My Husband Got a Haircut

My husband goes to the same place every time to get his hair cut.  Every time he comes home, I swear they never cut it short enough above the ears.  He has to go back every time.

You'd think they would figure it out.  And doesn't he look in the mirror before he leaves?  We go over the same conversation every time.  I would have to say they definitely don't get their supplies from edwin jagger, right?

Maybe I better go with him the next time.

I Have a Little Dancer

Her name is Alyce and she's named after my mother, which gives me moments of pride.  I can remember when she got her book on ballet dancing when she was little.  She's loved dance ever since.

Now she takes ballet, tap, and hip hop.  And the best thing is she's really good.  Her teacher actually took her to the bigger girl's class and had her show them how she grabs her leg and pulls it straight up next to her ear.  He told those girls, "This is how you're supposed to do it."

I Have Trouble...

getting much done around the house.  Ever since I've been disabled, I cannot run the sweeper, load the washer, or pick up the clothes basket or anything else up from the floor level.

Steve has been really good about running the sweeper, loading the washer and picking up the baskets and bringing them to the living room for me.  I love him so much but, I feel bad he has to help me so much.  What I need to check into is

Not only can they clean, run errands, but also dog walk.  They do the things you don't have time to do.  If you live in the Raleigh, NC, area, you are in luck!  I wished I lived there.


Seems like so much has happened since I've been on my blog.  The major thing is my middle grandson caught influenza.  He'd already had the flu shot but apparently not the strain that he caught.  It has been  so hard hearing he had high fevers for five days...up and down...over and over.

His Mom took him to the doctor and they said influenza, but no meds cause he had had it more than two days.  So take him home, if he gets worse, bring him back in.  After getting worse, his Dad took him back to the doctor, now he has pneumonia.  At least he was given meds this time (antibiotic).  After two days, his fever went down, thank goodness.

He still feels bad but fever is gone.  It's hard being a Grandma..even harder being his Mom, I'm sure.