A Western Wedding

Wow! We went to a wedding Friday evening that was so much fun, I couldn't believe it. Throw out all you remember about weddings you've ever been to, cause this one was soooo much different. When we walked in, there were bales of straw strategically placed all over the cement floor.

I knew by the invitation that it would be a Western wedding (casual or Western clothes required) but, I will say I was taken aback when I went in the building. The tables either had a cowboy boot or a cornucopia with leaves and other fall items flowing out of them. Very unique idea. Scattered around the centerpiece were peanuts (in their shells) and candy corn that the guests could eat while waiting for the wedding to begin. Yum! (We ate our fair share.)

The bride, Teresa, had on a yellow shirt with gaucho pants, and cowgirl boots and western hat. The groom, Rick, wore a Western shirt, hat, jeans, and cowboy boots. Bridesmaids, best man and groomsmen wore western apparel, jeans, and boots, with a western hat. Even the flower girl and ring bearer had on western clothes and boots. What a hoot! My Son-I-L, Justin, was one of the groomsmen, his sister, Jade, was maid of honor (it was their mother's wedding), and my granddaughter, Mikayla, was the flower girl.

Instead of the standard bride and groom on the top of the cake, there was a couple on horses. Really cool. The food was fantastic and there was a western band until 10 pm, then a DJ until 1 or 2 in the morning.

I could go on and on but you're eyes are probably getting tired from reading already. I found out the night before that my batteries for my camera wouldn't charge. Great, I had wanted to take pics for my blog. Shelley took a lot of pics so maybe she'll send me some I can insert here.

I've been thinking about making my blog into a web page. When I do, there is a directory submission software you can get that will increase traffic to your site and they will submit your site to 40 (or more) web directories, plus it is free. How cool is that?

When I post on my blog, I am creating a written history of events in my life and the life of others, such as the wedding above. This wedding was one I'll always remember. I had more fun there than at any other wedding I've been to.

Have you gone to a wedding that was different than the norm? Let me know about it!

Ahhhh, True Love

I know I've told you about how Steve and I met, but I know I didn't tell you about the ring Steve gave me. It was just before my birthday, Steve was getting ready to leave the Air Force. I really, really liked him, but wasn't sure it was love. I'd had such a bad experience before I met Steve, that I wanted to make sure this was the love of a lifetime. I was scared to make a second mistake.

I'd let Steve know how I felt so on my birthday when he got out of his van at my parents house, with a small package in his hand, I about died. I grabbed my sister, pulled her down the hall and told her, "I told him I wouldn't accept a diamond, what do I do if that's what's in that ring box?"

I must have acted so weird, he didn't give me the present until we were alone at my house. When I opened the box, I was very surprised to see an 'I am loved' ring. It was really beautiful, a heart with a diamond in the center.

I'd seen promise rings before, but this one was so neat. I was so happy, this I could accept. It still means a lot to me. And it was what I needed to calm down and continue on to find my love was the true thing. We've been married for 33 years now and that ring started it all!

Gaining Weight Again?

Is anyone else struggling with their weight? Normally I struggle a lot but before the holiday arrives, I'm usually down 5 to 6 pounds. This year I am fluctuating up 2 to 5 pounds. What a drag.

I remember the days when I couldn't gain weight. Being the smallest person in the whole junior high, except for one guy, who was a midget. I'll leave his name out, but even his name was a hoot. Seriously, he was the only person smaller than me.

I read a lot about the best weight loss pills you can buy to get a hand losing weight. Unfortunately, my doctor won't let me go on them because of my heart rate and blood pressure.

Just doesn't seem right, does it. Heather's been losing weight and I am envious. Ever since I've been nauseated, I've gained. Hopefully my doc's office will call me soon with an appointment for the neuro surgeon so we can see if my neck is causing the problem.

Oh, well, time will tell. Have a Happy Thanksgiving, don't eat to much!

Are You Ready?

Every year Christmas items and gifts are on display earlier and earlier! The retailers used to wait until the day after Thanksgiving. Now it's the end of October.

I love the atmosphere of Christmas and miss being able to go out with my list, dragging my hubby along. I can remember the year I decided I was going to buy all the grandkids sweatshirts and sweatpants (cause I loved wearing them around the house and I wanted them to dress just like Grandma :) Oh, it was fun getting them for the toddlers.

Now, I love to see all the Christmas decorations, the Angel ornaments, the people all excited, trying to get everything they want before they are sold out.

What can I say about 'Black Friday'? This will be the year Grandpa and Grandma will be taking Kat and Alyce home with us so Heather, Pato and Christian can go shopping all night. Whew! I'm glad I'm not doing that.

I won't be shopping as I'm not able to walk around to shop, but I'll be there in spirit. What do you have planned for your Christmas? Any new traditions? Leave me your tips and comment!

Jadah and other things

This is a pic of Jadah showing me her Halloween costume. She will make a very cute mermaid. This is the last time I've seen her. I had hoped to be able to see her the day we moved Steve II out of this house into his own apartment, her Mom and Grandma vetoed that.

He lives just minutes away from where he works, now. That will be good for the winter in case he has car trouble. I hope he will once again get his feet under him and be happy. He won't be able to see Jadah as much, but should have her every other weekend, I hope.

Enough of that, Steve and I went to Jordan's game a few days earlier. This pic shows him warming up.

Great block!

Steve's been spending many hours on the computer looking for work, doing mock tests for IT, catching up on his emails. Now he's studying again, getting ready to take the big test. We'll both be glad when that is over with.

He is taking computer classes once again twice a week. I hate being home alone on Tuesdays, however, last week Josh invited me over for supper. It was great! I took a DVD that we watched after we ate. Shelley made the most scrumptious supper. French bread? split open with the inside dug out, then pieces of chicken, Alfredo sauce, Parmesan, and more cheeses, then it is cooked under their pizzaz pizza cooker, Yum Yum Yum!!!!

Back to Steve and computers, hp printers, and more. I love it that he is comfortable on the computer now. I really think he will get a job in that area.

Have a great weekend!

What Causes Nausea?

It started October 20. That was the worse day of all. From then on it was just feeling sick to my stomach. Yuck, right? What a topic to talk about.

I went to the Urbandale clinic as I wanted to have a test taken that I didn't want my clinic nurses to know about. They have enough fodder they spew to each other. Hopefully, the nurses have been talked to and this will cease.

The doctor took tests, even sent one away to culture to no avail. Yes, I know I need to get to my own doctor for more tests. I have had thyroid tests taken in the past and I was fine. I hope I won't have to have hypothyroid treatment austin in the future.

When I look at symptoms, I just hope I don't have a problem there. The doctor I saw didn't request blood samples be taken. He did give me pills for the nausea which make me really tired. Oh, well, I love to sleep, though my family wishes I wouldn't do it so often. I guess I'll call my doctor Monday and see what can be done. Sorry this isn't a happy, uplifting story. Some days are just like that.