Friday Evening

Last Friday I went with Steve to the assisted living center where his Mom lives.  He led a Bible study and did a really great job.

I gave my testimony and at the end of the study, I led the people in the first and last verses of 'Amazing Grace'.  It went very well over all.

In the beginning there was only 3 ladies including Steve's Mom.  I went to the front door and invited the women outside to come to it.  I kept remembering the verse about going out to the highways and byways and inviting the people in.

What a great night.  We had 8 ladies in all.  They seemed to enjoy the study and some of the women want the book so they can read the chapters ahead of time!

Tomorrow is Sunday

I missed church last Sunday as I had trouble  again with my stomach  :(   I hate it when I miss.  Wednesday night we finished the Bible study we've been doing.  It was really good.

One thing I love about the church I go to, Fusion Church is the worship time.  The pastor's wife is a really good singer, worship leader, and is compassionate about serving the Lord.  Sometimes we have a keyboardist, we usually have a guitarist, and most often a drummer.  He is really young yet does really well.

The thing that draws me to this church is that I feel the Spirit of the Lord there.  I feel the Lord has led Steve and I to this church and also to start a Bible study at the assisted living center where his Mom lives.  Hopefully, we will start the study next week.  Time will tell how that goes.  I hope we can serve the elderly women there.

Have a blessed day!

Going to Shari's

I'm at my next door neighbor's house as our internet is now off.  She  has the same company as us but she can take her computer into the living room while I have to sit rite at the desk next to Steve's system to get any connection.

We're looking for a new server to try, hopefully, to get one that has a strong connection enough that I can use my laptop in the living room.  Our system was as slow as dial up.  Bummer!

So, it's catching up time.  We enjoy visiting, but, it's been a while since we've seen each other.  Have a great day!

Dentist Time

Monday I had to go to the dentist to have 2 fillings put in.  I decided to tell him not to do amalgams as I have read a lot about mercury poisoning.

He didn't feel amalgams were a problem but after insisting, I was able to get porcelain fillings.  Yes, they won't last as long as silver fillings, but not problems with mercury that way.

My dentist is very good, great I might say.  I was relaxed through the whole procedure.  He tells you what he's doing throughout the procedures.  I don't know if he does that for everyone, or not.  He knows I used to be a dental assistant and would understand what is going on.

Not that I enjoyed being a dental assistant.  I actually felt the fear a patient has when he/she is in the chair.  Not a good feeling. 

Now that my teeth are fixed, I no longer have a tooth that scratches my tongue.  Man, I actually got a blister on the side of my tongue that was sore.

Also, the dentist said, "If you get to the point that you need a crown on that back tooth, there isn't enough room to work back there and we might have to pull that tooth instead."  No way!  I'm keeping all the teeth I have, thank you very much!

Fighting Kidney Stones

Our family has had it's share of kidney stones.  Steve has two right now that he's been fighting for over 2 weeks.  He went to the walk-in clinic 2 weeks ago and they suspected stones.

The following Tuesday night (1:30 AM Wednesday morning) he got up and let me know the pain he was in.  I hadn't gone to bed yet and it took until 2:30 to talk him into going to the ER.

ER confirmed it, he had a 5 centimeter (mm?) stone.  They gave him 3 prescriptions and sent him on his way.  By then he wasn't in pain as the morphine had kicked in.

2 weeks later, still has the stone and went to see the specialist.  They will blast it tomorrow.  I hate that they're doing it that way as last time his back ached for over 6 months.

Trying to sleep with a stone is so bad, wish we had an organic mattress los angeles to sleep on.  It's bad enough to fight a stone, but to have a bad mattress on top of it bites.

Changed 2 appts I had for tomorrow so I can drive him to the surgery center to take care of 2 stones they found.  One still in the kidney and one half-way down the ureter. 

So far, Abby, Steve, and I have had stones.  Blessed be the Lord our other kids haven't.  Please send prayers up for Steve for today and tonight and guidance for the docs tomorrow.  Thanks.