Snow at Last

Winter has finally shown her colors, at last.  We have been having a very mild winter so far (which the Farmer's Almanac predicted).   Although I've lived in Iowa all my life, I loved it that we had nice temps up till now.  (I really do not like winter!)

Steve's brother, Wayne and his wife Ruthanne drive new RVs to their destinations and are in the South a lot when we are freezing up here.  I wonder if they ever need to call motorhome repair, you know, if something goes wrong.  The odds are low, I'm sure since they are brand new ones.

Jackie and Randy live in Prattville, AL, and I love it when Randy tells me how warm it is down there when I call.  It's almost always wonderful weather there.  I'd move down there if my kids and grandkids would all move, too.

How's your winter going?  Do you like the snow?