Tay, Carter, and Cambria

Steve and I went to Josh's to watch the kids while he and Shelley went to a party with his co-workers. They went to a pub and then on to an ice-hockey game.

It was suppertime when we got there and Shelley had pizza boats ready to eat. Yum. She made Canadian Bacon, Mushrooms, and Black Olives on mine. (She knows what I love.) Josh cut one up for Cambria and I fed her bites.

Cambria has been really shy around me. I told her, "When Taylor was your age, she really loved me!" She just watched me and opened her mouth for another bite. When she was done eating, I took her tray away and put my arms out to hold her. Surprisingly, she reached out to me. The rest of the evening she would come up to me and sit on my lap for awhile. I just loved it.

Other times, she would step up onto this little chair and climb into Grandpa's lap. She'd sit there chattering to herself, it was so cute. Carter was his normal cute self. And, of course, Taylor was wonderful.

Tay picked out a movie for us to watch, 'The Return of Nanny McFee' ; but, it was really good. It was about naughty kids and a nanny that makes them mind. Anyway, that took a few hours of quiet time and the movie actually kept everyone's attention. Cambria slept through most of it.

Taylor made popcorn, which I love, and Shelley had sugar cookies, yum. Of course, I had no willpower and chowed down. Speaking of no willpower, I need to get cheap diet pills that work, as I am losing the battle of the bulge.
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Steve and I want to start eating better, but I think we actually need some guidance on healthy eating. Do you have any pointers? Do you eat healthy? I hope you had a great weekend. Until next time.....Halfmoon

February 3rd

I finally got the appointment made to see a doctor for an upper endoscopy. Of course, the female doc that I wanted to see was not available until the middle of February (just for the consult).

Steve drove me in yesterday for a 3:00 appointment. Had to be there by 2:45, of course, for insurance, etc. For some reason, the receptionist could not find the group number for my insurance company in their system. Meanwhile, four or five people came in and stood in line to be checked in while waiting for this woman to get me in their system. Oh, brother. I wanted to ask if I could hop the counter and look for it myself.

After finally being checked in, someone in a wheelchair in the hallway was screaming out and crying. This went on for approx 5 minutes which totally unnerved me. I wanted to go out and see if I could help her. She really sounded like she was scared. I wanted to go out and sing to her, see if that would calm her down. Finally, they wheel her in and take her on back, she's screaming out the whole way.

This went on for a while, then some paramedics came in with their stretcher on wheels. I told Steve, I bet they came for that poor woman. Yep, back they come with her on the stretcher screaming and crying.

When they finally called my name, it was way after 3:00, I understood why. My nurse apologized for all the commotion, said that was a new patient for them and they didn't know what was wrong with her other than she was mentally impaired.

The final result is I will have it done on Feb 3rd and I won't be knocked out. I gag easily so, am not looking forward to them putting a scope down my throat. Yuck

On other notes Jordan wants a mini bike to ride out on our land. Sydney has a 4-wheeler which is her size and is really cute. I wonder if she needs ATV Parts very often. I'm sure all the grandkids would love it if we had something they could play on out here. I always wanted to have a couple horses and at one time we were considering raising dobermans (when we had Brandy).

Right now, I just wish I could have an addition built on to have an indoor swimming pool with warm water. Then I could really get mobility going every day. After seeing the doctor, we went to the Y and participated in a warm water exercise class. I overdid it. Spent the night in pain (neck and shoulders). Got up at 2 am and wore my tens unit and read. Finally at 5, I went to bed and slept on ice packs. I never learn.

Hope you have a great weekend planned. We don't have any plans made other than to go pick up my car at the repair shop (after the warranty expired, of course).

Snow, Snow and More Snow

We finally got hit with winter weather. The snow has been light, but steady. Steve shoveled all the way to the road, driveway, sidewalk, and a little path back to the bedroom deck so I can go out there when I want. What a guy.

It is 25 below freezing with the wind chill. 49 of the United States have snow on the ground. Now tell me about global warming, will you? I get so tired of hearing about it. Where are they when it's freezing everywhere?

It's time to make sure your smoke and heat alarms are up and working. Make sure your motorola batteries are fresh, you don't want a dead battery when you finally need your alarm.

Steve's at his second class of the semester. Now he goes to school MTW of the week. I had Linda change her night to come over to Tuesday so at least one of the nights I'm not alone. She should be here pretty soon.

How much snow did you get? Our back yard looks impressive in white!

New Year's Eve

I was invited to a New Year's Eve reception at PM, given $50 to spend, and had a good time. I say a good time, not great, because I didn't win the big bucks.

There was champagne and a whole slew of hordourves (sp) to eat free. I grabbed an egg roll which I didn't eat more than one bite (cause it was cold, yuck), some carrots, a breadstick, and some spinach dip which was fantastic. Steve tried a little bit of everything. I couldn't even look at the fried foods as my nausea doesn't take much to start up.

After eating, we went downstairs to the slots and played a little. Wish we could have one, but that wasn't in the cards, no pun intended.

We left there at 10:30 with intentions of going to Josh's where almost the whole family was (minus Pato and Abby's family). I told Steve I'd rather go home and watch DVDs mainly because I didn't want to get in and out of the car in the frigid weather.

I've lost 1 1/2 lbs finally. Steve and I both really want to lose weight. We're seriously looking for recipes that are more nutritious but still tasty. I probably would have gained more weight if we'd gone to Jay's, I heard Shelley put on a wonderful spread!

I have this dream of getting a new ranch house with a swimming pool (warm water), hot tub, steam room, fitness equipment, and room for sewing and computer rooms. Wish we'd hit the lottery!

What did you do for New Year's Eve? Let me know!