Christmas Day

Since we had our get together with our immediate family on Christmas Eve, we were supposed to go to the Manning get together at 1:00 PM on Christmas Day. I was still nauseated, so I told Steve to go on without me.

He said they had a great time. His Mom loved all the gifts everyone gave her; but, especially loved the book I made of our family. He said she kept looking at it over and over with tears in her eyes. I wish I could have been there to see it. I'm really glad she liked it.

Steve forgot to bring home a dish of goodies, like he usually does when I'm not able to go to the gatherings. Drat it! I kept longing for Christmas cookies all day. Then when he came home without them, I was really bummed.

I got Steve a DVD/VCR that records for his birthday. We have tons of VHS movies that we no longer see because our VCR died. I couldn't decide between that or a laptop for him, so we'd each have one. I found a pretty good selection of clearance laptops to choose from. I decided on the DVD/VCR recorder and will get the laptop later.

When I went to get some turkey out for supper, I found that Steve had put all of it in the freezer in one gallon bag. Man! I decided to have a salad for supper instead. We'll have turkey and noodles another day.

I Love our New Door

After living here for 17 years with ugly back and screen doors (not just ugly but, dented and let air in), we finally went shopping for new ones. With getting credit for energy savers, we excitedly picked out the doors. Well, I was excited. Steve was probably thinking about making payments.

The screen door is neat, but the wooden door is the one that really makes me smile. It has blinds inside the glass. So I can have them open to let in the sun, or close them, when I'm cooking and the sun is blinding, which is so neat, I can hardly stand it. I know, you're probably thinking "How dumb is that?" I guess it doesn't take much to excite me.

When you shop for doors, there's not only a lot to choose from, but, the handlesets have a large variety, too. You want to make a wise choice, cause you may live with it for 17 years or more :)

Every time I look at the doors, I am thankful for them. There is no air coming in from the outside to escape into the room. I'm sure the same will be said when it's hot out and we have the air conditioner cold air escaping outside!

Have you gotten anything new that you're excited about? Let me know about it.

Christmas Eve

We decided to have our Turkey on Christmas Eve since the Mannings chose Christmas day to get together at 1:00 PM. Everyone went to Josh and Shelley's for our get together. It is centrally located for everyone for the most part.

After picking up Steve II, Sydney, and Jadah in Desoto, we drove on over to Waukee to Josh's house. Before eating, we opened gifts and the kids all seemed to enjoy the dishtowel/hot pads that I sewed (and added buttons to).

The meal was fantastic as usual. Turkey, stuffing, mashed spuds, cheesy potatoes, gravy, green bean casserole, ham, relish tray, pies (pumpkin, pecan, & chocolate), and the wreaths that Shelley made from cornflakes and marshmallows, yum!

The kids had a blast being all together again. The adults had a great time catching up with one another. I was running out of steam around 8, my head was feeling weird, then the nausea came. I asked Josh if I could lay on their bed. I knew I wouldn't make it any longer.

After everyone exchanged leftovers to take home, Steve drove Steve II and his kids home, then he and I made it to our place. I felt really bad that I was sick, once again, which made us go home early.

I had wanted to sit down with the kids and sing Christmas songs, like we used to do when I was young. What really would have been fun would be to sing karaoke songs with the player that Taylor has. All my grandkids love to sing and we love to watch them at it. Oh well, maybe next year.

Did you all have a Merry Christmas? Steve's already asking me what are we going to do on New Year's Eve. I don't know how to stop the nausea from hitting, so I'm nervous about making plans with others. I suppose I'd better call the doctor to set up the upper endoscopy. Yuck!

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and wish you a great year to come!

5 Buttons to Go

Steve took me to the doctor Monday morning (neuro surgeon) re my neck. Bottom line is 90% of the people who have had surgery for neck pain, did not get good results. And it should not be causing the nausea I'm having. Well, great! Any more good news? He did say that I have four bone spurs, not one.

After that Steve drove to the Union Hall to sign up. Then we went to play for a while (if you know me, you know what that means). We left around 7:00 pm, went to Subway for supper and then back to the Des Moines area.

I have five presents to finish, but, all I have left on them is to sew on a button. Can't tell you what they are as this might be seen by some of the family/friends I'm making them for. Sue has probably guessed what I'm making, but that is OK.

I just finished wrapping Steve's birthday present in Christmas wrapping paper. Our paper is in the computer room closet and if I'd had to lean in any further to look for bday paper, I'd have fell in. He won't mind. I do have tape on it (all over it) that says "It's for you! Happy Birthday". One of those things on TV I bought that I rarely use.

I went to a fabric store for the buttons and they have things out already to have you thinking about Valentine's Day. I cannot believe how early stores start their holiday seasons. They were neat displays, though.

Feels great to have all the Christmas stuff done (for the most part). I'll sew the buttons on while I watch TV. Hope you're all ready for Christmas and don't forget that He's the reason for the season!

The Trees Have Arrived

I sent a contribution to some save the trees place (?) can't remember the name, but it is to plant new trees whenever trees are cut (save the rain forest or something). Anyway, they send you some free trees as thanks for your contribution.

The trees arrived last Friday. Two days later Steve went out to plant them (is that what you call it when it's trees instead of plants?). He found the ground frozen after 1". I couldn't believe it. Why would you send the trees after the ground froze? Same thing with plants. Different company, I received bulbs the day after the trees came. Hello!!!!! Aren't you supposed to do this type of stuff in the fall?

Steve's outside trying to get holes dug for the trees. When you read about it, you think 10 trees, how neat. When you read the directions for planting, you think OMG 10 trees. I actually think they sent me 11, 10 cone bearing and one lilac tree.

This is our second day to have above 40 degree weather. Wonderful. Tomorrow or Saturday it is supposed to be snow or ice. Saturday we have a wedding reception to go to. I hope the forecast is off by a few hours. (Let it be after the drive home, please.)

Speaking of Steve, he's been trying to speed up our computers as they are still slow. We have a dish for internet connection, it should not be this slow. He did a step by step detail with the Wild Blue helpline and still it is slow. I wonder if he checked the vga cable? He knows so much more about computers than I do.

Poor guy, he's out there digging holes in frozen ground. He had the trees in a bucket of dirt in the garage, went to get them, even that dirt is frozen. Wonderful. I bet he won't feel like grilling steaks after this. :(

Here's hoping you'll have a great weekend!

The Little Dancer

Abby and Justin went to a wedding reception last night in Yale, Iowa. It was a wedding on Justin's side of the family. Quite a long drive for them with little Mikayla.

Abby called me this morning to tell me about the dance. At the last wedding, Steve and I were present and we saw first-hand how well Mikayla danced. She started out with sort of a slide to the left, where ever her little whim took her. Then she started going up to people she knew (I think) and grabbed their hands pulling them onto the dance floor. Upon which she'd let go and go off again on her own little dance.

Abby said at this reception she danced for a while, then she went up to two adults who were holding hands with two children. Mikayla grabbed their hands and danced in their circle with them. Next she danced with the little two year old, and finally with the older child (3 or 4?).

Off on her own again someone in the audience gave her a thumbs up! Of course she repeated that. She's so cute. Next she danced around the room giving everyone a thumbs up sign. What a hoot. I wished I'd been there to see it.

With all the signs of Christmas on commercials, I am reminded I need to check out the best christmas gifts for dad. Steve and I normally say we're not going to get each other a gift and then he usually goes behind my back and gets me something. Gotta love him.

After thinking about that, we have a wedding reception to go to next weekend. Steve's niece, Amanda, was married in Florida. They're having a reception in Waukee for those who were unable to get to Florida. Can't wait to see the little dancer perform again.

Do you have any cute stories about kids? Let me know, I'd enjoy reading them.

Birthday Time Again!

Today Maria Alyce Ayala is four years old! We call her Alyce (pronounced Alees), she was named after her Dad's Mother and her Mom's Grandmother (my Mom). She is a real sweetheart. Every time she sees me, she runs up and hugs me, looking up at me with a beautiful smile.

She sat next to me at Godfathers and told me, "My eyes are sparkling blue and yours are blue too!" I just love that little girl. She and her big sis, Katiana, spent the night at our house on Thanksgiving night. She thinks she could spend the night by herself next time.

Anyway, there were three jumbo pizzas, all the pop you want, and a wonderful cake with Dora and her friends on top. Yum! I just love that icing. Mikayla sat on my lap while cake was served. She's another sweetheart. Time is flying by so fast, my grandkids are growing up.

Jordan and Taylor, 11 and 12 respectively, are nearing their teens. Pretty soon they may be looking for the best acne treatments but, so far their skin is nice and smooth. The last choral concert we attended for Tay, I was hit with 'where did my little granddaughter go?' She (and her parents) lived with us till she turned one and now she's almost a teen. Wow!

Steve II wasn't able to come, but everyone else in the family was there. It was a lot of fun and of course there was all that yummy food. And I wonder why I can't loose weight. Steve and I are starting to eat fresh fruit and carrots more, better than more fattening stuff, right? Hope you had a great day!