I Hate Allergies

My daughter is having a terrible time with having welts all over her body.  And not the same places.  It's moving around her body.

Sometimes it's on her neck, other times on her arms, then maybe the legs.  Now her ear is itching really bad and she's scared she'll have it swelling up like it did one time and she ended up with Bells Palsy (however you spell it).

I think it's due to the IUD device she had inserted.  She looked it up online and other people had it.  But her doctor doesn't think so and doesn't want to take it out.  I wouldn't keep it in, if it was me, just in case!

Do You Play the Guitar?

I have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, ever since I was a little girl.  I never really was around anyone who played, but just listening to music on the radio did the job.  I was in the era with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones...you get the drift. I first saw the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, OK, now I'm telling my age.

I don't know if either groups got their guitars from gc or not, but the music was pretty sweet.  How funny that I would later marry a guitar player, whose family held nights of playing music and singing.

Steve's Dad and Steve played guitars, Tom (his brother) played the bass and Bert's friend would sometimes play a banjo.  Our kids loved those nights of watching it all.  They still remember those days, though they are all adults now.  How about you?  Any music in your family?


I've always told my youngest daughter to stop picking her nails and toenails.  The last episode sent her to the doctor to have part of her toenail cut off and was put on meds.

So, guess what?  I have ingrown toenails and had this system to get them cut and pull them out of the toe.  Didn't work this time.  No matter what I tried, clipping, pulling with tweezers, etc.  Nothing would work.  Apparently, I must have irritated the toe itself. 

The next day, not only is the nail still stuck in the toe, but the toe is infected.  So, tomorrow, when I go see my doctor for a simple med check, I'm hoping she can fix the toe without killing me.  I had a shot in the bottom of my foot once, it was awful.  Abby said they will put a shot in my toe.

OMG, I am chicken.  I hope someone will hold it when they do it, cause otherwise I will jerk (like I did with the bottom of my foot.   Ouch!

I've talked a lot in the past about musical instruments as our family loves music.  My husband has been practicing playing the guitar since he had surgery on his right thumb joint.  He can only handle about 20 minutes at a time, then it starts throbbing.

My daughter, Heather, not only sings but plays the piano, clarinet but, her first love is singing.  In school, the band director had her play every instrument and said she could play all of them.  I don't know if she got her portable keyboard at musiansfriends or not, but she loves to play it.

My youngest daughter, Abby, also loves to sing, but she decided not to play an instrument.  Joshua, my youngest son, played the drums when he was young.  That leaves my oldest son, Steve II, who did not choose any instrument at all, which made me sad.

Myself, I took piano lessons.....when Heather surpassed me, I stopped taking them.  My first love is singing.