It's Tuesday

It is Tuesday and that means Linda's coming over. We normally watch 'Raising Hope', than a DVD and finally (my favorite part), 'Everybody Loves Raymond'.

I always look forward to Tuesdays as I'm not home alone while Steve goes to class and I have my best friend over, too! What can I say, I get a little scared out in the country in the dark.

My cousins in Washington (state) decided to have a reunion every two years so we can see each other more. According to Jackie, they changed the date to May 28 and 29. This accommodates Jackie and Randy as they had an important event during the previous dates.

I was there (with Steve) 2 years ago and had a wonderful time. Since then, both my Aunts are having trouble with their health. I agree it's good to see them while we can. However, it costs so much to fly and rent a car.

Last time David had just had surgery on his hip due to an accident he'd had. I wonder if he checks creatine reviews to build his muscles back up.

Well, here's to hoping we all get to go!

Stress Relieved

Heather's family is now in their double-wide mobile home. I've never seen one as big as theirs. It has a nice size kitchen with an island, family room, office, living room, three bedrooms and two baths. Steve and Pato worked last weekend to get the washer and dryer hooked up so now she can do clothes. Hurray!

It's been a long process and both Heather and Josh's families are a lot more happier now, I'm sure. Josh's family is moving into their new home this weekend. Tomorrow I will be helping with the kids while Steve, Shelly, and Josh paint at the new place.

Meanwhile, Heather is still going through boxes and weeding out things for Goodwill, and things to throw out. The kids aren't much help, there. I had Kat go through a box of toys and she sat aside one thing to give away. :)

There is a box of cords for electronics, ps3 controllers, gameboys, etc.

Hopefully, Heather will get caught up soon with the laundry (almost 2 weeks without washer/dryer). Her kitchen has tons of cupboard space, too. All they need now is a kitchen table and chairs.

It's Done!

Monday I went to the surgery center for the surgery on my hand. If some of you don't know about it, I had what is called a trigger finger. It was on my right thumb, which would get stuck in the down position and I'd have to pull it up (which hurt).

They only gave me a local, did the surgery, and sent me home. I'm glad I didn't have to wait around like you do when you are put under. I had some pain the first day, since then, no pain unless I forget and try to use it, then it hurts some but, not unbearable.

Other than the doctor, the nurses all wore nurses uniforms, which reminded me of the scrubs I used to wear at Lakeview. They were all very kind. I go back the 31st to have the stitches removed. Don't have to have therapy or anything. Great, huh?

Have you gone through something recently you want to discuss? Let me know.

Heather's Moving

Something we've all been hoping and waiting for is finally happening. Heather's family put their down payment on a double-wide mobile home. Moving day is Saturday and everyone is really excited.

I haven't been inside it, but, it sounds really nice. The owner is leaving his fridge, dishwasher, couch, and TV. Originally, he had said he was taking the dishwasher with him. So that's one less thing they will have to buy.

One thing I don't know for sure is if the window treatments stay or not. Heather may want to look into plantation shutters. I'm not much of a decorator, myself, so I still don't have much in the way of it done at my place. I still have sconces, etc. in original boxes (never been on a wall).

I know everyone who follows Heather's and my blog are very happy for her and her family!

Reunions Every 2 Years

My cousin, Dave Moon, called last night to see how we were doing and caught me up as to my relatives in Washington (state). We went out there two years ago and saw relatives I hadn't seen since I was very young.

Sheila Kay (his sister) and he decided they should have a family reunion every two years to keep the family close. While that would be great, it is so expensive to fly two people to Washington. I haven't called Sue yet, but I will.

My Aunts Helen and Delores are both suffering from Dementia. Aunt Delores fell a while back and broke the tibia. Dave also said that she has two or three tumors in her brain, but that they quit growing. Life is so short and then it is over.

Take care of yourself and your family, while you have time.


Steve's mother, Elsie, is having a difficult time walking, getting up and down. The pain is in her sciatic nerve. They have given her medication that helps damaged nerves. So far, it isn't helping that much.

Steve left a few minutes ago to help move her to a nursing home. When a room is available in the assisted living center the family has chosen, she will be moved there. I imagine, then, the house will be put up for sale; though, I'm not sure of that.

I hope they can find a way to help her with the pain she is in. I know what that is like as the sciatic nerves are where I get my nerve blocks.

Please keep Elsie in your prayers!