Splint Be Gone!

Steve took me to the surgeon last Wednesday to find out if I would need surgery on my arm or not. I saw a Dr. Shumway (never heard of him before the appointment was made). I actually was supposed to see a different specialist on Monday, but, their office called me and informed me that the doctor was ill, so they were rescheduling me to Wednesday with another specialist. Great, huh?

The doc came in, took off the splint, and sent me down to get the arm re-xrayed. Thankfully, that wasn't as painful as the first time xrays were taken! The good news is that surgery is not required.

What is really strange is a cast was not required either. Weird, huh? The whole thing scares me, as I'm terrified I'll do more damage to it by not having it protected by a cast. Anyway, now I'm only in the sling which is way more convenient (especially in the tub). I've talked to a few people who know someone else who didn't have a cast for an injury that used to require one.

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Time Alone Again

Now that Steve is going to school, I am finding myself at home alone again. It is a time for transitioning. When he first was layed off, I thought I would go crazy with him being with me 24/7. It didn't take long for me to start enjoying the time we had together. In May we decided he should have his injured rotator cuff taken care of, since he was off work anyway. That required 6 months healing time so it was a big decision. Turns out he would have still been layed off, so it was a good decision.

We've gotten even closer than we were before, with him being home. And it has been great to be able to just pick up and go when we want to. Of course, it would be better if we had income coming in like when he worked; but, we're doing fine so far.

Back to being on my own again. With him going to school, and my left arm incapacitating me, I am stuck at home. Normally, I would be going crazy by now. However, with the new medication I'm on, I spend a lot of time sleeping. Nothing like a quiet house when you need to sleep. I love it. Today when Steve gets out of class, he is going to come get me so we can do something together. I can hardly wait. Hope you're having a great day and a wonderful weekend. Halfmoon

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Mikayla And the Pizza

Tuesday we picked up Mikayla from her sitter as Abby had a class to attend. Since we had just picked her up the night before (Abby didn't get off work Monday until 6), she was happy to see us again. Steve knew how to buckle her car seat now (practice, practice, practice), so she jabbered while he did it. Then we were off for the drive to her house.

We decided to ordered pizza to be delivered so I gave Mikayla some beef strogenoff that we'd had the night before. She kept trying to take the spoon from me so I finally just gave it to her. She picked it up and proceeded to feed herself with the spoon. I couldn't believe it. There she was feeding herself like a pro! Don't you think that is a feet grandma should be told?
The pizza delivery was going to take 45 minutes so by the time Mikayla ate two bowls of the strogenoff (and some green beans), She was ready to get down. About two minutes passed and the pizza was delivered. Steve took it to the kitchen and Mikayla stood at her high chair to eat again. What a champ!

We gave her a small piece of pizza which she nibbled on. Next thing I know, she pulls an olive off her piece and proceeds to take all the cheese off of it and keeps handing me the cheese. I was puzzled by that as she loves cheese. Then she popped the olive into her mouth. She continued to do this with the remaining mushrooms and olives. Now I love mushrooms and olives so I pick the pieces with the most mushrooms and olives I can find. After Mikayla has eaten all of her mushrooms and olives, she starts eyeing my pizza. Oh, no, I'm not giving her mine. I found another piece in the box with quite a few mushrooms and olives and her eyes lit up.

By the time Steve and I are full, I decided she had had enough. She must be ready to explode, she'd eaten so much. Steve got her out of the highchair again and we headed to the living room. Steve sat down and proceeded to read the newspaper. Mikayla took a page of it after she climbed up on the couch. She sat back and held the paper up and acted like she was reading the paper too. she held the paper with one hand and pointed to the words with the other. It was so darned cute, I wished I'd had my camera with me.

At 8 pm we told her it was time for bed and she got down from the couch and held her arms out for us to walk her to the bedroom. What a riot. After changing her diaper and giving her hugs, Steve put her in her bed and we told her goodnight. She smiled, turned onto her tummy and grabbed her bear, ready to go to sleep. Man, our kids never went to bed that easy! That was our night with our granddaughter. Hope your night was as great as ours. Halfmoon

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Bad Luck

If I didn't have bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all! Thursday I walked out to the garage, slipped on the ice, and fell face downward. Luckily I was carrying my gym bag and it landed between me and he ground. I crawled to the garage door opening an held onto the frame of the garage door to help get up to me feet. Then I walked carefully into the garage and put my purse and glass of ice in the car.

I still had to pick up my gym bag and the computer which was laying on the ice. Talk about being scared! I walked as slow as a snail back onto the ice, bent down, and picked up those two items and my nerves screaming, walked back into the garage and put them into the car. I wiped off the knees of my jeans as best as possible, then got into the car.

Okay, I was in a little pain, but, figured I would be after taking such a spill. I decided to continue on and drove to the Urbandale Library. My plans were to meet Steve there. He had a class to go to and I could go with him. I always feel bad when I see someone with severe acne. To know what happened next, read on.

Getting Sore

I beat Steve to the library and was getting a little more sore, but figured that would happen. I could move my left arm in all directions and figured I'd be sore, so I didn't think too much about it. My low back was screaming with pain and worried that I caused more damage to it. I got the computer set up and started going through my emails and blog site. Did you know you can get free seo software?

When Steve arrived, I told him about the fall and I'd decided not to attend his class as I wanted to go to the Y to sit in the whirlpool to see if that would help with the pain. By 1:00, I couldn't move my left arm without extreme pain. I let Steve know I was going to go home and put ice on my arm and back. Did I want him to drive me home? You know me, I'm tough (I have to be to endure all I've been through), I told him no. What happened next? Keep reading!

How Did I Make It Home?

I don't know how I made it home. I decided against putting the car in the garage (I was being a scaredy cat, but at this point, who cares). I made it carefully into the house, grabbed ice packs and pillows and settled down into the recliner. By 4:00, I called Steve and told him needed him to come home to take me to the ER. We went to the new Mercy in West Des Moines. That is the same hospital we went to when I received a hamstring strain. I really liked the way I was treated there.

To make a long story shorter, the good news is I didn't break my hip. The bad news was I broke one of the bones in my arm near the elbow. The doctor told us it was the ulna, but the discharge papers said I broke the radius bone. I should have asked him how to reduce belly fat. Don't give up yet!

Broken Bone

If you've ever broken a bone, you know what it is like to have xrays taken when you have a broken bone. I felt like such a baby for crying out whenever they would change the position of my arm for the next xray. I apologized over and over for crying out and then sobbing between xrays. I know the xray tech felt bad every time she had to move me. I prayed "Dear Lord please help me get through this."

After the doctor brought the news of the broken bone, I had to have my arm in a 90 degree angle for the splint. The nurse was a male and I felt like punching him with my good arm by the time it was done. He grabbed my wrist and jerked my arm up fast. I wanted to position it myself. When it was over, I lay there sobbing.

Steve's face was pretty red by the time it was all over. I felt bad that he had to see me go through so much agony. I was finally discharged, we went to HyVee to get my script. They ordered me morphine in a pill form, which should tell you how much pain I was in. After my cast is off I think I'll get some age spot remover for the spots on my arms. That's it in a nutshell! Have a great day and watch out for the ice! Halfmoon

Babysitting at Jay's

I told Josh we'd watch their kids before I fell and got hurt (that's another story). I figured we could still do it with me talking Grandpa through it all. Actually, it's gone pretty good so far,

Cambria needed a bottle so I got it warmed and Grandpa fed her 3/4 of it and she fell asleep. I told him to burp her. He looked panicked but as soon as he put her up on his shoulder, she let out a big burp. It was great.

Steve put her back into his lap and started feeding her the rest of the bottle. Next thing I know, she's asleep again and he had his eyes closed. I asked him if he wanted to put her into the bouncy, and he just wanted to hold her. I thought that was so sweet.

It finally got up to thirty degrees but the last two weeks we were in the freezing zone. Made a person want to check out Michael Kors leather gloves.

Here's hoping it stays warm for a while. Halfmoon

Little Cambria

We went to Josh's the other night as he invited us to have tacos with him and Carter (Taylor was at a friend's house). I always love it when our kids invite us to eat with him (no cooking for me!!!!).

I've asked Shelley to send me some current pics of the three kids so I can share them with you. Taylor is sure growing up, Carter is getting bigger, too, and Cambria is getting a little chunky. I offered to feed Cambria a bottle so Josh could eat with Steve and Carter. I just love it when I can do that.

Man, she drank down the whole bottle and I think there was eight ounces in it. Then she burped right away. I always had a tough time getting our kids to burp. It was sure a joy to be able to hold her and feed her, I just loved it.

When Shelley gets pics sent to me, I'll enter them in my blog. Being on the computer, I just remembered I need to do an online backup so I won't lose any of this. Have a great day! Halfmoon


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