed and told me it was a flower. He talked a lot about that. Some of what he said I gave up on after asking him to repeat it three times.

And, he is very active. That's one kid who won't need testosterone boosters. He will have all the muscles he needs just be being himself!

I love to watch Cambria smile when Josh kisses her or talks to her quietly. Beautiful. As for Taylor, she spent the night so I'll talk about her next time! See ya then!

Father's Day

I know Father's Day is already past, but I didn't write about how much fun we had and we also celebrated Sydney's 9th birthday! Almost my whole family was there. Except for Angie, she wasn't feeling good, and Abby's family because she had to work, so except for them, everyone was there.

I love it when we all get together. This Father's Day my kids and I went together and got Steve a new bar-b-que grill. It is really a nice one. Even has a place for a pan to cook on the side. Jackie told me that is for boiling corn on the cob! Yum!

The cake Steve II brought for Syd had that yummy frosting on it so, of course, I couldn't turn it down. Now some of us should visit the website for apidexin. I know I didn't weigh the same the next day.

Steve loves the grill, and I love the steaks he cooks on it! We had steak tonight with baked spuds and raw carrots and ranch dressing, yum, yum, yum. See what I mean. It is very hard to lose weight!

Surgery is Over!

It's been a week since surgery and I feel pretty good. Actually, I've felt pretty good including the day of surgery, just have been soooo sleepy. I think I've slept half my life away, and it felt great.

The Saturday after surgery my feet and legs were pretty swollen so I called the number for my surgeon. The doc on call told me to go to the ER and have an ultrasound done of my legs to make sure there were no blood clots. Once that was determined I would be put on a water pill.

The ultrasound was clear so I was given a script for water pills and potassium as I'm still very low. Man those potassium pills are huge. They didn't look much bigger than my Neurontin so I waited for the nurse to give me the 2nd one. She said, "Are you sure? They are pretty big." Being as smart as I am I answered, "I take one that size along with 4 other pills all at once." "OK," she said and let me take them both.

After practically choking to death, I finally got the pills down and felt a little (a lot) sheepish. Never again will I take two at one time. Whew! Lucky to be here to tell the story. Over all, once being weighed, I had at least 11 pounds water weight on me. Talk about tight feet.

I had my hair cut right before surgery so I wouldn't have to mess with it so much afterwards. I'm really glad I did. It is so easy to take care of right now. For some reason, you can't see where my hair was thinning any more. Abby actually asked me what product I used to make it grow again. You could really see it was thin as it was right in front.

It might be a good idea for me to take some hair loss prevention for protection against future loss. I think my hair being short just covers up where I was thin before. Who knows. I always told everyone I wouldn't mind going thin in the back, but in the front you have to see it every time you look in the mirror.

I want to thank everyone who kept me in their prayers during my surgery and after. I believe that was the reason my days after surgery went so well. Again, thank you!