Music To My Ears

Well, Christmas Eve and Christmas day are over, just barely.  On Christmas Eve afternoon we went to Lutheran Church of Hope and watched their Christmas festivities.  They had the usual worship songs (Christmas) and then Pastor Householder came out for his part.

After a few minutes, his two sons came out and kept asking where they were supposed to be.  They were dressed in clothing of Christ's era.  It was pretty cool.  After the pastor told them they weren't in the play this year, they said, "You have to at least play the video we made to start off," or something similar.  A video starts playing rock music with these two as stars.

After the program was over, we went to Baskin Robbins and had an ice cream cone.  Crazy, huh?  We had more than an hour to go to the next stop on our list.  Yummy, it was so good, and the weird thing is the temperature was very frigid (with and without the wind factor).

At Fusion, they had cocoa and cookies so, of course, we had a few!  On to Steve II's to open our presents from them.  The kids and I got Steve a new chainsaw.  He was very surprised.  They gave me a beautiful infinity necklace with my four kids birthstones in it.  I just love it!  Then they filled plates for Steve and I to eat.  I had planned on going home to have popcorn.  They had fixed ham, sweet potatoes (from scratch), and a buttered bun.  Yummy!

How was your Christmas?

Little Mary Sang...

'Away in the Manger' and it was so beautiful I got tears in my eyes.  Mikayla was Mary in the little play that Aiden's sitter put on.  Kayla used to go to that sitter, Jessie, too, but now she goes to preschool instead.

It was nice that they still included her in the play.  And she sang into that microphone like a pro.  Aiden was one of the kings, however he didn't sing.  There were 10 or 11 little ones in the play.  There were two toddlers in what looked like cow and sheep ? pajamas.  The cow wandered off to leave the area and was brought back by a parent.  Pretty soon he wandered off in a different direction.

Aiden mainly stood around watching, but when it was time for the song where they all held hands and swung them back and forth, he got back in line and grabbed Kayla's hand and swung away.  So cute!  I hope Abby got it recorded and will put it up on Facebook pretty soon.

After the play, someone played the piano and we sang carols.  There were some that weren't on the sheet so we sang from memory.  The lady w/the microphone offered me the mike and I shook my head no.  I could just see not remembering the next line.....anyway it was a great night!

So You're Planning a Party...

...and you decide it would be cool to have a foggy atmosphere besides your flashing lights, what do you do?  Do you buy dry ice and sit it around the room, or do you go the professional way and get a fog machine.

How does a fog machine work?  Basically, fog juice is created to make smoke.  What is fog juice?  I've read it described as glycerin or glycol mixed with water.  When you heat it, a dense vapor appears which looks like smoke.

They are used in plays, theaters, Halloween displays, haunted houses, night get the picture.

What do you think?  If you want to get a dramatic effect, it is a must see item!

Funny Story

Monday we went to Heather's to celebrate Alyce's 7th birthday.  She served maidrites (my recipe), chips and dip, and of course the cake and ice cream.

We all watched Alyce open her presents and once Steve and Amber got there, they dished out the cake and ice cream.  I was sitting next to my hubby eating my ice cream when I bit into something harder than the icing.  It was a little minty.  As it was the only bite like that I asked Steve if he had any bites like that....nope.

Oh, crap, I just ate my Rolaid with the cake.  I had sat it in the bowl as I was half done with it but didn't want to throw it away.  Actually, it tasted pretty good with the cake and frosting (glad it was the minty kind).  I've been battling nausea for a couple years and the last 2 - 3 months, it's been worse.  Oh, well, it was actually kind of funny.