Life Hurts Sometimes

What started out as pain just above the elbow when it touched something, to eventually feel like a bone was broke there, but, only when it was touched.  Then came pains from just below the shoulder which then started wrapping under and around the armpit.  When it started becoming excruciating, I went to my pain control doctor.  Turns out, it is from the neck (even though the neck didn't hurt).

Had to get an MRI of the neck which turned out to have really bad arthritis and bone spurs.  The doctor said he'd never seen anyone that bad before.  So, tomorrow morning I meet with the neuro-surgeon.  Pain control doc thinks surgery is the only thing that will help.  (The nerve block didn't do anything for the pain.)

I think I need to get an egg crate mattress pad put on my bed to see if it helps with my pain.

Please send prayers up for my visit tomorrow, if I'm not to be healed, that the doc will say there's something he can do.  Thanks.