Are You Creating Music?

Do you have an interface?  You're probably wondering why you would need one since your computer has a built-in sound card.

If you are doing any serious audio work such as playing and recording your work, you'll want to buy audio interface.

Since there are so many audio interfaces out there how do you know which one you need?  They will help you filter out which one you need.  Seriously, you need to check their site out!

Moving Day

Our youngest and her two little ones have been staying here for a while.  I didn't think it would make much difference.  However, little changes did happen.  First, Kayla and Aiden wake up at 6 AM.  Grandma wakes up between 9 and 10. 

The sounds of the pitter patter of little feet running through the house (Aiden) can be heard early in the morning.  The only sounds from Kayla is if she asks a question.  My kids didn't wake up that early, but, I didn't work outside the home.

Now that it's coming to an end, I feel a little grieving once more for the last one to move out.  I'm happy for her, but will miss seeing her almost daily.  They should be here soon so I'd best get everything ready for them that I can.

Labor Day

We didn't have any plans set for celebrating the Labor Day holiday.  My son, Josh, called my husband and said he was smoking a pork roast and we were invited to come eat with them.

Steve stopped at the store and picked up corn on the cob, buns, and chips.  Then, he picked me up and we went to Josh's.  Josh was the only one home as Taylor had to volunteer at the Science Center.  Shelley took her and the Center said her brother and sister could come in free.  So it was a fun day for all.

After we ate, Shelley and the rest of the family came home.  We had a wonderful time with Josh, I'd even take an ad out in a printing shop in new york.  How did you celebrate Labor Day?

I Hate Allergies

My daughter is having a terrible time with having welts all over her body.  And not the same places.  It's moving around her body.

Sometimes it's on her neck, other times on her arms, then maybe the legs.  Now her ear is itching really bad and she's scared she'll have it swelling up like it did one time and she ended up with Bells Palsy (however you spell it).

I think it's due to the IUD device she had inserted.  She looked it up online and other people had it.  But her doctor doesn't think so and doesn't want to take it out.  I wouldn't keep it in, if it was me, just in case!

Do You Play the Guitar?

I have always wanted to learn how to play the guitar, ever since I was a little girl.  I never really was around anyone who played, but just listening to music on the radio did the job.  I was in the era with the Beatles and the Rolling get the drift. I first saw the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, OK, now I'm telling my age.

I don't know if either groups got their guitars from gc or not, but the music was pretty sweet.  How funny that I would later marry a guitar player, whose family held nights of playing music and singing.

Steve's Dad and Steve played guitars, Tom (his brother) played the bass and Bert's friend would sometimes play a banjo.  Our kids loved those nights of watching it all.  They still remember those days, though they are all adults now.  How about you?  Any music in your family?


I've always told my youngest daughter to stop picking her nails and toenails.  The last episode sent her to the doctor to have part of her toenail cut off and was put on meds.

So, guess what?  I have ingrown toenails and had this system to get them cut and pull them out of the toe.  Didn't work this time.  No matter what I tried, clipping, pulling with tweezers, etc.  Nothing would work.  Apparently, I must have irritated the toe itself. 

The next day, not only is the nail still stuck in the toe, but the toe is infected.  So, tomorrow, when I go see my doctor for a simple med check, I'm hoping she can fix the toe without killing me.  I had a shot in the bottom of my foot once, it was awful.  Abby said they will put a shot in my toe.

OMG, I am chicken.  I hope someone will hold it when they do it, cause otherwise I will jerk (like I did with the bottom of my foot.   Ouch!

I've talked a lot in the past about musical instruments as our family loves music.  My husband has been practicing playing the guitar since he had surgery on his right thumb joint.  He can only handle about 20 minutes at a time, then it starts throbbing.

My daughter, Heather, not only sings but plays the piano, clarinet but, her first love is singing.  In school, the band director had her play every instrument and said she could play all of them.  I don't know if she got her portable keyboard at musiansfriends or not, but she loves to play it.

My youngest daughter, Abby, also loves to sing, but she decided not to play an instrument.  Joshua, my youngest son, played the drums when he was young.  That leaves my oldest son, Steve II, who did not choose any instrument at all, which made me sad.

Myself, I took piano lessons.....when Heather surpassed me, I stopped taking them.  My first love is singing.

I Fell Asleep

Steve went to pick up our new chair rather than waiting till August 25 when they could deliver it.  Then Steve II came out and helped bring the chair in the house.  But, not before noticing a scrape mark on the back of the chair. 

After calling Homemakers, they agreed to bring out a different chair on the 18th and will exchange them at that time.

So, I have a chair to sit in now that doesn't need three pillows to make it comfortable.  In fact, it feels so good with the lumbar support.  I actually fell asleep in it today.  That spells C O M F O R T !

37 Years

Yesterday was my husband and my 37th wedding anniversary.  Wow!  Seems like a long time but it also has gone by in a blink of an eye.

We went to three furniture stores and looked for a La-Z-Boy recliner for me.  I still have my Dad's recliner which is very, very old.  There is no stuffing on the left arm and had a nail poking out through the material.  I had to have a pillow to sit on, one behind my back and one under my legs due to feeling the wood through the material.

We decided on a dark brown power chair, power lumbar, power neck rest, etc.  They had it on hand but the delivery date wasn't until August 25.  So Steve and Steve II are going to pick it up Friday.  I am so excited.  So Happy Anniversary to my husband, Steve.  Thank you for such a wonderful day!

Day Five

And I continue on with the into day five.  Hopefully, this will be it.  If not, at least they should lighten each day.

Do any of you get migraines?  They really bite.  I end up putting ice packs on my head, rotating to my neck, and forehead.  Yuck.  I'm glad my kids don't have them.  Heather might, just hasn't been diagnosed by a doctor as far as I know.

Anyone out there have any advice?  I'm taking Nucenta for it right now.

Migraines Again

Most of you know when I get cortisone shots in my knees, I get around five days of migraines.  I take a med to help with them, and it does help some, but they are still pretty painful.

Since I had shots in both knees Thursday, I am paying for three.  I'm trying to figure out why I get migraines with those shots.  They are anti-inflammatory, so they are to reduce swelling.  So what, are they causing something in my head to shrink which causes the pain? So tired of it all.

Amber wants to have an outdoor wedding when the time is right for them.  I think I will advise them to check into Azul wedding photography.  There's still things to do before that can happen,  She will be starting a new job soon so maybe things will fall into place for them.

We've started looking at what homes we might want to go look at.  Hopefully, whatever home we choose, it will have a beautiful yard, too!

And the Singing Continues

Tonight two of my grandchildren are singing in their school concerts.  The first one starts at 6 and the second one starts at 7.  Bummer.  I had hopes they'd be in the same concert.

First, Carter's class will sing.  Then, Alyce's class will have their concert.  I had thought we would eat after Carter's class.  Now it looks like we will have to eat before we go.

Regardless, I am looking forward to tonight!

Music Is In Our Blood

If you know me, you know that I love to sing.  Not only at home, but, if I'm in the grocery store and someone says something to or near me that triggers a line in a song, I start singing it.  Well, that is until Abby was old enough to warn me not to as we walk into the store.  Then when it happens we just look at each other and burst out laughing cause she knows I REALLY want to sing that line.

The other 3 kids never told me that I embarrassed them when doing that.  I think they just got used to it.  I sang a few times in church (Heather and me), was in the choir at 1st AofG, at my Dad's funeral, and in my niece's wedding.  Really, I'm not that great.  Both of my daughters sing better than I do.  My voice was a lot better when I was young.

Heather actually had a microphone and a sound system to sing with.  She actually had a full music scholarship to go to Drake.  I didn't realize how beautiful Abby sang until she and Heather sang a song in the backyard together.  She's pretty shy about singing in front of people, I think.  Heather sings with confidence (her voice).  I'm hoping some day she'll do a song at church (when she gets the nerve up.)

Now my granddaughter, Taylor, and grandson, Jordan, are singing in school choir.  Sydney sings too, I think.  I can't wait to see this new generation bloom in song.

Heather played the clarinet and piano; but, she could pick up any instrument and play it.  Taylor plays the clarinet now or base clarinet, I can't remember.  Jordan wants to learn how to play the guitar.  My husband plays chords on the guitar and Jordan wants Grandpa to teach him.  Josh played the drums when he was young.

Heather and I took piano lessons at the same time.  I would always play songs first in front of my family, then let Heather play as she was so much better than me.  I've always wanted to have our family be a band, playing and singing together.  Oh, well, maybe my grandkids will do that!

The Weather

I know I rant about living in Iowa, but, seriously, another week of frigid weather?  I am so sick of it and I am not alone.

I think we will be getting snow the next four days.  Yuck.  Lord, are you listening to your followers?  It is too cold in the Midwest and probably the East, too.

It seems like there are crisis all over the US.  California was having a drought, now they are getting too much, too late.  Brother.  Life is not fair.

The Invention of the Keyboard

Who invented the music keyboard and when was it invented?  Robert Moog introduced the  modular synthesizer in 1964 which led to modern day electric keyboard.  It can function in the same way as an acoustic piano.  It can sound like many different instruments and so much easier than hauling a piano around.

My daughter has a keyboard, but I'm sure it is not as nice or new as the keyboards you will find here.

I Hate Being Sick

Two nights ago I started feeling like there was water running down the back of my throat.  Steve, my hubby, had been taking Emergen-C for over a week, fighting being sick.  I started sneezing over and over, then having to blow my nose.  Puffs Plus, where are you?

I finally took a Benedryl as we didn't have any Sudaphed.  And I took one packet of Emergen-C.  After about two hours, I started feeling better.  I need to buy stock in Emergen-C.  The Benedryl was expired but it must have helped some.

Steve remembered I had drank out of a water bottle that was his, probably why I got sick.  Thanks a lot!
He just called me after he went to the doctor (finally).  She gave him a prescription for an antibiotic.  Yay!

Here's hoping none of you have this crud!

Headphones are a necessary part of every musician's toolbox. They used to be considered just an accessory.  With them you can track and practice sessions or monitor live – even to mixing – you need at least one great-sounding pair of headphones.

 In-ear phones wouldn't be the first choice for mixing or any sort of reference-quality listening.
Long session can get uncomfortable, which is why supra-aural phones with ear pads have become common.

While I didn't notice if anyone in the band at the last sermon I saw had headphones, the sound was supreme.

But if I needed headphones, those are the type I would invest in.  I wish I could sing like I did when I was young.

Five years ago today Jordan got the birthday gift he wanted.  Christian was born on Jordan's birthday.  Let me tell you, Heather tried to have that baby many times before he finally appeared.  She really didn't want him born on Jordan's birthday.

I wonder, as does his Mama, how Jordan feels about that today.  Jordan turned 15 (wow) and Christiano turned 5 (another wow).  Man, my family just keeps growing up.

We're supposed to go to Buzzard Billies for supper in honor of their birthdays, but Grandpa is very sick and I really don't want to go to a place that serves a lot of fish, even though Heather assures me it doesn't smell fishy.  I cannot even walk into Red lungs start closing up.

Here's a happy birthday to you boys, Grandma hopes your day is wonderful.

The Sermon

I went to my oldest son's house yesterday around 3 PM.  I knew we wouldn't be having a Bible study because he and his youngest were going to a Daddy Daughter Dance.  But, he wanted to share with me a DVD he had of a friend who was actually preaching at his (the friend's) church.

Amber made us chocolate chip banana pancakes and eggs which were yummy.  Felt like a surprise in every bite.  By the time supper was over, Jadah and Steve needed to get ready for the dance.  So, Amber, Sydney, and I watched the DVD.

First I was surprised by the equipment this small church had.  A piano, a guitarist, and what I thought were a great set of drums.  The music was wonderful and it just went on an on.  The musicians were very good, so in all that was a pleasant experience.

Makes me wish my family had been all involved in music.  My hubby on guitar, my two daughters singing, and Josh on the drums.  Not sure what Steve II would play as he never played an instrument in school.

The sermon, although it was very good, made me know I would never go to their church.  People screaming out during the whole sermon.  And I mean screaming.  I'm sure God could hear you without you screaming.  One lady, I thought was really into it.  Just a little too much for me.  But, I know God loved the music.  We'll leave it at that.

Today is Friday

This is normally the day I meet my oldest son in Des Moines (TacoBell).  And today I actually picked him up and we met my husband there.  He had already eaten but it was fun just to sit and visit.

Steve II went to the doctor today and was diagnosed with ear and sinus infections.  I've been feeling like I'm getting a sinus infection.  This is the first time in over a month we've been to Taco Bell, so it was a very special time.

Where's your favorite place to eat?

New Trumpets

Have you ever had that one song on your playlist of favorites that is different than the rest? One that you could not hear for a few months, or even years, and then when you listen to it again it was like no time was lost? I have had a couple of songs like that. Those treasures are fun to cherish. Just recently I have discovered new types of music. These experiences have been different and amazing. I am listening to different radio stations I didn't know existed. It is always fun to discover new sounds and melodies. Sometimes they are so transparent and real that it is refreshing! I feel like I can be myself when I am listening to music and not pretend or apologize for who I am.

It is so neat to make these new discoveries as the years go by. I look forward to expanding my horizons and opening up to new genres in the future. 
Until Next Time,

Heather's Day

Heather had a rough morning.  They needed to get into the shed to get Jordan’s moped out.  Pato lost both keys to the shed.  Jordan tried to break the ice in front of the shed which didn’t work.  He figured he would just break the lock.

Heather’s car had a flat tire.  Pato needed to get into the shed to get the air pressure cannister out to fix it….no key and doors are still iced up.  It’s tough living in Iowa with its unpredictable weather.

A Good Deal

Have you ever had an addiction to shopping? I have never been one to spend money (thanks, Dad), but once I found out how to coupon, it was all downhill from there. I was getting makeup for less than a dollar each. I was getting juice for $1.25. I got hair dye for 28 cents! I would receive gift cards in one purchase, and use them 2 seconds later in my next transaction in the same trip. I got some amazing deals, and more than 4 months later, I still have shampoo, conditioner, ketchup, and other items that I haven't even used yet. The problem was, I got addicted to it. The rush of getting a good deal felt so good! I would drop the kids off at daycare, go to the store, then go to work. Every day. It was bad. If I was in a really good mood, my coworkers would ask, "What deal did you get today?" They knew my good mood was because of my good score. It is like when I found an English Horn.   Now, mind you, the coupon wasn't for a french horn, but just finding a great price on one is awesome.

When you love music like I do, singing, at least, finding a great price on an English Horn is an awesome find.  My brother, Josh, used to play the French Horn, wonder what made him stop.  I wished he still played it.
        Anyway life started getting busier, and I was getting a little burnt out trying to maintain my speed and efficiency. I gradually gave up, doing less and less until I completely stopped cutting the coupons. I feel less stressed, but am also sad that I don't feel that high any more. I know it is for the best, though. If I could just find a happy medium...
Until Next Time.

I'm Missing CSI

This shows you how dedicated I am, I am missing one of the shows I normally watch.  Which is not really a big deal as it's not my favorite, but, oh well.

Have you seen the weather in Iowa?  Another 50 degree day today, water is flowing everywhere.  Tomorrow it is supposed to rain early, then at 11:00 AM it will turn to snow.  We may get 5 inches.  Oh brother.

Have I told you how much I hate winter?

A Minor Setback

Today at work I discovered something very disheartening. My company decided to change it's settings for their wi-fi and make it so I can't get onto any websites on my kindle! I am so sad. I typically keep my headphone with songs playing in my left ear and my headset on my right ear. That way I can hear people through the phone, and I can drown out my coworkers. It makes it easier to concentrate and stay positive. Especially when listening to encouraging music. 
With the new constraints, I can only go to certain websites, and streaming music through an app does not work. I went to one of the tech guys and told him I need that music. He said he will get with IT and see what they can do. I don't think I will be able to get through my work day as easily without that release.
Until Next Time,

America's Got Talent

Are you keeping up with America's Got Talent this season?  I haven't been watching from the beginning of the season, but I have watched the last two nights.  That's when they picked ten out of fifteen, both guys and girls.

I don't see how they can choose when they are all pretty good.  I feel sorry for the ten guys and girls that will be going home now.

Do you have any favorites?

Are You Musically Talented?

     Are you one of those people that can play musical instruments? I know I'm not. I would like to think that I can feel the music, and it would be amazing if I could just pick up an instrument and play expertly. But, that is not how it works. Some people are born with that sense of creativity built right into them. I think it is amazing to watch someone rock out on the guitar, or beat the drums like its nobody's business. To just feel that passion flowing out of them and into their music is awe-inspiring.
     Just last week, at church, there was an amazing worship service. I think a lot of what sets the mood for that is the people that are placed up front to lead us in worship. There was a drummer smashing out the beats while 3 guys played on their guitars, and a man and woman sang.  Their talents help pump up the crowd to sing praises! Of course, the man upstairs definitely gave them their skills to share with us.

What Do You Read?

Just wondering what your reading taste is.  Myself, I get tons of free e-books on my Kindle.  However, I tend to read the books that are paranormal. Give me vampires and werewolves, every time and I am happy.

 I used to envy Heather when she has to read and review a book, but I've decided I'm better off not having the pressure of making a deadline.  As it is I have two books going at the same time.  One for bath time, which has to be a paperback (in case I drop it).  And one on my Kindle for the rest of the day and evening.  Am I the only one who does this?

Sometimes, I have to stop and think what the story line is on the book I'm reading, since I read two each day.

Speaking of Relaxing

I had to cancel my last massage due to illness and was very disappointed.  It's always hard to make myself get in the car and go somewhere again after I have been home for days on end.

Since I cancelled my appointment, Abby has had a massage (and loved it).  Now Amber will be having one on her birthday.  So I decided to rebook my appointment.  I can hardly wait for next week to come.

Now, on to what we also need to get done.  We still haven't sent our income taxes for 2012 yet.  We're missing one page that I am questioning.  Just not sure if we really need it.  Now it's time to get taxes done for 2013.Hopefully, we won't need an administrative lawyer to figure them out.

Do you have 2013 taxes done?  How about 2012?

Sick of Winter

Iowa has crazy weather.  This year has been no different.  For instance, yesterday the day started out snowing...a lot.  Then the sun came out and the temperature went up to 50 degrees and the ground is too frozen for the melted snow to be absorbed, so there are flooded areas around the yard.

We went to my granddaughter's concert last night and by the time we got there, the water was freezing again on the street and sidewalks.  It is supposed to get up to 50 today and the T.V. just showed a blizzard watch for our county.....I don't get it!

Music is All Around

I get on Facebook daily and I have seen so many kids singing songs and they really have good voices.  One was a mother/daughter duet and man, I could see why the kid had so much talent when I listened to her Mom.

These kids are hoping by people sharing their songs, they will somehow get noticed by the music industry.  The sound is so clear. That is the type of amp I'd like to get if I ever find Heather's microphone.  She had one when she was a senior in high school, I think.

Well, good luck to those kids, they deserve a chance in the music world.

Snow, Snow, and More Snow

We've had cold, cold days and now we're getting snow again.  By snow, I mean four to five inches, which in and of itself isn't bad, we need the moisture in the ground.  What is bad is when the wind starts blowing and we have whiteout conditions again.

My nephew commented on Facebook that CB just got a dusting, but seeing the news, looks like they have almost as much as we do (unless he considers that just a dusting). I'm so sick of winter.

Feeling a Little Better...

so I thought I'd get back on my blog.  I've been trying to win a karaoke system as a lot of us in our family love to sing.  So far, nothing won.

I guess the next step is to get his consult on this before I go any further, right?  I've never heard him play his electric guitar which is another thing I'd like to have him do.  It would be awesome.  However, he's been having arthritis pain in both of his hands so he doesn't spend much time on the guitar.  We've been praying the Lord will hill his hands (and my knees), but so far, no answer.

Are any of you into music, whether it's singing, or instrumental?

Lunch Break

The nausea is getting stronger, so I'd best go get something to eat.  What are you having for lunch today?  I imagine I'll just have a sandwich (ham and cheese) and some chips and dip.

When Steve came home from the grocery store with 2 bags of potato chips, I told him we were out of dip.  He smiled and said he bought some.  What a husband!

Let The Games Continue

Although I have come home from my sister's house after visiting, we are continuing playing games with each other.

The draw some? game is not as fun but it takes your mind off of other things.  Spin to Win game is my favorite.  It is similar to Wheel of Fortune and we play against each other.

Have you played either one?

It's Getting Worse

The nausea stayed away for a short while (an hour maybe), but now it is back with a vengeance.  I am really bummed as I had a massage scheduled for 3:50 PM and I really wanted to go to it.  But, I don't want to get sicker on the road.  And I also don't want to spread it to them.

Man, I don't get it.  I hope this is a one time thing and not a revisitation of the nausea that I had for over 6 months a while back.

I think I will take some Aloe Juice and see if that helps.


Yesterday morning, I woke up nauseated, then a headache started.....and on.  I won't get specific, but you know how bad it can get.

At first, I thought it was the soup I made the night before.  Then, Steve came home and said his stomach felt bad, and he hadn't had any of the soup.  So we both spent the evening feeling ill.  This morning, I'm still nauseated.  After I ate breakfast, I felt better, but now it feels like it's returning.

I've decided I want to invent something.  After all, I thought of windshield wipers on the back window before VW brought them out.  I also sent a letter to Crisco regarding putting it in sticks like butter.  Never heard from them.  Then they came out with the butter flavor in sticks.  Not fair.

I'm not sure what I'll figure out but I'll probably need bending machines from here.  You know, to bend the form into the right shape.

Do any of you have things you thought of first?  Now they actually have sites you can go to to get help with your invention.  Man.


Normally on Fridays, I meet one of my sons and we go to Taco Bell (yo quiero Taco Bell) for lunch.  Then I usually go to the library or shop, whatever needs done while I am in West Des Moines.

Today as I was walking out to the car, I began to feel I should call Steve II.  After I got in the driver's seat, I gave him a call.  He was in bed, sick.  He apologized for not calling me.  We had talked yesterday and both said we were going.

So, I got back out of the car and came back into the house for the duration.  I do not like going out anywhere.  So, I decided I would stay home.  Does anyone else feel that way?

My Table And Chairs

I bought a dining room set from my friend.  The table is big, six foot and that is before you put the leaves in.  It is a beautiful set and since we have four kids, it was perfect for our family.

The only problem is that the chairs started coming apart at their joints. I found some clamps I wanted and wonder if I can do this by myself.

Normally my husband does this type of thing and I leave him to it.  I don't know, do you think I should try this on my own?  What would you do?

I'm Getting Hungry

It's great to sit at the computer and create blogs, but, I am starving and need to take a break.  Wished I could go to Godfathers and order a pizza.  Unfortunately, Adel no longer has a Godfathers.  What's up with that?

Plus, it is freezing out and I'd best stay put at home.  Is it cold where you live?

My Granddaughters Dance

Last summer Steve and I went to Ames to watch our granddaughters (Taylor and Alyce) dance in their recital.  It was awesome.  Alyce is pretty new to dance but she is doing very well.  Taylor is a pro and she mostly does Hip Hop.

This year Alyce is learning Hip Hop.  I'm not sure Alyce is ready for hip hop dance lessons in santa monica, but Taylor surely is.  I suppose I am a little prejudicial but both of my granddaughters have a lot of talent.

When I was young, I was in tap and ballet.  At recital, I was only in tap.  I was able to take ballet as the teacher lived across the street from us and I was friends with her daughter.  I wonder where she is now.

I know it is bad to whine about life but I'm already sick of my hubby working nights.  There will probably be another five months of it.

The nights are long without him and my sleeping habit is shot all to heck.  I actually went to bed at 10:00 last night and woke up at 6 AM.  I laid there till 7 and finally got up and took my bath.

Normally I wait till he comes home and we watch a few episodes of the Mentalist (DVD) and don't go to bed till 5 or 6 AM.  Then we are up by Noon and I am tired all day.

Thanks for listening.

Back Home

Monday I had a full day.  I wanted to go to the Comfort Inn Suites between 9 and 3 to see about buying a new pair of Z-Coils.  If you've never seen them, you actually walk on these coils that cushion your steps, thus they help your back and feet. I bought a pair of dress shoes, so now when I rarely wear a dress or skirt, I'll have nice shoes to wear instead of tennis shoes.

Then I dropped off my paperwork for the allergy doctor to send me new serum.  Down the road I drove to the library and got more DVDs to watch.  On to the Valley West Mall to go to Younkers to buy new unmentionables.  Normally they fit you so you'll know what size you really should be wearing.  This time the lady didn't know how and said they are having clinics in February and to call for an appointment.  Forget it.  It took me over 5 months to get up the nerve to go there, not going to do it again.

After that I went to my doctor's office to pick up my prescriptions and on to the pharmacy to have them filled.  All this time I was without a phone as I left mine at home.  Bummer, but also a little freeing.

It's still winter, but I am thinking ahead to spring.  I want to get new swing sets richmond va.  Think I'll look around there.  Then there is the garden to plan for.  I'm getting excited already.

Are you sick of winter yet?

Time With Sue

I had a wonderful time while I was at my sister's house.  I drove there Monday and arrived early afternoon and came back home Friday afternoon.

We stayed up late every night, sometimes until 2 in the morning.  Each morning she had workmen coming to work on her house, plumbing, painting, etc. so we didn't sleep in.  We would play Bidacuda which is similar to wheel of fortune against each other, and Draw Som? which is a drawing/guessing game.  We watched all the episodes of  'Once Upon a Time', which I dearly love and am unable to get that channel on my TV at home. I think we caught up on talking but it won't take long before I will have withdrawals again.

Looking forward to the next visit already.

This Week

Tomorrow I am going to my sisters house in Council Bluffs.  I cannot wait, yet I feel sad leaving my hubby.  It's not like we are never apart.  Recently he's been working nights and it is really hard for me to get some sleep.

I know that we are going to have fun.  Plus I'm getting my hair lowlighted, which is always an uplift for me.  After being in the house for days on end without leaving, it will be quite a change.  We might even visit the casino, who knows.  I haven't been to one for a couple years now. Just being with Sue gives me joy.  I hope I do the same for her.

I'm still thinking of calling for some health insurance quotes as I don't think we have enough now.  I'll talk to Sue about that.

How much is enough?

Play Area At The Mall

Heather and Shelley took their kids to the play area at the Jordan Creek Mall.  I was on Facebook and saw the pictures of the kids having fun.

I didn't know then, that Shelley is fighting a bad ear infection and is in a lot of pain.  I asked Heather if Shelley had gone to the doctor and Heather said she had.  The doctor wants her to go to an ENT.  I think it is worth the effort to go and make sure there isn't something else they could do for her.

Ear infections are no fun!

I've Been Missing Church

For a long time, I missed church on Sunday mornings due to my health.  Wednesday nights are a different story.  I wasn't too keen on the book they were studying.

What I miss most is he music during worship.  They sing songs that are current, not the old hymns.  I love that.  Especially, when you hear those same songs on the radio when you are driving in your car.  Plus our keyboard lady came back and the keyboard, it really livens things up.

We also have two guitarists and a drummer.  Add to that the pastor's wife is the main singer and can she sing those songs!!!  Sometimes they have my daughter, Heather, sing and I always love that.  I wish I had the voice to go up there and sing.....oh, well.

Steve's Already Asleep

My poor hubby normally works 60 hours a week at this new job site.  Yesterday, they asked him to work on Sunday, too.  Usually he works from 3 PM to 5 AM (yuck).  Saturdays he works 3 PM to 11 PM and off on Sundays. 

He told me he'd be earning double time....woohoo.  I told him it was OK with me and to start saving some of that extra moolah for our trip to Hawaii.

Feel the Music

Have you ever been listening to music and actually felt it? Whenever I concentrate and really listen to music that I like, I can actually feel it in my soul. I have been listening strictly to Christian music for a while now, and if I close my eyes and sing with the music, it is so powerful. I really enjoy that feeling, and sometimes it gives me chills! I know that not all people experience music the same way I do, but I think it is because I'm a very sensitive person. I am not saying this is good or bad, just how I am. I think each person has something that really inspires them and that makes them have a great feeling inside. For me, that thing is musicMy favorite thing about the time I spend in my car traveling to and from work, is listening to music and singing. I hope each of you has something that gives you that same feeling!

How Could that be?  We've had really cold days including a blizzard or snow squall, whatever.  Today it's in the 40's and I don't want to go anywhere.

Can't figure it out.  Maybe I better go outside and let some of that sunshine shine down on me.  Catch ya later.

I Wonder When...

it will happen.  I'm referring to my oldest son and when he and Amber will pick out a ring.  I know things have to occur first, but I am getting impatient.  I'm normally not a pushy Mama, but I really hope these two get married.

Takes me back to when Steve and I got married in 1977.  I was outside the church in my jean shorts and top and an older gentleman came up to me and asked if this was where the Manning wedding was taking place.  Yes, it is and I'm the bride.  At this point I introduced myself and learned he was my husband's uncle.

Wow, memories will take you anywhere.  Maybe I should have Steve II read this post.  What do you think?

What I'm Reading

I just finished reading Jane Eyre and at first it seemed dry off and on.  Instead of setting it aside again, as I've done in the past, I persevered and it finally became interesting.  I am so glad that I did.

What before seemed dry became not only interesting, but I didn't want to put it down.  I bought it at the half price book store and it looked like it had a lot of wear.

If you haven't read this book, I encourage you to read it.  If you have read it, what did you like about it?

We All Need Sleep

Do you toss and turn most nights?  Can't get a decent night's sleep?  I'm right there with you.  Sleep is something we all need and I wake up every two hours, regardless.

Very frustrating.  Yes, our bed is over ten years old and has indentations and bulges.  It is time to get something new.  I really would like to have an adjustable bed (king size).  You know, Steve and I have different controls.

I actually have an old Kraftmatic but the mattress is really worn and ready to break open, here and there.  My sister in Alabama (may she rest in peace) had the mate to my bed.  They actually knew someone who made a new mattress for theirs.  Wish I could have one here.

Until then, I think I will look into egg crate foam.  It sounds like just what I need.  What do you think?

A New Year

Well, another year has come to an end.  We were invited to go to Steve's sister's but we decided to stay at home.  In years past, we would take turns on which house every one would go to.  Then we would play games.

That is what we would have done last night, too.  But we are getting older and staying in where it's warm.

I'm typing this on my new kindle.  Heather really surprised us this year.  She bought both Steve and I one.  What a wonderful daughter!