My Husband Is So Wonderful

We've decided to get the old patio area torn out and new cement poured.  One day Steve grabbed his sledge hammer and started swinging.  A few days of that and then Steve II came out and helped.  Between that day and a few more days of hard work for my husband and it was all broken up.

After that, Steve spent a while (quite a while) picking up the broken cement and threw it in the back of his truck.  The ones that were actually rocks went aside in a separate pile to go to my rock garden.  Pretty soon it was bare ground.

Hopefully soon we will have a new patio.  Steve's comparing cement with pavers, wood, etc., to determine the best cost. 

Then, after we get the patio done, we will be getting a new picnic table or at least a large table and chairs with summertime outdoor cushions.  The time cannot go fast enough for me.

I'm really looking forward to sitting outside again on a patio!

Friday Night Study

Tonight I went with Steve to his Mom's Assisted Living Center for the weekly Bible study.  I didn't go last week as I went to a Ladies (from church) get together, and it was good.

It was so good to see Madge, Ruth, Hazel, and expecially Elsie (my mother-in-law) known as Mom to me.  I just had to hug each one of them. 

Once again, it was a good study, Steve puts his heart into it.  Do you attend a Bible study?

My Body is Tired

After taking the trip to Alabama and back (19 hours for us each way) in a 4 day period, my legs are in bad shape.  Heather's are too.  Ankles and feet swelling.  I also have swelling on the left knee.  Don't know if you've ever experienced it or not but it is painful.

Both my knees have absolutely no cartilage behind either knee cap.  Joy of joys.  My left knee is causing serious pain.  I need to have both knees replaced but I'm sure not looking forward to it.  I had the fluid drawn out and cortisone put in.  Then I had a migraine for 5 days.  I'm leaning toward doing that again as the pain is getting bad.

I sure hope someday soon we will be able to buy a ranch house.  I can no longer handle stairs any more.  I'm not sure our stairway will be able to be adapted to have a stair chair lift, as our stairway has a few turns in it.

I wished we could come into some money soon so we could get that house we want.  The ones in the paper are way out of our range.  Even if we get a ranch, I want a finished basement so I'll still need the lift.

Sad Times

In the past 2 months, Steve and I have gone to three funerals.  Not much fun.  The first one was for Steve's nephew by marriage.  Donny was only 40 years old.  How sad.

The second one was for my sister, Jackie.  She had gone in for surgery for cancer on her lung.  Went through the surgery fine.  She was in ICU (she only weighed around 76 pounds).  Her surgery was Monday.  On Thursday night her breathing started slowing down.  Then she asphyxiated and coded.  They brought her back.

My brother-in-law called my sister, Sue, in CB, stating it didn't look good.  A half hour later she called me back and said, Jackie died.  Her body was just worn out.  So we made a trip down.  Steve, Heather, Josh, Abby, and myself (driving).

The night we arrived, Josh got a call from his wife, her dad had a heart attack.  Some time passed (maybe 2 weeks) and Tom died.

It's been a sad time for our family.